If you want to follow your dreams, you have to say no to all the alternatives

If you want to follow your dreams, you have to say no to all the alternatives

Post by Oliver Emberton:

If you want to follow your dreams, you have to say no to all the alternatives

If you want to follow your dreams, you have to say no to all the alternatives


Why do so many Indians support Vladimir Putin?

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Answer by Rahul Dengra:

I will start with the response of India to the Crimean crisis –

National Security Advisor speaking informally to the press said,

“We hope that whatever internal issues there are within Ukraine are settled peacefully and that the broader issues of reconciling the various interests involved, and there are after all legitimate Russian and other interests involved, are discussed and negotiated.”

And this was Putin's response

“Speaking of India’s stance, we are, of course, grateful to the Indian government and to the Indian people for their level-headed stance. I am glad that the Indian government considered the historical and the current political aspects in approaching this issue. I am glad that they based their opinion on these fundamental principles, including the importance of Russia-India relations. We appreciate it.”

The above two statements show how the government feels about Russia and the same can be said about most Indians. For some people reasons to support are historical while for others they can be current and future national interests.

1) Historical Reasons  –

A) Indian Annexation of Goa – When India launched its attack on Goa, the whole of west was furious. A resolution was brought in UN for ceasefire which was rejected by Russia. It saved India from a very awkward position where, India either had to continue its attack against UN mandate or withdraw its forces (Between rock and hard place)

I will borrow an excerpt from Wikipedia to reflect the importance of Russia –

The New York Times of 19 December 1961 reporting the Western response to the invasion of Goa stated: "Adlai E. Stevenson warned the Security Council early today that the United Nations was in danger of dying as the result of a Soviet veto killing a Western resolution to tend the Indian invasion of Goa. The resolution would have urged India to accept an immediate cease-fire and recall her invasion troops from Goa and two other Portuguese enclaves on the Indian coast. Moscow, however, hailed the invasion as a liberation drive and accused the United States of hypocrisy in its criticism of India's military moves. Observers believed the Russians were trying to fan resentment against NATO, to which both Portugal and the United States belong"

Later Soviet leader Leonid Brezhnev urged Indians to ignore Western indignation as it came

“from those who are accustomed to strangle the people’s striving for independence… and from those who enrich themselves from colonialist plunder”.

B) Indo-Pak War 1971 –  If anyone wants the complete details of role of other countries involved in this war please check out the link
1971 India Pakistan War: Role of Russia, China, America and Britain

To summarize the article –
US president Richard Nixon requested China to intervene from north India. Pakistan was already in west and Nixon decided to send the aircraft carrier USS Enterprise into the Bay of Bengal to threaten India. The plan was to surround India from all sides and force them to retreat and leave East Pakistan.
China feared any action on India might attract Soviet aggression. At this, US assured China that any action taken by Soviet Union will be countered by US to protect China.
Now Russia joins the action – India signs a treaty of peace with Russia. Russia sends its fleet which reaches before English and US navy to protect India from US arm twisting.

A few lines from the above articles –

“The Chief Commander had ordered me to lift the submarines and bring them to the surface so that it can be pictured by the American spy satellites or can be seen by the American Navy!’ It was done to demonstrate, that we had all the needed things in Indian Ocean, including the nuclear submarines. I had lifted them, and they recognized it. Then, we intercepted the American communication. The commander of the Carrier Battle Group was then the counter-admiral Dimon Gordon. He sent the report to the 7th American Fleet Commander: ‘Sir, we are too late. There are Russian nuclear submarines here, and a big collection of battleships’.Americans returned and couldn't do anything.”

Soviet Union had also threatened China that, if they ever opened a front against India on its border, they will receive a tough response from North.

2) National Interests – 
A) Military relationship – India imports 75% arms from Russia and just 7% from US . Most of the Indians consider national security a very important issue and thus support comes naturally.

B) UN council – Russia has been the sole supporter of Indian interests among the 5 permanent members while others are either against or neutral depending on circumstances.

There are many more reasons for Indian government to be pro Russian, like emerging economic tie-ups and need of nuclear fuel. Still in my opinion the above reasons mainly affect the way we Indians perceive Russia.

References –
Russia And The Ukraine Crisis: An Indian Perspective
India–Russia relations
1971 India Pakistan War: Role of Russia, China, America and Britain
1961 Indian annexation of Goa
I-Day: Russia’s role in the Indian freedom movement | Russia & India Report

Edit 1 – thanks Vamshi Palreddy for pointing out the grammatical errors. Now the answer looks much better 🙂

Why do so many Indians support Vladimir Putin?

Why do so many Indians support Vladimir Putin?

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Answer by Aditya Gore:

Most Indians support Russia because they know how it feels to be bullied by the US.

  1. Indias Nuclear test(pokhranII):
  • When India became a nuclear power(Pokhran-II), the US imposed sanctions on India, though they fizzled out because most countries did not impose them and India's economy wasn't dependent on the US anyway.
  • when Pakistan acquired nuclear weapons sanctions were imposed, but they were a joke.

 2.  Indian Liberation of Goa:

  • It was an action by India's armed forces that ended the rule of Portugal in its exclaves in India in 1961. The armed action, codenamed Operation Vijay by the Indian government, involved air, sea and land strikes for over 36 hours, and was a decisive victory for India, ending 451 years of Portuguese colonial rule in Goa. Surprisingly the US, which now claims to "support the independence of Ukrainians", condemned the liberation of Goa. The US chose to support colonialism over the freedom of the Goans.
  • The head of state of the Soviet Union, Leonid Brezhnev, who was touring India at the time of the war, made several speeches applauding the Indian action. In a farewell message, he urged Indians to ignore Western indignation as it came

"from those who are accustomed to strangle the peoples striving for independence… and from those who enrich themselves from colonialist plunder".

Nikita Khrushchev, the de facto Soviet leader, telegraphed Nehru stating that there was "unanimous acclaim" from every Soviet citizen for "Friendly India". The USSR had earlier vetoed a UN security council resolution condemning the Indian invasion of Goa. The USSR continued to veto anti Indian resolutions passed by the US.

1971 Bangladesh Libration War:

  • When India was in the process of liberating Bangladesh from Pakistan and protecting Bangladeshis from unspeakable atrocities(1971 Bangladesh Genocide), the US asked China and Iran (I wonder where USA's values of freedom and democracy went at that time) to mobilise their army and intimidate India. The US sent an aircraft carrier into the Bay of Bengal and tried to scare India. Russia was the only country that supported us when we were constantly facing US aggression.They sent submarines of their own to deter US. They supplied us with weapons etc.The US did Not intervene in Bangladesh even when Massive attrocities were being committed.

On 16 December 2002, the George Washington University’s National Security Archives published a collection of declassified documents, mostly consisting of communications between US officials working in embassies and USIS centres in Dhaka and in India, and officials in Washington DC. These documents show that US officials working in diplomatic institutions within Bangladesh used the terms 'selective genocide'and 'genocide' (Blood telegram) to describe events they had knowledge of at the time. They also show that President Nixon, advised by Henry Kissinger, decided to downplay this secret internal advice, because he wanted to protect the interests of Pakistan as he was apprehensive of India's friendship with the USSR, and he was seeking a closer relationship with China, who supported Pakistan.
In his book The Trial of Henry Kissinger, Christopher Hitchens elaborates on what he saw as the efforts of Kissinger to subvert the aspirations of independence on the part of the Bengalis. Hitchens not only claims that the term genocide is appropriate to describe the results of the struggle, but also points to the efforts of Henry Kissinger in undermining others who condemned the then ongoing atrocities as being a genocide

How could any country that claims to uphold Human rights support this?


  • The US has supported Pakistan in every conflict its had with us , Russia has always been our strongest Ally.
  • The US has always chosen (and still chooses) Pakistan over India. How can the US even expect to get India to support it over Russia.
  • The US is Unknowingly(or Knowingly) Helping Pakistani sponsored Terrorism on Indian soil, Many Pakistani militants crossing into India from Pakistan have been caught with American weapons. Indian soldiers continue to die at the hands of militants supported financially and militarily by Pakistan, Despite this The US continues to support Pakistan . Does the United States have any moral standing left?

A country that's invaded dozens of countries since its independence has absolutely no right to preach to others . As  Surya Sankar said, its laughable when a country with military bases in every nook and cranny of the world accuses another country of being expansionist.

EDIT: my answer does not suggest that there is an overwhelming support for Russia, many people do not care about what happens outside their country, Also Indians support Russia not necessarily Vladimir Putin.

Why do so many Indians support Vladimir Putin?

Whom should I follow on Quora if I am interested in international relations, diplomacy and foreign policy?

IR links

Answer by Jacqueline Wong:

If it's for feed-improvement, I think following topics specifically related to geopolitical events would be helpful, like:

When things go down, even people who normally don't write about international relations can sometimes contribute gems like Chak Azul's answer to What are the Hong Kong students protesting about?

Because of the unscrupulous practices of some of the instigators of some of these crises, I would highly recommend

They do write about other topics like everyone else.  But there's a lot of aggressive and damaging disinformation being put out there; and the international propaganda budget (for Russia, at least) is expected to grow in 2015, so they're good knowledgeable people to follow whose assessments tend to be more trustworthy than others'.


  • Gabriel Chan are quite knowledgeable about China.
  • Balaji Viswanathan for India and other places.  (Everybody on Earth already follows him, but he's worth a mention.)
  • Ian McCullough seems to know a lot about ISIL and is a great resource for the United States (because the US is a part of the international community, too :o).

For the best of both worlds, some good blogs to follow are:

Those are all the folks I can think of for now (in addition to those mentioned in Mark Binfield's answer).

Whom should I follow on Quora if I am interested in international relations, diplomacy and foreign policy?

Why is the USA so concerned about fixing the rest of the world’s problems when we still have our own problems to take care of?

IR : Why-is-the-USA-so-concerned-about-fixing-the-rest-of-the-worlds-problems-when-we-still-have-our-own-problems-to-take-care-of

Answer by Balaji Viswanathan:

The primary reason why US is more worried about the world problems [from Ebola to Russia to Islamic State] is because it is the hub node of the world markets. The $15 trillion US market is deeply connected with the rest of the world and thus any impact anywhere in the world affects US.

From groceries to car loan financing to electronic gadgets, American consumers depend on the world markets for their daily needs. In the same way, they also export more stuff to the rest of the world than all nations other than China. This means it is not just their purchase, but it is their jobs too at the line if the rest of the world screws up.

Whether it is the need for NATO or need for fighting the IS or the stronger response to Ebola, US takes the leader role because it has the most to lose among the major economies. Other economies are still too far from taking over the US role in world economy.

Other factors that force US to take a stronger role in world problems:

  1. US is the biggest target: If you have the choice to shoot the chest or the eye, what would you prefer? Most would prefer the chest – as it is the biggest target and you cannot easily miss. In the same way, terrorist organizations eventually attack American interests as it is the most visible.
  2. Military industry: A sizable chunk of the economy depends on warfare & "solving" problems.
  3. Price stability: Whether US imports oil or not, whether shale boom continues or not, the prices people pay at the pump depend mostly on global market rates. Any trouble anywhere in the world would cause the prices to go up, leading to troubles for US consumers who consume more than  7 billion barrels of oil [more than 200 billion gallons] a year. Given how heavily US is integrated with the rest of the world, high inflation can be easily imported. And historically politicians lose their job if they don't reduce inflation.
  4. Immigrants: US probably has the most diverse population drawn from all parts of the world. Many of the immigrants carry their own local issues here. For instance, Cuban immigrants have a near total control on the American policy towards Cuba. In the same way, AIPAC has a big sway over Middle East relationships.

Why is the USA so concerned about fixing the rest of the world's problems when we still have our own problems to take care of?

Is ‘Make in India’ a threat to the Indian IT industry?

economy : Is-Make-in-India-a-threat-to-the-Indian-IT-industry

Answer by Vijayraj Kamat:

My house-help does our dishes. Her children go to college. If they graduate and get a good job, she might quit. I might have to pay more for someone else. Is that a bad thing? No, if we look at the bigger picture. The hope is, if everybody gets a good job, manufacturing becomes cheaper, and average incomes rise, we might be able to afford an electric dishwasher in our home. Finally, the aim of a nation is to increase its average standard of living. 

This is an interesting question which brings out seeming conflict of interests. But it has 2 separate aspects to it:
1) Protection against rupee appreciation
2) Evaluating the 'net' impact to the nation

1) Protection against rupee appreciation
What if the dollar depreciates? Your problem is still true. Hedging against such risks is a normal corporate strategy for IT firms.

  • Buying derivatives like futures.
  • Long term plans include reducing dependence on exports by diversifying client base. Market share is slowly shifting from US/Europe to the eastern European countries like Turkey
  • Expanding domestic market

2) Evaluating net impact to the nation
An uncomfortable reality is revealed when we look at the numbers.

  • The services sector accounts for 57% of GDP but provides employment to only 27%.
  • IT sector which we celebrate a lot, specifically contributes to just 6-7% of GDP.
  • Industry accounts for only 27% of the GDP(Manufacturing is around 16%) , but employs 22% of the workforce.
  • Manufacturing can also contribute to exports. Not just IT
  • So it becomes evident that focusing on the manufacturing sector is a much bigger priority for India.

Source: Wikipedia

What is also evident is that increasing productivity is paramount for growth and sustainability. Reliance on dollar rates is not a long term solution in any case

  • In manufacturing sector, this is done by skill development, massive capital investments. this is a major focus of the 'Make in India' program
  • In IT sector this is done by moving up the value chain, and doing high complexity projects, establishing R&D centers rather than just acting as a cost center
  • Boost to the manufacturing industry also means more scope for growth of IT enabled services creating a bigger domestic market.

What this means for IT workers
Relying on 'onsite trips' to make money is passe 🙂 Focusing more on business knowledge expertise, ability to handle complex projects, capitalizing on domestic market, entrepreneurship(note that IT enablement in India is still weak), differentiating yourself from the crowd is what will sustain you.

Thanks for the A2A!

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Is 'Make in India' a threat to the Indian IT industry?

What are the chances that Ramayan and Mahabharat are just works of fiction?

oooh ramayana n mahabharta fiction ?

Answer by Amit Banerjee:

Ramayana in Real Life

I will share a small analogy and try to connect Ramayana with modern lifestyle.

Ram is taken to the jungle by Vishwamitra, so he can fight and kill the demons in the jungle. Dashratha offers the sage his army but he insists on Ram.

Rama is ordered to kill the female demon, Taraka. Rama denies saying that it is unethical on his part to kill a female. Vishwamitra tells Rama that a criminal is a criminal, do not look at the gender. Kill her.

Next, Rama is ordered to step on a stone and Free Ahalya. She has been given a "Shrap" by her husband for cheating on him and it is Rama who can free this adulteress. Rama says that he cannot do it since he must not get in between a husband and wife.

To this Vishwamitra says that forgiveness is the duty of a king and the king must rescue the woman who has been abandoned by his man and give her another chance.

So you see, the same sage teaches the doer the act of forgiveness ("Udhaar") and the act of offence ("Karma").

Here, Rama is the "Karta", the doer, while Vishwamitra is the Advisor.

Now let us fall back to real example.

Punit is not happy of a junior employee Shyam and orders the HR, Arpita to fire him. Arpita finds it extremely unethical to fire an employee since it is not the correct HR practice. She keeps arguing with him on this but Puneet says that a reluctant employee cannot be part of the enterprise and the HR must fire him to save the enterprise in the long run.

Here Punit is the Vishwamitra, Shyam is the Taraka and Arpita is the Rama. Arpita has to take the call, she is the "Karta"

Later, Punit tells Arpita to groom Raghav, another employee who had recently joined. Arpita finds it extremely difficult to train Raghav, since he has poor communication skills ("Shrap") and  comes from a different industry altogether (someone else's property).

Punit tells Arpita that although Raghav is from a different industry and has poor communication skills, she can overlook it since he is a useful resource. He is serious and has a good track record of delivering solutions. If you train him well, he will be a valuable resource to the enterprise going forward. Arpita goes the extra mile, keeps her calm and trains Raghav.

So see, the same CEO teaches the HR an act of offence (Taraka) and an act of Liberation (Ahalya).

This is Punit's (Vishwamitra) way of training Arpita (Rama), since he knows that Arpita is the Rama, a future king of his organisation.

So as you see, this example is pretty valid and this occurs in our day to day live. Hence, Ramayana and Mahabharata is happening everywhere, if you keep your eyes open and believe.

Everything cannot be measured or "Seen" under an Objective Lens. Change your "Gaze"

Child – Did Rama and Krishna exist?
Mother – Yes

Child – Did Ramayana and Mahabharata really take place?
Mother – Yes

Child – Where? When?
Mother – Everywhere. Always.

Child – I don't believe this. Prove it.
Mother – Look into your mind.

Child – This can't be real.
Mother – Oh really?

Child – How can you be so sure?
Mother – How can be you so unsure?

Child – I am unsure because the events and narratives are unreal in nature.
Mother – What is reality, according to you?

Child – Reality is what I see and believe and what fits into my logic.
Mother – And what doesn't fit into your logic is not reality?

Child – No it is still a reality. For example, I haven't seen the milky way but since scientists have proven that such a thing exists, I believe it.

Mother – Oh, so your belief is driven by someone else's work, theories and observations. My child, listen. There is an acute difference between belief and unconditional submission. Yours is not belief, it is a submission that your mind has been subjected to. You have submitted your mind to science and logic alone and cannot see any far. Your gaze is limited in perspective.

Child – But I still don't believe it. How can someone remain awake for 14 years (Lakhsman)? How can someone give birth to 100 children (Gandhari)? I just cannot believe it, this is all fake.

Mother – What is this I? Who are you? You are a no one. It doesn't matter if you choose to believe it or not, since your belief is just a choice you make. Your choice is driven by your personal emotional state, reality has nothing to do with the choice you are making.

Child – I will prove that all of this is fake.

Mother – You can't.

Child – Can you prove all of this is real?

Mother – No. Its pointless. I am not challenging its existence. You are challenging its existence and hence you have to prove that its fake. And you cannot prove it. Your time is too limited to understand the epic in the first place, let alone question its existence. By the time you read, understand, research and question the existence of these epics…you will start believing in it.

So my child, read the epic first. Realize it. Understand the subjective truth first. You won't question its existence then since you will not worry about whether it was real or fake.

Child – That looks like a lot of work. I don't have the time to read and understand the epic. I will simply choose not to believe it.

Mother – Okay. So be it.

What are the chances that Ramayan and Mahabharat are just works of fiction?

Is it possible to ever move on after breaking up with a true love?

must read break story :p

Answer by Kaushik Mazumdar:

Breakup-Move on phases explained. #worth a read

                    |                |
                    |                |
Denial->Anger—–>Grief..>Acceptance…>Move On
                    |                |
                    | _____ |

This is the first time ever I would be expressing my story in writing. I would not like to post and describe the characters as Anonymous since I want my past to be presented transparently. The breakup phase is a bitter experience and it cannot be simplified ever. But if my experience can ever present itself as an empathy or help to any individual, I will be happy to discover that the bitterness has a higher purpose.

#lengthy scribble warning

How we met?
Sonali is my first and only girlfriend I had till date. We met in our graduation college in Calcutta. She was an year junior to me. We met on a random day in the college library and became friends. Few months after we met, I took the initiative, kept my cool and did some hard work for few months and thence began our 3.5 years of relationship. The details of how things got materialized are best left for another relevant post.

Honeymoon phase – College life
I spent one of the best 2 years of my life in college. We were both deeply in love. Her house was just a 10 min walk from my home and our college was also a 10 min walk from each others house, in another direction. That was a very big advantage. We were almost always together. We were so used to each other's companionship that when I used to visit my native, there used to be a sudden and big void in both of our lives. We browsed the streets of Calcutta, every nook and corner, just walked holding hands and spent hours under the beautiful shady gardens of Victoria Memorial. Life seemed lovely.

Honeymoon phase – Long Distance
In the ending moments of my college life, I got placed in a company and had to move out to Chennai for the job. A distance of 1400 kms. In India, this is a huge distance. She was very upset for me having to move away but happy as well since it was a decent opportunity. And hence started the long distance phase of our relationship which lasted an year. I was told by friends and read around that long distance relationship does not work, so I made it a point to be an exception to this trend. I managed my work life and leaves in a way that I was able to make 8 visits in one calendar year. An average visit every 1.5 months.

Long duration phone calls, sms, chats, skype, letters, emails and frequent visits, long distance was just a definition. Couple of times, I did not notify her of my visit to Calcutta and would show up on her door suddenly, unannounced. Her face used to fill up with utter excitement and I used to relish the expression. I was the perfect boyfriend, she used to say. I was proud of myself as well. It was lovely.

We had our share of little misunderstandings as evident in every practical relations, but we were "happy". Our marriage was an obvious event. She wasn't very bright individual or utterly beautiful, but I was contended and fond of her. I am a good human, career concerned and foresighted and she was fond of it. Few months into my career, while she was in her final year of college, we started talking about marriage seriously. I was already close to her family but in the subsequent visits I made to see her, I tried to get closer to her family, to her mother, to her father. They liked me as well. I was a welcome guest.

Few weeks before her college ended, she got placed in a good company with joining in Bangalore. We both were overjoyed since Bangalore is few hours journey from Chennai and her career was on a good start as well. I started preparing myself for my first career switch and decided to move over to Bangalore.

In my second last visit to Calcutta, I decided to introduce her to my family. I was from a traditional middle class family and love marriage was kinda strict, but I decided to take the risks and introduce her – it was time. My family was on a visit to Calcutta at that time. It was a ripe moment. We decided the day, the date, the restaurant for the meet. What she should wear? What she should do? What she should not do?  We planned everything. Our moment of truth was near. Her birthday was close too.

The problem
She did not had many friends in college. So, after I left college and went for work, she was kinda alone, without much company. I was not a typical boyfriend who would stalk her mails or fb profile, suspect her of anything, or do any funny business. I had full faith on her. She too shared the details of any events happening with her, any new people she met or anything. Our communication was transparent. It was lovely. Couple of weeks before I was supposed to come to Calcutta to introduce her to my family, she mentioned a guy she had started communicating with. She used to blabber some stuffs. I was least bothered and kept myself occupied with the family rendezvous and any subsequent backlashes from family. In fact, I was working on some random plan B.

A few before our rendezvous, I noticed a sudden change in her voice. It was already 3.5 years into our relation and I knew her through and through. The change in voice and response style was too intimidating to ignore. I started panicking. One day I discussed my observations with her and she immediately corrected me saying it was nothing and I should not be bothered. I though I was over-reacting and unnecessarily suspecting my dear wife.( Yes, that's what I had started calling her by then). But deep inside my heart, I knew something was not right. Something heavy was happening. I used to ponder over and over again.

A week before our family rendezvous, a day before her birthday. She called me over and asked me to come over skype. She looked undecided. I asked her the problem. She was silent for a long time and then in the faintest of her voices, she replied, " I am in love with the guy"

I was crestfallen. My heart did not wanted to believe what she was saying but my mind knew she was telling the truth. It was an agonizing night where I found myself repeatedly asking her if I had made any mistake or I went wrong somewhere. I was in no position to accept what she said. This went on for a long time that night. Frequently I found myself covered in tears. The night seemed to last forever. She was gone, forever.

I woke up the next day early morning and for a moment thought it was a bad dream. But I saw my laptop kept open, the webcam attached and the skype still logged in, and knew the bad dream is indeed a reality. I made up my mind to visit Calcutta on that day itself. It was her birthday as well. I thought of giving it another shot. I went to office for a face to face discussion with my TL, explained her of an ugent situation and showed her the flight tickets. I left out the details. She was kind and granted me the leave. I took off for Calcutta.

I reached Calcutta by late noon. I called her up from the airport and engaged her in conversation while sitting on the bus. I asked stuffs like, "Do you wish to see me on your birthday" & "What if I suddenly come in front of you". To this she replied that she was more interested in the other guy and would not wish to be with me on the day. It was a cruel reply. I felt like returning back to Chennai at the immediate moment but I knew it was too late for that I would have to meet her. I told her of my visit over the phone and asked her to come to South City Mall ( very famous in Calcutta, very near to our college, and the place where our love evolved).

I met her after around an hour. Our eyes met with blank expressions. I wanted to scream at her with all my might, but it was her birthday, she was 23. I stopped in between my travel from airport to the mall and customized a red rose bouquet with 23 flowers and a handful of rose petals. I took her to the roof of the mall (it wasn't allowed but we used to sneak there often) and showered the rose petals and greeted her with the rose bouquet and greeted Happy Birthday. She just smiled, there was no love in that smile.

I booked a table for two and before she could start anything, I simply asked – "What's my fault? Where am I wrong?". First she cried for quite some time. People around me started looking at me in curious ways, but I was least bothered. My life was shattering in front of my eyes. She said sorry countless times in between her cries. She settled after some time and then started describing the other guy, his looks, his personality, his blah, his blah. She was clearly smitten. But I was stubborn too. I would not let her go without any fight. The other guy in question did not had a great family background, nor had a great college history and mostly indulged in alcoholic drinks and Ganja ( Cannabis drug, a form of Marijuana). I was the exact opposite of him. I reasoned with my girlfriend about the difference between me and him. About how she would have a better life and stability and family and prosperity being with me than being with him. But she argued every point. She took his side on every argument I presented. This went on and on for a long time. I came back to Chennai next day. She came for a see-off, told me she is sorry that she wronged me and would like to be my "friend" forever.

Back at Chennai, things were worse. Without even realizing, a week passed and my time for planned visit to Calcutta came, the time for family rendezvous. I cancelled all those plans. And while I was there, gave another unwilling try to revive our old relation. I spent time with her, visited old places we visited together before, talked about things. For a moment everything seemed normal and I quickly realized that this time though, she was spending time with a "friend". Things were obvious in her behavior but I tried not to burst out. Few days later, I came back to Chennai, still unconvinced that she was no more mine, still unable to bring myself to the reality, still giving halfhearted tries, still wishing all these were part of a bad dream, still wishing that she would realize her mistake and would come back running to me. Alas, only blank wishes!

Few weeks after the denial phase, came the anger phase — Why did she do this to me? Why did she have to do this to me? What made her do this to me? Why? But why? Whywhywhy??? I used to remain occupied most of time with these questions to myself. I used to remain angry most of the time. Weeks and weeks of sleepless nights spent with anger thoughts. I am usually a very relaxed and calm person and was surprised at the amount and the duration of anger I was capable of generating. Waves and waves of subsequent anger. During these times, we used to talk occasionally. I used to keep the conversations short for the fear of me bursting out at her. I still cared for her, dunno why, dunno how, but I did.

Just when it seemed anger is set to leave me, the grief was ready and waiting to hit me. The questions which presented itself in angry form suddenly took a grieving form and started bothering me again. But this time, the questions were directed towards myself. What did I do? What did this happen to me? Where was I wrong? I was sad. I was unhappy most of the time. I didn't enjoyed anything at all. Again, I spent weeks of sleepless nights. I was out of energy. At times, I found myself drifting towards her thoughts. At times, I couldn't control myself and called her up. Only to be rendered more grieving after the call. It was agonizing, it was painful. It drained me of all the good things I had.

But as is said, every bad thing is followed by good things. My process of job switch was still on. And suddenly, I was able to pull off an amazing interview and landed an amazing job at Bangalore. But wait, more bad things were yet to come. In the meantime, she had started working in Bangalore as well. Our dream of spending our professional life in Bangalore materialized. Both were now  set to work in Bangalore but under very different circumstances.

On the day of joining, I left Chennai and stepped into Bangalore with heavy heart. My office was amazing, with position as a Casino Slot Game Developer, the office environment was too good. Music overflowing. I wanted to feel awesome but I couldn't. I met my old school buddies at Bangalore. I wanted to feel overjoyed, but I couldn't. I was incapable of feeling happy. That emotion had dried off me. Midst of all these, she came to know about my move to Bangalore. Her office was within a couple of kilometers from my office. It was an agonizing fact to discover. She demanded a meeting. I was undecided but I couldn't deny her. I met her for 10-15 mins and then left citing office work, but in reality I was free. Seeing her face was too much for me. It was unbearable.

The same night, I tried to take another attempt. Don't know why this thought wandered into my mind. Maybe after seeing her face in person drove me into this desperation. Anyways, I called her up, asked her to forget everything, all past, all troubles, and come over to start afresh. Start a new phase of our relationship in a new city, with new hopes, with new beginning. She denied, citing she was already in a relationship. But she would be eager to remain friends with me. I disconnected the call immediately. It was stupid thing to ask and I felt anger over my own stupidity and self respect.

I got back into the cycle of anger and grief over a period of next few days. My awesome job, in my favourite city, amongst my closest childhood friends with awesome salary. None of them were able to make me happy. I was deprived of the ability to feel happy.

My period of worst phase was long. But long is not infinite. That's why the two words are different. My office had a branch in Chennai as well. And I discovered an open position in Chennai. I considered all the possibilities against my mental state and decided to apply for that position. It was just 2 weeks I had left Chennai but suddenly I felt eager for that position. Something told me things would get fine if I get back to Chennai. It was an urgent opening. I applied for it and it got approved immediately. I got all packed up and left Bangalore. On that night, before boarding the inter-city bus, I sent her a text notifying about my decision. And switched off my mobile.

I reached Chennai the next morning and felt a sudden freshness. It was the same city I had known for 1.5 years. I opened my cell and saw missed calls from her. She was little upset about me leaving Bangalore suddenly and wanted to "talk".

( A little background info. I am a very resourceful person. Maybe not too much in terms of monetary but in being informative and getting this done. I helped her a lot in college, helped her in placements and numerous uncountable other things. I was everything for her.).

Anyways,she called me up and we did talk. She was surprised about my sudden move back to Chennai and wanted a reason. She kept on blabbering about how she always wanted me to be friend. And would hate me going away from being friend. She felt little insecure about suddenly losing her resource pool. On a rather funny note, midst of all these talks, I asked in a sarcastic way if she needs me because I am very valuable, to which she said yes. (Yeah!).
I felt powerful for the first time in over 6 months. And I felt myself smiling for the first time, though in a very evil way.

Moving On
I wanted to capitalize on this very nascent change. I felt little energetic on a miniature level. The Anger-Grief cycle was still inside me, but I needed something to vent out. I realized that more I kept myself occupied, the less my mind wandered to old thoughts. I was in need of new stuffs, new activities, new engagements.

I reached office and saw a Table Tennis(pong) board. I never held a TT bat in my life but that day, I took up a playful session. I chose TT to be my distraction.  I took up serious self practice sessions in the after office hours. And after an year later, I was runners up in the doubles TT tournament held in office. It was a big thing for me and shocked everyone around.  A win-win situation for me.

Parallely, I introduced myself to running at Terry Fox charity runs – 6 kms. I found it a great way to went out build up energy and negative thoughts inside me. I found running very captivating for me. Few months after that, I ran my first 10K at Chennai marathon. I was unstoppable after that and took part in numerous countrywide events with short and long runs, including a half marathon and a triathlon. I was on top of myself. These are my trophies and I take my pride in them.

Sometime in between, I took up dancing classes in zumba and hip-hop for a couple of months. It was a nice experience.

I started globetrotting on a massive scale. A new visit every couple of months. So much that I exhausted all the possible excursion places in south of India.

I got back to my reading hobby.

And about my ex, she desperately wanted to retain contact with me. But now, I called the shots. The ball was in my court. I declined any sort of communication. I rejected calls. The human mind remembers things. And certain events, certain scenarios have power to trigger dormant memories. Her voice had that power. I was aware of this and wanted to avoid the scenario at all costs. Out of sight, out of mind actually works.


The ending part might seem to be very easy but it was not. It took more than an year for me to get out of my break up completely. I experienced true love. She was the everything for me and things which happened over 3.5 years took their time to ward off from the mind. I grew closer to my family. I had immense support from my sister and my ex's sister. Might seem strange but its true. I am still in good contact with my ex's family. They still like me. Maybe the bridge between me and my ex's family was built because of her. But it strengthened solely on mutual communication and behavior. I value human interaction and decided to retain contact with ex's family. Of course, she is always pissed off whenever she discovers I paid a visit to her family. But now it's my time to enjoy.
I blocked her on fb and mails. She tried numerous ways to keep info on my whereabouts. She communicated with my close friends and kept the communication line open with them. But I was least perturbed and told my friends not to give any info about her to me. I am sure she fb stalks using a different profile. But eh, should I be concerned? Ignorance is bliss!!!

It has been 2.5 years since my breakup. And I have not been with a woman again, yet. Was it true love? Yes. Have I moved on? If it means being least concerned about my ex? Yes. If it means forgetting her? No-The brain has capabilities to retain memory, it doesn't forget. The memories fade away only with time, but they work according to what  you want. If you want to think about past, the memories remains stronger. If you are occupied elsewhere, they start fading. Anywhere I see the mention of her name, the old memories try to come out of the sealed box and devour me. But my will power is much stronger now to ward them off. I think this fight will go till eternity, and I will always be victorious.

The breakup is a rich life experience. The wisdom cannot be gained unless experienced. It helps you get a clear picture of life. It helps you identify people better. Not only it helps you to have a better relationship next time, but it gives you a chance to make yourself a better person. The period of breakup-move on varies from person to person. But at the end, you will come off as a much better person. Don't worry if are in a breakup, feel happy that a better version of you is waiting on the horizon.

Life is too short to remain dejected over a breakup. Get the hell out of the room. The world actually rocks!


Greetings, fellow Quora folks!
And thank you all for the overwhelming response shown towards the post.

I received numerous queries and comments related to the post. And I had tried my best to respond to them.Over time, it is observed that most of the queries classified themselves into a handful of categories. So, I thought of consolidating them and provide a generic response for all. I hope you don't have to take the pain of putting up queries and waiting for response. Although if you want to communicate, you are always welcome. Here we go!

I have moved back to Bangalore lately. So, here I am surrounded by my awesome job, in my favourite city, amongst my closest childhood friends with awesome salary. And I am enjoying every bit of it. I have taken my globetrotting taste to a whole new level. A new visit every couple of months has been transformed into a new visit every couple of weeks. I recently covered the whole of Kashmir with a 2000 kms road trip, thus striking out the #1 item off my bucket list. How do I manage holidays? Well, the Gods must be crazy on me. 🙂

About my ex. Where is she? Is she still with the same guy? I don't know. And it doesn't bother or matter. It's my time to enjoy.

Similar experiences?
Quite a number of quorans have stated that they had similar experiences. Some even went on to say if I had read their personal diaries because the incident described is a mirror replica. Well, I am not surprised. And this only strengthens a belief I have held strongly in my life. And that is, human behavior is same everywhere. What changes is the language, or the religion, or the lifestyle, or the culture, or the habitat. But on the inside, we are all same. We are closer to each other as humans than we think ourselves to be. #helloworld.

Relationship status?
A number of queries came on my take on further relationships.
Why haven't I considered other ones? Well, the need to date the right one became more important than the need to date just anyone. Availability of single decent women has a part to play. And so is the sex ratio of our nation. So, here to all the 'educated-to-be-moms-and-dads' out there, raise a gender parity generation or your sons would have to suffer like me. 😛

Will going into another relationship remind me of my past? I don't think so. 3 yrs is a long time and the defending champions Spain are out of this 2014 world cup. Things change. How do I perceive other women? Women are the root of the society. No hard feelings. As respectful as ever. 

Stuck in a phase?
Some of the folks have expressed that they are stuck in one of the phases described and it is really hard for them to come out of it. Folks, this is one of the singular most battle of your life. And you need to win it all by yourself. It's all yours. Divide your sufferings amongst close people. I understand many would shy away from sharing their breakup news within their circle. And it makes sense. Because that would lead to further more discussions and the least we need at that moment is discussions over the break up. If you really feel you are out of all other options, you can reach out to me anytime. I don't claim to be an expert. There are professionals who had done extensive psychological studies over breakups. And I am no where near them. I might only be able to lend out additional empathy and just a random grief sharing scope. And maybe a subtle direction. But at times, that's the only thing we need. I know, you know, we all know.

You can inbox me anytime with anything. However, notifications are generally switched off on my mobile and it might take some time to respond back to you. I have seen friend requests come and pulled back on fb. Please do bear with me.

This edit is not meant to highlight my achievements or to advertise my life. Never. The primary intent of writing the original post was to provide a ground for empathy to all the fellow people in need. I thought my sufferings and subsequent recovery could provide greater help to people to come out of the difficulty as soon as possible. I am not sure if I had been successful on this. But I will keep trying.

Beauty often seduces us on the road to truth. Betrayal is brutal. It kills us when the news is broken. But then, a new individual is born out of the killing. Like fire tests gold and purifies it. But we are never the same old individual again. It's impossible to be the same old individual. Because, we come out to be better, harsher, shrewder, indifferent person. We tend to become brutal in all spheres. Not brutal as in behavior, but brutal as in how we perceive the world thereafter. The break up is hard hit on our back. And the treatment is to rebuild ourselves as unbeatable.

As for the void we feel, an old imprint of a person on our heart will take time to fade off. There is no eraser available for that. It's a battle we have to fight with ourselves, between our heart and our mind.

Nothing feels relevant at the moment. The job, the education, the world, everything feels useless, as if we were preparing and tackling the world only because of the existence of the other person. Only because we want to be with the other person and need preparations for survival. And now since the other person has gone, there is no use to be that concerned. Self managing could be easily done with humble needs.

The moving on takes it's intended time depending on an individual. However, there are mechanisms which can pace up the process of moving on. The out of sight, out of mind is really important. We have to cut up our ex through social media and mail chats. In my case, after the break up, I kept reading our old chat conversations, mail exchanges and picture views. And a part of me use to die daily. Until one day, when I could take it no more, I deleted all mails, all chats, all pictures and blocked her on social media circles. And then I regretted for not doing the move earlier. We all have mutual friends. We have to make them understand to not give info on ex's whereabouts to us. The less we know about the person, the faster we would move on.

That is just one step. Next is, we need involvements. Take up a new hobby, a new sport we always wanted to play. Maybe a marital art, or swimming or learning to drive, or taking up a musical instrument. There is never an age to learn a new thing. Start a thing today we always wanted to do yesterday.

Another way is to blow up a part of our savings. 10-15k on something extreme acts. Go visit Ladakh/NE, or go for scuba,or a foreign trip,or anything which would suck up a considerable fund. Why? Because do hell with future worries. Most of us are young and have our whole life to earn money. Probably, we would end up getting fat checks in distant future. But our present needs us more. It needs attention, not our future. Blowing up double digit sums of money on something we always wanted to do will not only take our attention from the void, it will always infuse a new adrenaline into our body. Spending always works.

Make time for society. Give them back what we received. Visit orphanage or old homes or join a teaching trust. Believe me, most of us think financial help is the only way they can be helped. And since we don't have much at the moment, we can't help them. Incorrect. Volunteering plays a big role too. Giving part of our time to them cheers up their day in ways we can never imagine. In turn, it will cheer up our soul too. Be a part of blood donation camps. Most of us are too lazy to do it, although we are perfectly fit. And hundreds of people lose their life because of shortage of blood, which arose from our laziness. I have been part of blood donations for some time. And it boosts up my self worth amazingly.

Make time for family. Go visit your home. Most of us leave our home since graduation. And family time is never the same after that. If you are in college, bunk the week. If you are working, take the week off. Make your parents happy before you regret you never had the time.

Read novels. They keep our mind occupied and prevent it from flashing back old memories. Book recommendation threads are abundant in Quora. Avoid watching romantic movies and listening to romantic songs for some time. And of course, don't take up romantic novels. 😛

These are just a handful of things I felt I should have done earlier to make a faster move on. You folks could customize and tailor make it to your desires/lifestyle.
The phase is like a disease, like a viral fever, you know you would get better, but you don't know when.

Have patience, stay strong and look towards yourself. Wishing all the folks a speedy recovery.

Life is too short to remain dejected over a breakup. Get the hell out of the room. The world actually rocks!

Is it possible to ever move on after breaking up with a true love?

How much black money is in India?

economy : How-much-black-money-is-in-India?

Answer by Jai Parimi:

What is black money?

  • There is no uniform definition of black money in the literature or economic theory.
  • In India, Black money refers to funds earned in the black market, on which income and other taxes have not been paid.
  • In reality, Black money is the money that is unaccounted for. Estimating unaccounted money accurately is not possible.
  • In addition to wealth earned through illegal means, the term black money would also include legal income that is concealed from public authorities to evade
    • payment of taxes (income tax, excise duty, sales tax, etc).
    • payment of other contributions.
    • compliance with the provisions of industrial laws such as the Industrial Dispute Act 1947, Minimum Wages Act 1948, Payment of Bonus Act 1936, Factories Act 1948, and Contract Labour (Regulation and Abolition) Act 1970.
    • compliance with other laws and administrative procedures.

What is total estimate of black money?

  • It is difficult to estimate the amount of black money held by Indians in the world or by the girl-next-door. 😛
  • But, guesstimates based on 'Global Financial Integrity' claim that the amount exceeds 'USD 1.4 trillion' in total.
  • Swiss Bankers Association and the Government of Switzerland thrashed the reports & said that the total amount held in all Swiss banks by citizens of India is about 'US$2 billion'.

Edited Image from google

  • A white paper on black money released by MoF, India has listed out how people evade taxes and estimated the black money for 1975 – 1983 as

Source: Estimate of Black Money

Various means of account manipulation to evade tax:

Image Source: Manipulation of Accounts for tax evasion


On a side note, black money's major source is corruption and as per Transparency International India stand in 94th position out of 177 countries with a score of 36/100. Should I be happy that India has crossed the much coveted pass mark of 33%? 😉

Edited Image: Transparency International

What is CPI?

The Corruption Perceptions Index ranks countries/territories based on how corrupt a country’s public sector is perceived to be. It is a composite index, drawing on corruption-related data from expert and business surveys carried out by a variety of independent and reputable institutions.

What is BPI?

The Bribe Payers Index ranks the world’s wealthiest and most  economically influential countries according to the likelihood of their firms to bribe  abroad.

What is CCI?

Control of corruption reflects perceptions of the extent to which public power is exercised for private gain. This includes both petty and grand forms of corruption, as well as "capture" of the state by elites and private interests.

Control of corruption is one of the six dimensions of the Worldwide Governance Indicators.

World CPI map:

Edited Image: Transparency International

How much black money is in India?