How can the reservation system be improved?

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Answer by Tejasvita Apte:

Many people have suggested that reservation should be based on economic need and not caste.

These people have not understood the basis of reservation. The reservations were added in the Constitution because there is a specific sociopolitical reason behind them and every person who knows India is aware of it.

For more on this read – Tejasvita Apte's answer to Constitution of India: Where does right to equality stand if there are reservations? Are reservations based on caste necessary? What are other effective means?

There is reservation already provided for the economically backward –Income Certificates For the Economically Backward Class

Obviously I can understand that this is not adequate but then I do not think that Indian infrastructure can afford that.

Having said this, it is abundantly clear that the current system has its flaws. Biggest being that it is highly unjust. Though we already have the corrective measures like 'Creamy layer' etc, we still need more.

There is one thing that can be done.

Every caste certificate that has been used by 3 generations should be cancelled.

That way reservation will go to more people and we will probably see the end of it at least some day!

Further, if after 3 generations using the caste certificate haven't improved from their original state then anyway reservations are a failure.

How can the reservation system be improved?


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