How can the reservation system be improved?

Answer by Suyash Chandak:

Reservations system can succeed only if at some point we are able to remove it. This can be done when socially and economically backward sections of our society are uplifted.
As of now only a small section of the SC/STs and OBCs get the benefit of the reservation system.
The problem with reservation system is that rich SC/ST/OBCs get the benefits while the poor and backward continue to suffer. This is because even to reap the benefits of reservations the candidates needs some kind of coaching and/or education.

  1. I have come across children of IITians who in spite of putting less effort got into IITs.
  2. People who get the advantage in college applications due to reservations continue to reap the benefits of reservations during recruitment and promotions.

Is this fare? Is this fare on the actual backward sections of our society?
How do we solve this?

  • Ensuring that families and individuals who have been benefited earlier don't get repeated benefits.
  • Any person who gets benefit of reservation during college admissions and recruitment should be denied any advantage during promotions. This will not only create an opportunity for those who were denied opportunity earlier but will also work as an incentive to work hard for those who have were benefited earlier.
  • Children of parents who got the advantage of the system should be considered as socially and economically uplifted and thus denied reservation.
  • Any economic benefits like scholarships and lower fees should also be denied to persons mentioned above.

Reservation Credits.

  • Each family (SC/ST/OBC) gets some reservation credits.
  • These credits can be used to get admission, jobs and promotions.
  • The policy would be dynamic. Credits required to get admission into a premier institute would be higher compared to other institutes. The same would apply for recruitment and promotions of different levels.
  • Credits would be transferable to children/dependents.
  • New-borns wouldn't get any credits.
  • A thorough research should be done to make this a as ideal as possible.

This is what I think. Of course there are many political hurdles. Would love to hear your views in comments.

How can the reservation system be improved?


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