What are the Hong Kong students protesting about?

Answer by Jai Parimi:

  • They are Pro-democracy protests.
  • In Hong Kong, These protests began 22nd September with students boycotting classes and demanding less involvement of China's Communist Party in Hong Kong's future.
  • Some 60,000 protesters turned out for the rally and police tried to block them from joining other protesters that are part of a sit-in outside government headquarters.
  • They're protesting new election rules issued by the Chinese government in August which allow candidates for the top posts in Hong Kong to be selected by a committee perceived to serve the Chinese Communist Party.
  • The students want to pressure China into giving Hong Kong full voting rights and the ability to choose candidates independent of Beijing.
  • There are other protest groups which joined the protest to support the cause.

Source: Hong Kong's pro-democracy protests grow amid sit-in

Why the name Umbrella Revolution?

  • The ongoing pro-democracy demonstrations in Hong Kong have co-opted an unusual symbol: the umbrella.
  • After the publishing of striking images of front-line protestors parrying jets of pepper spray with nylon shields, social media began dubbing the protests the 'Umbrella Revolution' and the “Umbrella Movement.'

The protestors in the photo, arms and umbrella raised amid clouds of tear gas, has been called 'Umbrella Men' on social media, a reference to the iconic image of 'Tank Man' from the Tianamen Square protests of 1989.

Why umbrellas?

  • Umbrellas are common accessories during Hong Kong summers, used for shade in sweltering heat. In the past few days, temperatures have risen above 30 degrees Celsius. In a protest this June, umbrellas were as ubiquitous as they are now.

Source: What is the meaning of the umbrellas in “Umbrella Revolution”?

Thanks for the A2A Ganesh Ram.

What are the Hong Kong students protesting about?


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