What do mainland Chinese people think about the Occupy Central protests in HK?

Answer by Andy Lee Chaisiri:

"With Instagram blocked, how else am I suppose to find pictures of cute photo-filtered girls!?"

Bye bye Siddsel Rasmussen, you will be missed

Instagram being blocked is the most tangible effect the protests have had on mainland Chinese citizens, and it hurts.

On a more serious note, my mainland friends who are at the age where they want to marry and have kids say that their lives are much better than their parents were and they feel that their children's futures will have even more opportunity than they have. To them democracy is merely a means to an end but in mainland China those ends (economic prosperity and general improvement in life quality) are already being satisfied without it.

Mainland Chinese are seeing people from their generations rise up from the same background as themselves and become millionaires and billionaires

Seeing others like them make it gives them hope that they too can be 'the 'next Jack Ma'. In Hong Kong though all the mega-wealthy are also mega-old while fresh highly educated college grads are going unemployed and the start up scene is stagnant, that's the opposite of inspiring hope for the future.

Now if one day mainlanders felt that opportunity was being taken from them and that their children would have a worse life in the future, then you'd see more support for dramatic government reform like the rising generation of Hong Kong is doing now.

What do mainland Chinese people think about the Occupy Central protests in HK?


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