What do mainland Chinese people think about the Occupy Central protests in HK?

Answer by Siqi Liu:

I'm from Beijing and I'm studying in EU now, which in a way gives me perspectives from both sides of the issue.

Unlike most of mainland Chinese people, I actually agree that changes should be made regarding HK's political system. Preferably though, not in the form of the protest that we see today.

Unlike most of people outside mainland China, I do understand why it is necessary to maintain a stable social environment (China had enough social unrest in recent history) to make sure that most people can getting out of poverty quickly, regrettably by censoring and limited election, which, among others, people live in HK most fear of.

There is really no point comparing people from HK and mainland today, thus no point of labeling HK people "spoiled children" and mainland people "brainwashed". Two different courses of history gave rise to two different systems. And that's all.

The real question is, where should both systems converge.

When HK was returned to China, the deal was that HK will maintain the way it is for 50 years, this left a question open though: how would people from HK and people from mainland China picture both societies in 50 years?

I do think that I share the same vision with HK people and trust me, I'm not the only one. People from mainland know there are problems and for the most parts, we hate them. But we also know that protesting is not the best way to deal with it just now. If you look at the press in mainland China it's really sad to see no mentioning of HK's Occupy Central except a few official scripts. It is sad, that people in mainland China are "forced" to focus a lot of energy on cheap entertainment and meaningless news while there are much more important issues to be aware of. I'm optimistic, though, that this at least, would have changed in 50 years.

Arguing about whether the protest is "laughable" is not going to help with this convergence. Accepting that we have had different courses of history and trying to understand from both parties will.

And to people protesting in HK, I understand and I'm genuinely proud of your commitment, but I don't see a good chance that this will bring any changes in practice and it's probably not the best option for HK either. There are changes in mainland without protesting, violence or occupying and it is working. We are not at the same stage though, and we learned to demand less at a time, being more patient and staying optimistic towards political changes and I do hope that HK can figure out a better way as well.

Until then, hope you safe and really, best wishes to get what you want done.

What do mainland Chinese people think about the Occupy Central protests in HK?


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