What do Taiwanese think of the Hong Kong protests?

Answer by Meng-Lin Wu:

Yes, Taiwan is different. Taiwanese young people are hugely sympathetic to the Umbrella Revolution. In the capital, there is a gathering in support of HKers.

(Go, Hong Kong!)

Images from Liberty Times 自由廣場湧萬人 吶喊香港加油 – 焦點 – 自由時報電子報

A few reasons would be:
1) The young generation in Hong Kong and Taiwan face similar social issues such as high housing price and limited upward mobility. It is believed a functioning democracy would bring opportunities to fix these issues.
2) Taiwan just had its own protest, the Sunflower Movement, against a pro-China leadership. Hong Kongers showed support and some even joined the protest. This photo went viral:

"I'm Hong Konger. Taiwan, please step on our dead body and find your own path."
3) China wants to annex Taiwan and turn it into an SAR (Special Administrative Region). Hong Kong *is* an SAR. If anything happens to Hong Kong due to China, then it will be considered a consequence for Taiwan too, should it become another SAR.

What do Taiwanese think of the Hong Kong protests?


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