What role should India, the largest democracy in the world, play to help people of Hong Kong achieve independence from communist China?

Answer by Joseph Wang:

Make democracy work in India.

When Chinese talk with each other and someone wants to explain why the Communist Party is superior and why the Mainland China shouldn't adopt Western democracy, they always will mention India.  If you want to promote democracy in China, then make democracy work in India.

Also nobody in Hong Kong seriously advocates independence, and I'm less worked about "secret independence" after these protests. 

You have this standard story, some old person says "we are all Chinese" and some young person says "I'm not Chinese, I'm a Hongkonger."  This happens a lot in the news, and I used to worry about this, but I don't any more.  What is happening is that the old person is trying to get the young person to shut up and keep quiet, so the young person has to "escape" from that logic.

Young people who are angry will intentionally do stuff to make old people angry.  Some wave British flags and reject "China" because they know it makes people upset, and it's a way of fighting back and expressing frustration, but it's not a serious political platform, more of a way of saying "I'm angry, f*** you".

However, everyone that I know realizes that Hong Kong is a part of China (they might not like it, but they know that this is true), and they need some cooperation from Beijing to get anything done (again lots of people don't like it, but they know they don't have a choice).  Once you get people to calm down, then if Beijing is reasonable, the most young people are also going to be reasonable.

One big problem is that there is no semi-formal way for young people in HK to interact directly with Beijing.  All of the interaction goes through the tycoons who are telling Beijing that you just have spoiled kids who are all closet independence supporters that are being led by agents of the CIA.  I know that this is what they are telling Beijing, because that's what they've been telling me (through the media), and it took some effort for me to find out that this is not true (i.e. it took me several months of hard effort to find someone in Occupy that I could talk to).

On the other hand enough officials have kids in Hong Kong universities or have kids with jobs in Hong Kong, so that they can find out the actual situation.

What role should India, the largest democracy in the world, play to help people of Hong Kong achieve independence from communist China?


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