Why is that America hates terrorism but loves Pakistan more than India?

Answer by Balaji Viswanathan:

I don't think US administration loves Pakistan more than India. US-Pakistan relationships have always been more utilitarian [1]. The nature of recent Presidential visits of Clinton, Bush Jr and Obama to India can be contrasted in this.

Why US often worked closer with Pakistan?

  1. Cold war era: In the 1950s, US asked countries around the world to take sides between US and USSR. India chose to remain neutral while Pakistan joined US treaties – SEATO and CENTO. These are the NATO equivalents for Asia. With no option and felt threatened, Nehru had to open up to the USSR in his landmark 1954 trip.  India remained neutral for the most part, but remained suspicious in the eyes of US administrations at the height of the cold war.
  2. Afghanistan: Pakistan has always been crucial to fight the American war in Afghanistan. Given its long borders with Afghanistan, Pakistan is the only option for the Americans. First, it was to fight the Russians. Then to fight the Talibans.
  3. Shaky nuclear power: Pakistan is the only nuclear power where the establishment is shaky. Its top scientists such as AQ Khan was already caught trying to sell nuclear secrets to buyers all over the world. US (and India) really worries about Pakistan's nuclear weapons getting out to various terror groups. To prevent that it keeps a tab on Pakistan's military by giving it goodies.
  4. Weapons buyer: Pakistan used to be a major buyer of US arms. India relied on Russian arms for the most part.


  1. America’s 25 Most Awkward Allies
  2. Nixon and Kissinger’s Forgotten Shame

Why is that America hates terrorism but loves Pakistan more than India?


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