“With the disintegration of the USSR and an end to the cold war, the international diplomacy took a new turn”. Critically examine. Can s…

Answer by Akand Sitra:

This question is either from the topic World History, in GS Paper 1 of CSE or International Relations, in GS Paper 2.

In either case, it is a typical 10 mark question with an upper limit of 200 words.

Now, the keyword here is "Critically Examine"

As soon as you read the word "critically", it means you should write both sides of the issue. Maybe 100 words saying how international diplomacy took a new turn, and another 100 words saying how it did not take a new turn.

The other keyword "examine" would mean to talk about various different factors and examine it.

Now, this question can be answered either in the paragraph style or points style. I would strongly recommend "points" style because, within 100 words, examining various factors will look congested and ugly in a paragraph style. Whereas, in points style, it would look clear, concise and with clarity.

So, the answer structure would be –
a) One-two line very short introduction.
b) 5 points agreeing with the statement. (Different factors)
c) 5 points against the statement.
d) A neutral conclusion agreeing with both.

All this within 200 words.

My answer would be, (I might miss out on many points, do tell me in the comments, but also keep in mind the word limit and the other various factors)

"The USSR disintegration in 1990 was indeed a momentous event in the timeline of the modern world history.
International diplomacy indeed has seen a new facet –
1) Ideological – The triumph of Capitalism over Communism had world wide effects, even India opened up through LPG.
2) Hegemony – USA became the sole superpower and the world became an unilateral bloc.
3) With globalization, trade relations improved amongst all countries.
4) Economic cooperation dictated diplomatic relations, unlike earlier trend of military and bi-polar cooperation.
5) New issues like climate change, environment, peace talks, governance, human rights etc became the focus of international diplomacy.
But, some of the world's diplomacy remain unchanged.
1) Russia, the successor of USSR, retained its UNSC seat and now is growing back its clout.
2) This can be seen in its Ukraine issue and it's opposition to US intervention in Syria.
3) The Latin American countries are still ideologically opposite to the US. Brazilian President, Dilma Rousseuf, issued a warning against the US and its cyber snooping program.
4) With the rise of China, Japan, India etc, the world is becoming a multi-polar world and not an unilateral one.
So, even after USSR disintegrated, economically the world's diplomatic relations have changed but not politically."

Words – 206

I hope that answer was satisfactory. Remember, you should write within 7 mins.
All the best! 🙂

Thanks for the A2A Anon. 🙂

“With the disintegration of the USSR and an end to the cold war,  the international diplomacy took a new turn”. Critically examine. Can s…


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