What is Cyborg Anthropology?

Answer by Brian Fey:

I am quite interested in cyborg anthropology since we now have the ability to choose what technologies will serve of for an energy constrained future.

We can choose from the oldest fulfilling technology which served cave people, and among those from any cultures around the world, while considering the impact of the newest technologies.

We can design the technological culture we wish to serve us instead of being victims of whatever culture happens.

Cyborg anthropology

Cyborg anthropology is the discipline that studies the interaction between humanity and technology from an anthropological perspective. The discipline is relatively new, but offers novel  insights on new technological advances and their effect on culture and  society.

Quoran Lisa L. Watts thinks about these things.
An interview with her is here: Prove Your Point- Episode 21: Cyborg Anthropology (Free Roam)

Another interesting page: Cyborg Anthropology
With a definition: Defining Cyborg Anthropology

What is Cyborg Anthropology?


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