What’s wrong with ethnocentrism?

Answer by Anonymous:

This is a pretty awesome explanation What Is Ethnocentrism?

The main part that I partly disagree with is his point, "We cannot not be ethnocentric, and we cannot will it away or make ourselves have a completely open attitude.  Is it ever possible not to be ethnocentric?"

While I agree that it is impossible to be completely not ethnocentric, I think there is a lot of variation in how ethnocentric people are, both as individuals and probably as cultures as well.

In fact, the idea that everyone is similar in how ethnocentric they are is somewhat of an ethnocentric view (no surprise the author is a white man), where you assume all other people are more similar to you than they are.

Maybe people who are more ethnocentric (often involving having never recognized and examined their own ethnocentrism) (country that I live in not to be named) can try to take lessons from individuals and cultures that are less ethnocentric.

What's wrong with ethnocentrism?


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