Can India ever tackle the problem of population?

indian population solution

Answer by Balaji Viswanathan:

Of course. The UN prediction is that India's population growth will drop to zero in a decade and might even start to slightly decline. On an average, 2.1 child per woman is the natural replacement rate. India [green curve] is approaching that point. Right now it is at 2.4 in fertility rate.

Punjab, Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Goa, AP, Karnataka, Himachal, Delhi and Maharashtra are already there at below the replacement levels [meaning the population is going down].

It is in Bihar and UP where the situation is of real concern [above 3 children per woman]. But, as prosperity grows even there the fertility levels will drop [UP had an average of 4.5 kids/woman even in 2004. Things have changed a lot since then].
Indian states ranking by fertility rate

India doesn't need to do anything fancy like what China did. Just increase the access to TV/Entertainment and spread more of prosperity. That will reduce population growth in no time. Why are birthrates falling around the world? Blame television.

Can India ever tackle the problem of population?


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