What do you think of Modi’s vision for India?

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Answer by Shubham Bansal:

1. Development Oriented:

  • He's focusing on setting up 100 smart cities (Kashi-Kyoto and Mumbai-Shanghai pacts).
  • “Pradhan Mantri Krishi Sinchayee Yojna” for a country that relies primarily on rainwater irrigation.
  • Metro projects in Lucknow and Ahmedabad are some ambitious and future-moulding steps.

2. Growth oriented:

  • He's talking about toilets in every village and internet in every Panchayat center (National Rural Internet and Technology Mission).
  • Emphasizing on Education for girls (Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao Yojana).
  • Empowering families with bank accounts (Jan-Dhan Scheme). You can't have development without growth!

3. Global Co-operation:

  • With what started as inviting neighbours to the swearing-in has peaked to visiting Japan, Nepal, Brazil and the US.
  • German and English delegates visited us. Germany doubled their investment in India.
  • New Development Bank (NDB) created for cooperation between the emerging giants.
  • China opened a new pathway to Amarnath Yatra (a holy place for us), thus goodwill and strategic alliances forged will help in the long run.

4. Strong in military issues:

  • You want to meet separatist leaders right before the Secretary level visit? Visit cancelled.
  • You want to infilterate Chumar while we sit in the Ashram where Ahimsa (Non-violence) came into being and manifested to the world. You'll have to face strong talks.
  • You want to discuss Kashmir at the UN? NO USE!

5. Restructuring how the world sees the Indian culture, Hindutva and Muslims of India:

  • How India became a snake playing country to the one where we now play with the mouseTrans Indo-US meeting at the Madison.
  • Al-Qaeda has failed in India and Indian Muslim will live and die for the country. This has elated India's largest minority community and their leaders have urged the Muslims to rally around and prove the PM right and work for the country.
  • Referred to "ancient wisdom of India" and urged the world to take up Yoga to connect with nature and the world, and to fight against the climate change- UN Assembly Address.

This is essential to revive the culture and banish the misconceptions people share about our country.

6. Economic Doctrine: Promoting FDI, urging for investment in every visit and at every business platform, Jan-Dhan Scheme, Uniform Account Number by EPFO are some of things that are salient to the PM's economic vision to India.

7. India as a major TOURIST DESTINATION: "Namami Gange", 100 smart cities, modernisation of railways and developmental plan for highways, inland waterways and other infrastructure are some of the plans in this direction. 

Tourism unites and terrorism divides, says Narendra Modi at CFR.

This is my India:
North: Kashmir

Source: indiatravelpackageblog.wordpress

South: Kerala

Source: visitingplacesofgreatindia.blogspot


Source: northeastravels.com

West: Gujarat, The home of the lion, Modi.

Source: webindia123.com

Central : MP
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m_AREWFSwdAWatch this video to know the colors of this beautiful state

You tell me. Isn't this country visiting once in your lifetime? I have mentioned just 4 states and one region. There's so much more unique for every state. How can we let dirt and pollution come between the showcasing of pinnacle of culture in India?

8. MAKE IN INDIA: I couldn't resist mentioning this. India lies 134th in the ease of doing business index. What a great market of opportunities with extraordinary demands but govt. machinery just don't let anyone do their thing.

  • Make in India is a policy that combines incentives with easy handling of businesses and a faster redressal machinery. Only Business, NO harassment.
  • Skill endowment and job creation in 25 key industries.
  • Urging global investors to make India an industrial hub.
  • Raising FDI caps, red tape constricted in decision making.
  • Will help in achieving the target of 100 smart cities and affordable housing schemes.

Source: indiatoday.in

9. Promotion of Indigenous research: Bashing DRDO for not upto the mark, celebrating with ISRO scientists on MOM's pathbreaking success and hailing it on an international platform playfully by lauding the 7 Rs/km journey shows his intent that India is not content being a mere importer of technology.

10. Overseas Residents Policy: Announcing visa on arrival for Americans, life-long visas for PIO and OCI people has gone down well with the 4-million strong community in the US. The PM is giving them the India of their dreams and asks for investment and cultural ties.

CONCLUSION: Hence it is evident that this is the best someone can do at this time. With NaMo's oratory, charisma, showmanship, understanding, intellect and charm every nation and investor is being swept into the subcontinent's conundrum of demand for commodities, necessities and securities.
There is no questioning Namo's intention and policies and his party has a gigantic task to live up to his vision and move at his pace.

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What do you think of Modi's vision for India?


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