What is the Modi government’s take on FDI in sectors like defence, telecom and insurance?


Answer by Shubham Bansal:

Regardless of what the take is Pay attention to this:
DEFENCE: FDI in Defence: Dispelling the Myths

INSURANCE: How Higher Insurance FDI Limit Could Benefit You – NDTV

TELECOM: What To Expect From 100 Percent FDI In Telecom?

While managing everything efficiently and having all the money in hand is an ideal scenario for the govt. but with our fiscal deficit, little cash in hand and slow growing GDP we face two scenarios:

1.Either don't allow FDI and let everything rot like it is.
2.Allow foreign players to enter for more cash flow,foreign currency, better management, world class facilities in so many sectors and building corporate confidence.

NaMo's appreciation for FDI is well founded and known for.However keeping autonomy of key sectors is essential and not something unknown.
Deals with Japan, Germany, the UK, Australia and upcoming ones with the US suggest his pro-active approach.

India has $1 trillion infrastructure deficit: Chidambaram tells World Bank – The Times of India
How will we excel? FDI!

What is the Modi government's take on FDI in sectors like defence, telecom and insurance?


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