Why does Hindutva appeal to you?


Answer by Anonymous:

The media has done a fine job of portraying Hindus as some kind of extremists.
media has painted a picture that Hindutva = Extremism. But, if you believe in Supreme Court of India, Hindutva means:

Hindutva is understood as a way of life or a state of mind and it is not  to be equated with. or understood as religious Hindu fundamentalism.

Considering the terms Hinduism or Hindutva per se as depicting  hostility, enmity or intolerance towards other religious faiths or  professing communalism, proceeds from an improper appreciation and  perception of the true meaning of these expressions emerging from  detailed discussion in earlier authorities of this Court. Misuse of  these expressions to promote communalism cannot alter the true meaning  of these terms.


Who do you want to believe? Sagarika Ghose or the highest court of India?

Media has also managed to instill fear that Hindutva means something extremely sinister. Like we are some kind of terrorists with plans for world domination:

We are more like this:

We care extremely about our culture, values and want to protect the values. Just as an American would want to protect his/her sacred Constitution with life, we want to protect the core culture of India. Because for us, it is life.

  1. Every religion has plenty of diverse elements in its fold. Think about the 1000s of different groups in Christianity (Protestants, Catholics, Greek orthodox, Mormons, Syrian, Quaker…). Does that make Christianity any less a religion?
  2. Every community tries to protect its fold. For instance, in Quora we want the content to be as high a quality as possible. So, we "religiously" upvote and downvote and engage in productive discussions. Why do we do that? Because we care about that. The same for Hinduism. Because we care about the principles and community, we care about protecting it.

  3. Just as Yahoo Answers failed because of no strong community rules & enforcement, we see Hinduism as failing to withstand the onslaught of Christianity & Islam without some kind of organization & community policing. We need better organization and better rules to bring some structure to our fold. Otherwise our faith and all the great things that go along with it dies.

I don't belong to any Hindutva organization, but I'm really afraid that my religion will be dead if I don't act. Without Hinduism, India is like an empty shell. We already saw the effect of Nehruvian socialism/secularism that hollowed out India. While no one wants religious fanaticism, we want India to retain the elements of our culture that makes its unique.

We are leaving beautiful artifacts to die a slow death. I don't want Hinduism to be learnt in museums and history books. I want the beautiful Hinduism to live. Hinduism is too beautiful to die such a horrible death.

Sunga fought for it in 200 BC Sankara and others fought back 900 AD. Raja Ram Mohan Roy, Vivekananda and Gandhiji fought in the 19th-20th centuries. It is time for us to fight. We are not fighting against anything. We are fighting to survive. Like the calf with his mother below, we along with our religion are terrified, staring at the new culture-less bland identity that Indian cities are currently moving to. Delhi's crime rates are a fine example for this.

Anti-Hindu propaganda is winning (creating the perception that Hindutva is some dangerous thing), while we are being slandered for minding our own business.

In Hinduism lies the essence of India. We want to leave the beautiful culture for our grand children to see in its full glory.

You can either believe in the media that is feeding our daily bullshit, that Hindutva is some sinister new project. Or you can start thinking on your own and find your own truth. If NDTV & Times of India are your eyes, ears and mind, you have much bigger problems to worry about than Hindutva. The state of Indian media that makes it fashionable to be anti-Hindu. Wake up and smell the India media's propaganda. Don't be a pawn to Indian media & use your own brain.

Just because some men rape doesn't mean all men are rapists. Just because some Indians spam, doesn't mean all Indians are slimy. And just because some Hindutvavadis are idiots, doesn't mean all those who support Hindutva are goons.

People who support Hindutva number more than 100 million. If we were indeed extremists as media portrays us, India would be in an unimaginable civil war with bloodshed. Can a million policemen, stop 100 million of us? This alone should help you understand that the extremists among Hindutva people are extremely minor and there is statistically not significant. Every group has extremists, same does Hindutva group. But, don't decide seeing just the outliers.

Why does Hindutva appeal to you?


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