Will only Modi’s abhiyan help to create “a clean India”?

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Answer by Shubham Bansal:

I'll answer the question in parts listing the causes , effects on the country and what the plan aims to do/ the environment it aims to create.

Let's see what's dirtying our country- ignorance or habits.

1. Mr Pee/ Mr Oh-I-can't-control.

Guys (Mostly guys) I don't especially like to fill my nostrils with the stench of your refuse as I walk through alleys and highways. You talk about India being dirty? Stop doing this. I don't care if your bladder bursts or you dirty your car covers. But the next time you do this
Remember This:

Translation: Look the ass is relieving himself. (However no one looks, it's just a normal sight).

And oh yes, one of my fav. cartoons:

How can you indulge in this act of barbarism? How'd you feel if someone does the same at your door? I, for one would be furious.
But to you,
Well it doesn't matter much. The wall is not yours.

2. Mr Spittoon/Oh-I-can't-stop.

While we are busy spitting on someone's door someone has already done that with us. Reciprocating! Seems cool enough? No not to me! Just look for a bin and get it over with.
You don't have to tell we consume beetles and tobacco worth of which is more than some country's GDP.

Want to see something pleasing?

Yes this is the country of culture, heritage and values!
God forbid if those spooky rulers with all their fancy headgears and savage armies come to know of this, they'll rise up from their graves and tombs.I pray for your safety.
But to you,
Well it doesn't matter much. The wall is not yours.

3. Mr Artist/I-just-can't-stop-painting

While the title evokes the memories of something like this:
The Persistence of Memory, Salvador Dali

But what I get is:

Okay I get it. She left you/ she loves you baby. You love her. While I know it's not pleasing but the Mughals or the Mauryas won't help you much in any of the scenario. Let them rest and use some dating website.
There are zillions of women in your area waiting to meet you!

And yes you may try leaving your paintbrushes at homes while you embark on your journey to embrace history. And stones and other sharp objects are not meant to write on this, okay? Just stop it. It's our thousands of years old monuments. Just think how bad will the Guptas and the Mughals will feel bad on seeing this. Please don't do this for them. Please :/ 😦 (And all other sad smileys)
But to you,
Well it doesn't matter much. The wall is not yours.

4. Mr litter/ I-can't-aim-right

Aliens would feel so weird when they see a hand coming out of a mechanized black robot to put something unrelated on the cemented floors while going around for a journey on the bustling Indian roads. Please do not do this if you don't want to make them uneasy and attack you!

See the image below. This is from a place in India. The whole of India isn't like this, neither the whole of the world is unlike this. No generalization. Take a lesson.

There is something called a Waste container, uses of which may be seen from the link, which is intended to be used as:

In my locality I can see anything- weird people, Chinese dragons, unicorns but not the correct way of throwing litter.
 Why is it that hard to aim correct and throw your litter in the bin? And yes green recycling bins here are meant for biodegradable waste and blue ones for the non-biodegradable waste. I hope you do remember it.

It doesn't feel nice when people from outside see our beautiful country in this form.
This is what our India is and should be:

This is what our India shouldn't be anymore:

The Ganges:
This is what my mother should be:

This is what my mother is like these days:

This is the study of pollution in the Ganges, the river that has been enriching the mankind since ages:

Billions of liters of untreated sewage flows into a river that flows across one of the most populous basins of the world, supporting hundreds of towns, thousands of villages and a population greater than that of the whole of the US/Indonesia or any country except China, of course.
Don't you think it's high time to do something?

Now I'll come to your question.

Significance of the plan:
What Narendra Modi, his government and ministers are doing is a small step in a larger scheme of things- Namami Gange, Swacch Bharat Abhiyan, constructing toilets in villages, central health schemes, co-operating with and guiding state bodies to work on the menace of dirt and ignorance.

What I observed during the plan duration:
Due to this plan, my college organised a cleanliness drive in and around the college and slum areas. Now how cool is that? Many of the colleges must have done the same. Many of the organisations must have done the same. All of this contributes bit by bit to the larger mission.

Even if you do the above said for a day or a week there'll be a small change, a change nevertheless. There will be more people accepting and embracing the ideas. The minds will open up to larger things and govt. can expect further co-operation in new plans.

The plan has created headlines and a buzz among the people I know and meet regularly. Many of them are helping enthusiastically. Even I cleaned my hostel room and balcony which is a herculean task!

Although I agree this is based on showmanship and advertising more but this has surely caught the attention of the Indian ignorant public and the world alike. I hope everyone wakes up to the reality and take necessary measures. I beg and plead for the same.


So only Narendra Modi/ BJP/ this plan won't clean India but the guy who was peeing, spitting, scribbling, littering and passing ignorantly would along with them. The PM is just providing an eyeopener to people of India.

India may not be the cleanest today, but we are progressing. One day we will be. Jai Hind!

DISCLAIMER: I do not intend to ridicule a society or nation through the comments below but these practices are prevalent widely in India, not to mention several other parts of the world. So I'd keep India in mind while answering. I too am guilty but I try to change.
I can't mention all the image sources but they are from the Hindu, TOI, CPCB, standard.co.uk, instablog and so many more. Thanks.

Will only Modi's abhiyan help to create "a clean India"?


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