What are the ten must read books before one dies? Why?

books n fun : What-are-the-ten-must-read-books-before-one-dies-Why -2

Answer by Nanditha Sankar:

1. The Unbearable Lightness of Being -Love has never been portrayed more beautifully. Not just love but all things that go through our heads.

2. The Catcher In The Rye – For all you need to know about the phonies. This book strikes you as unbelievable when you come to know it was written so  long ago. A great source of laughter and a great read .

3. Carry On, Jeeves– For one does not add some humor to his reading list without Wodehouse and Jeeves. This one will crack you up.

4. Lajja – An eye-opener and a shocker. Made me hate religion for all the crises it creates.On the topic of religion , I will act smart and add the God Delusion as well.

5. Sh*t My Dad Says – A fun book of quotes by the author's dad. Interesting read.

6.Doors Of Perception – For those who have and have not done LSD. This book will make you think.

7. Persepolis – The story of Iran , its history and how life changes .BEAUTIFUL book.

8.Glimpses of World History – All that you need to know about the world and what happened while you were not born.

9. The Graveyard Book – There's something beautiful about not having a name , identity and just a few ghosts to look after you with a cemetery for a home. Read if you liked so much.

10. The Buddha In The Attic – For it's just beautiful.

I would've loved to add Copenhagen , Train to Pakistan , Confederacy of Dunces , Looking For Alaska , Siddhartha , Outliers , Things Fall Apart, Animal Farm.

Also, please don't stop at 10. 🙂

What are the ten must read books before one dies? Why?


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