What are the ten must read books before one dies? Why?

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Answer by Karishma Venkiteswaran:

Here's my list of ten books of brilliance:
1. Atlas Shrugged- Ayn Rand's ideal man will make you realise what true principles are. Probably too idealistic, but this book would make you understand and revere nobility in men.
2. A picture of Dorian Grey- This book paints a vivid picture of how a man's vanity and narcissism pave the way for his ruin. Oscar Wilde at his witty best.
3. Lolita- A heart-wrenching story of a paedophile's love for a little girl makes you laugh, weep and empathise for the book's grey-hued protagonist. Abraham Nabokov's writing style is also one reason you must read this book.
4. Lord of the Rings- I think this is one of the best fantasy novels I've read. It is slightly huge, and a little boring for the first hundred pages; but if you toil through the initial pages, I promise you the journey beyond them will blow your mind.
5. Dracula- This is probably one of the initial horror-Goth genre books, and the best one in the lot according to me. It is written in a keep-you-on-the-edge style; and certain sections can be read only in 20-pages slots because it becomes really nerve-wrecking.
6. 1984- This is an utterly devastating book, relentlessly assaulting you to accept the regime of Big Brother, to conform to his standards, and to think what he wishes you to think. George Orwell's masterpiece, 1984 has a resonance even across the present political scenario of many countries.
7. Watchmen- This graphic novel is a work of epic brilliance by Alan Moore, illustrating the happenings of a parallel universe during the era of Cold War. You'll need to read the novel several time to grasp all the symbolisms Moore has played around with.
8. The fall- I'm not an existentialist, but this book by Albert Camus made me severely doubt my choice. The protagonist's belief in futility is such that he almost makes you accept that in servility lies true freedom.
9. A tale of two cities- This story, set in the era of the French Revolution, underscores the effects of an anarchical and vindictive Proletarian regime.  Charles Dickens's has the wonderful ability of making all his characters endearing.
10. To kill a mockingbird- This is a heartening story of a principled man fighting for the rights of a black man, and is narrated to us by the former's little daughter. Harper Lee sensitively puts forth an important message of racial heroism through Scout's childlike innocence.

What are the ten must read books before one dies? Why?


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