What is the best way to deal with the degrading condition of women in India?

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Answer by Aravindh Arumugam:

My answer is majorly aligned with Balaji's but with some more additional thoughts. Adding more to on the pragmatic options,

1. Increasing women police for handling domestic \ sexual harassment issues – In many a household reporting to the Police is still a 'unwise decision' in terms of family honour. Having dedicated women cops for handling harassment issues delicately would encourage reporting and as time goes should decrease the social stigma associated with it.

2. The Entertainment media – Let us admit that our flavour of cinema especially the Masala types objectifies women more than any other world cinema. There is no going around that fact. For a typical ignorant teenage male for whom the females are still a mystery, the major romantic advice \ role of females would be derived from these movies. – Another harsh fact.

IMHO the films makers can show some more responsibility in the casting of the female leads by
– By casting an actress who doesn't fit the conventional beauty scale of India.
– Showing sides of her in which she is also successful in terms of career, standing up for herself \ her beliefs etc … Anything other than saving wet dogs from the rain and waiting till the Hero finishes saving her honour for a duet should do …
This would help in the long run in changing the social perceptions.

3. Awareness on World Issues and other Ideologies
For any moral \ perspective change to occur, new thoughts have to be introduced. The fact of the matter is that many villages live in their own bubble. And to magically expect them to accept the morality of the mainstream is arrogant on our part.
Get them outside of their isolation – Government can introduce free courses on world history, science, philosophy, art and fashion etc .. (On a somewhat side note, I believe that education should be free for all and shouldn't cost anything. But one thing at a time)

4. Sex Education
Once more reason as to why a female is still a mystery for the Indian male. Lack of Sex Education. Please do go through these links which analyses the need for it and the government's hesitation on the matter.
Sex Education: The need of the hour?

Last but not the least –
4. Alcoholic Abuse – Domestic violence is slums and in  the low income tier have mostly been associated with Alcoholism. A better analysis on the Domestic violence issue can be found in Domestic Violence in India and Alcohol and domestic violence . One more point for the Government to act upon.

What is the best way to deal with the degrading condition of women in India?


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