What were Jawaharlal Nehru’s greatest achievements?

history : What-were-Jawaharlal-Nehrus-greatest-achievements

Answer by Balaji Viswanathan:

  1. Helped write a great constitution: Nehru brought together a wide array of mutually antagonist people and together they wrote one of the finest Constitutions in the world. Chapter 2: Making of the Indian Constituition.
  2. Let India stay as a democracy: Most leaders who stay that long screw up the fundamental nature of the system. That happened in almost all newly independent nations in the world, including our neighbors.
  3. Built a strong image for India abroad: Nehru built a name for India in the world bodies. This was even well before independence. He managed to have a very cordial relationship with both the superpowers. It is remarkable that even at the height of the cold war in early 60s, both superpowers agreed on one thing – supporting India. [Ideally, Nehru should have been India's foreign minister focusing all his energies there, leaving the PM role to someone with more domestic focus]
  4. Helped end colonialism: Nehru and his NAM were powerful voice in ending colonialism and slavery in much of Asia and Africa.
  5. Integrated Goa & Pondicherry well: East Timor and Goa were both Portuguese colonies. Indonesia captured East Timor & India captured Goa. Three decades later, East Timor is now split off from Indonesia, while Goa stays firmly a part of India. Nehru's charm is often understated. It is not easy to build a nation.
  6. Hindu code bills – A series of landmark legal achievements that brought plenty of new legal rights to Hindus, especially women.
  7. Premier Education institutions – Helped setup IITs, IIMs, AIIMS etc.

[As an end note: Many believe I'm a Nehru-hater. On the contrary, I do like many of his achievements. Just that I don't think he went far enough. And if not for his economic policies, I might have even loved him.]

What were Jawaharlal Nehru's greatest achievements?


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