In practice, how does India’s caste system work in the 21st century?

In practice, how does India's caste system work in the 21st century? -3

Answer by Anjali Sharma:

Caste system exists in the following ways in 21st century as well:

  • Profession

Though practice of cast based profession has reduced significantly but people(even in some suburbs) still don't eat in the same utensils as their servants.

  • Reservation

This is a fancy word they use now a days to wrap caste system. You fill a form for anything they'll ask you your caste. This one is a very controversial topic but lets just say this has harmed aspirations of many people.

  • Rituals and Culture

Even though Article 15 of the Constitution of India prohibits discrimination based on caste and Article 17 declared the practice of untouchability to be illegal people practice age old customs and rituals based on caste. As stated by Balaji Viswanathan the dressing also varies from caste to caste.

  • Regionalism

The caste system is now getting replaced by discrimination based on region. I read this news peice today.
Manipuri student leader attacked in Bangalore, told speak in Kannada – Hindustan Times
This is just one example.

The Supreme Court of India ruled in 2007 that social organisation based on caste is inherited and cannot be changed. The sad reality is that this system is widespread and is present in most of the religions. Even though people have changed and their thinking has evolved with time, the caste system still has its roots in some places and it might not go completely but has reduced evidently.

In practice, how does India's caste system work in the 21st century?


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