What should be the best strategy to prepare for civil services, 2015 from October 2014 assuming that one has the basic knowledge about GS…

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Answer by Priyanka Peeramsetty:

I am glad you have stuck up with basic knowledge of GS. Not many realize that early. But make sure you have studied these books already.

Akand Sitra's answer to What are 10 great books that would contribute to the wholesome base nurturing of a civil services aspirant?

There are umpteen answers written already, mostly by Sanjay Nandan and  Akand Sitra.  I will quote them, because I don't want to sound too ambitious to give you new names and weird strategies, which will only scare you ultimately.

Learning Resources for the IAS Exams. by Sanjay Nandan on For IAS aspirants

What would Akand have done if he wanted to start early preparations for the civil services? What if it was 4 years prior to the preliminaries? This is a 4-year long strategy. Cut it down to one year and customize it accordingly.

Scroll down if your answer still remains unanswered.

2015- Prelims is in August. Let's back count.

2 months exclusive for practice. July, August- Model papers, Revision of hand made/ e-notes.

3 months – April, May ,June – Thoroughly read all the basic books again. Make your concepts strong.

3 months – Jan, Feb, March – Optional Reading-2, GS answer writing practice. This can be from Insights, previous year papers, your own anticipations.

3 months – October, November, December – GS and Optional reading -1.

I am expecting you will  follow PIB,  IDSA along with two newspapers. Hindu alone will not be sufficient I personally opine. Add IE or Business Standard.

All the above mentioned is a crude skeleton. I am feeling creepy to expand beyond that in finer details. Because, that's your job buddy, and only you can do it more efficiently.

Make sure, you will be equipped, with overall basic idea about what's happening around, in sync with the syllabus requirements. Don't go beyond. Know the expected borders and the safe buffer zones.

Once you are sure/not sure of cracking Prelims, Go on a short vacation.

3 months again.

Oct'15 – Basic books revision + Optional revision + Answer Writing.

Result will be out somewhere here. Boost the prep the result being either way.

November , Dec'15 till the exam – Practice answers and nothing else. Revise what you write again.

A2A, All the best Anon !

What should be the best strategy to prepare for civil services, 2015 from October 2014 assuming that one has the basic knowledge about GS…


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