Who are some of the Indians like Kailash Satyarthi that we don’t know are nominated for Nobel Prize every year or in a great contribution…

Who-are-some-of-the-Indians-like-Kailash-Satyarthi-that-we-dont-know-are-nominated-for-Nobel-Prize-every-year-or-in-a-great-contribution-to-mankind -balaji

Answer by Balaji Viswanathan:

Here are a few Indians who have done great things without a lot of recognition:

  1. Jadav Payeng – The man who created a forest all by himself. His creation – Molai forest – is spread over 1360 acres & home to elephants and dozens of other species.  India's forest man
  2. P. Namperumalsamy – When I was wearing glasses in childhood, I used to go to his hospital in Madurai. But, he does much more complex stuff with eye and almost for free for the poor. This man revolutionized eye care in rural areas and helped 3.6 million people get their vision. In 2010, TIME celebrated him as the top 10 hero worldwide. The 2010 TIME 100 – TIME
  3. Dashrath Manjhi – Broke a mountain to create a road that helped a whole region access modernity. This man has got some recognition in the past few years due to Aamir Khan and others, but still worth mentioning. The power of one can move a mountain, literally
  4. Sanjit 'Bunker' Roy – Leads the "Barefoot College" movement that helped over 1000 villages get electrification with solar power. His primary army comprises of rural grandmothers. TIME's 100 most influential people in the world. The 2010 TIME 100 – TIME
  5. Devi Shetty – Drastically reduced the cost of heart surgeries and helped 1000s of poor people get life saving treatment at low cost. The Henry Ford of Heart Surgery
  6. Radhabinod Pal – An eminent Indian jurist who added the diversity to the panel investigating the war crimes of Japanese after World War II. In a panel stacked by just Westerners, he provided the other side of the story. Considered a major hero in Japan. The New York Times
  7. Rukhsana Kausar – This teeanage girl from Kashmir was surrounded by extremely trained terrorists in her home. What does she do? Of course, kill them. One of the persons she fought and killed was a top commander of Lashkar-E-Taiba – a major terrorist organization of the region. Other terrorists were forced to flee. Farmer's daughter disarms terrorist and shoots him dead with AK47.
  8. Arunachalam Muruganantham – His invention of a low cost sanitary pad is helping millions of rural woman have better health.

People of Indian-Origin: Not included in the main list as they are foreign citizens, but still worthy of mention.

Rahul Singh – Worked wonders in Haiti and other disaster ridden places. Not included in the main list as he is not an Indian citizen but an Indo-Canadian.

Raj Reddy – Winner of the Computer Science "Nobel" – Turing Award. First person of Asian origin to receive the award. An American Citizen now.

Surajit Kumar De Datta – Helped create new varieties of "miracle rice" that caused an explosion in rice production & partly help remove famines in India. 50 years ago, India found it hard to feed 43 crore people & suffered in famines. Now, we are feeding 3 times more people with the same land & the word famine has been taken out of our dictionary.

It is people like the above, who are making India sustain & thrive.

Who are some of the Indians like Kailash Satyarthi that we don't know are nominated for Nobel Prize every year or in a great contribution…


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