China is not a democracy, so what is it?


Answer by Sunny Mewati:

China is a 'single party democracy'. You can also describe it as an authoritarian regime or a single party state. Communist Party of China's right to rule China is enshrined in the Chinese constitution. A common misconception is that China does not have other political parties. China does not have an opposition party in its true sense but has a lot of political parties with very limited role and constitutional subservience to the CPC.

Politics : The lower level provincial officers are directly elected by the people to form local people'c congress who then elect people for higher offices indirectly. There are a couple of intertwined higher decision making bodies in China the most prominent ones being National People's Congress, the CPC Politburo and the Central Military Commission. China has a President and a Premier.

The President is in theory a titular position as Jai Parimi mentioned but in practice, the president is also the General Secretary of the Communist Party and the Chairman of the Central Military Commission and as such is the 'paramount leader of China' with a lot of power. The Premier is the next in command. He presides over the State Council and is a member of the CPC Politburo, CPC's highest decision making body.

Both the President and the Premier are carefully selected from the CPC and groomed to take over Chinese politics. People knew in 2005 that Xi Jinping would be the next President of China. This reduced uncertainty is one of the reason why the government is so stable.

China is not a democracy, so what is it?


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