How has Hinduism stayed alive?

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Answer by Hemant Kumar:

Basically Hinduism is a way of life and not a religion in the sense of Abrahamic religions.

Hinduism does not prescribe any one way of subservience to God but one can achieve salvation in myriad of ways,yet remain a Hindu.
Hinduism is a kind of conglomeration of thousands of ideas under one cosmos and hence more scientific and nearer to mother nature,and appealing  to average adherent of  Hindu culture. Concept of God is not of some one who is watching us sitting on top and ever ready with rewards or punishments on account of our beliefs only.

There are a number of unique attributes of Hinduism which makes it so vibrant.

— Hinduism believe in one, omnipresent and omnipotent supreme who is a creator as well as unmanifest reality.
— Hindus believe that universe undergoes endless cycle of creation, preservation and dissolution and very akin to modern science of Big bang theory.
— A Hindu believes in the law of karma, and the law of cause and effect by which each individual creates his or her own destiny.
— Hinduism has been evolving since ages and there is scope of criticism in every aspect of religion.
— Hinduism believe that all life forms are sacred and manifestation of almighty.
–The religion has no beginning and no founder and does not believe in linear  but cyclical time. 
— To top it all any atheist or agnostic is also a Hindu.
— It is so magnanimous and all inclusive that it encompasses in its fold a monotheist, polytheist,atheist or agnostic.
— Sex is not sin but divine.
— Female is manifestation of  divine 'shakti ' and not a lesser mortal.
— One does not require any elaborate conversion rituals to become a Hindu,
since it is not a religion in the strict sense but way of living and cultural practises. Just practise the culture of being a Hindu and one becomes a Hindu.

With such a flexibility in faith and practices , fearless and non-violent ways of existence and gender equality (non misogynistic practises), Hindu culture remains ever appealing to the people.

It never required any proselytizing and yet grew because of its unmatched qualities and  without malice to any other religious believe.

How has Hinduism stayed alive?


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