Is Swami Vivekananda overrated?

history – swami vivekanand

Answer by Jai Parimi:

Wrong Question:

Is Swami Vivekananda Over-rated?

Right answer for Wrong Question:

Sorry if you are hurt. Everyone has their reasons. I don't want to judge you from your question.

Being anonymous doesn't give you a right to create controversies. This shows you are too lazy to know about a person before you judge him.

Right way to rate a person

  • Learn the basics,
  • Learn to question the right way,
  • Read about Person X,
  • Google for more data,
  • Then make your judgement,
  • Keep it to yourself unless until you are asked by another fool like me.

Right Question: (Just a sample)

  1. What are some iconic teachings of Swami Vivekananda?
  2. What can we learn from the life of Swami Vivekananda?
  3. What would be the impact of his teachings in my life?

Reply for question details:

I see people quoting his quotes everywhere. Though his quotes don't seem extraordinary. I think he is followed mainly because he was a Hindu monk. I don't see people quoting any other Indian so much.

What's wrong with saying few good words these days?

For example, His most famous quote is

May be you know so much, few people need to learn basics well. Just look around, you will know how many people are being irresponsible and ruining their future. Is this religious? Is it Hindu propagation? May be Hindus find him closer because of his dressing.

To quote Modi:

He is a Hindu, He is a Nationalist.
                             Why can't he be a Hindu Nationalist?

PS: I have nothing against YOU or Swami Vivekananda or any religion.

Is Swami Vivekananda overrated?


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