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I've been working on this post for a few months now, so it's a long list. It was very time consuming, but I learnt a lot in the process, and I'm hoping it'd help some other Quorans learn more from Quora in less time.

See the content title and use Ctrl+F to find it and then navigate- that'd be easier.

PS: I've learnt a lot from here; this is just my way of trying to return the favour.


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3. Layman's terms – Part 2
4. What should everyone know about X?
5. What does it feel like to X? – Part 1
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7. Is it informative in here, or is it just them?
8. Marcus Geduld on life, psychology and learning
9. Introducing- The Engel Series
10. The Engel Series Part 2
11. The Engel Series Part 3
12. The Engel Series Part 4
13. The Engel Series Part 5
14. Universe in a glass of wine
15. Cosmology
16. Evolution
17. What is the evolutionary purpose/advantage of X? And related questions.
18. Ethics, science, theism, atheism and psychology
19. Q&A about Life
20. Literature and Art
21. Anders Kaserog on Mathematics
22. Children and Parenting
23. Fruits, Food and Nutrition
24. Restaurants, cooking, recipes and cuisines
25. Travelling and Tourist Destinations
26. General Sports, Football, Cricket and Chess
27. Education and learning
28. Silicon Valley and entrepreneurship
29. Neuroscience, Aging, Death and Dying
30. Humour, Jokes, Memes and Joke Answers
31. Statistics by Stormy Shippy- Real name, really!

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What answers are in the "Best of Quora 2010-2012" book?

  • Layman's terms – Part 1

1. Arjun Subramaniam's answer to If you could give one interesting example to grab someone's interest in game theory (ex: how useful it can be) what would that example/problem it be?

2. Barry Shein's answer to How should I explain recursion to a 4-year-old?

3. Jonathan Paulson's answer to How should I explain dynamic programming to a 4-year-old?

4. Evan Pu's answer to In layman's terms, what is amortized time complexity?

5. Edwin Chen's answer to What's the easiest way to understand Gödel's Incompleteness Theorems?

6. Kevin Lin's answer to How do you explain dimensions greater than 3, to a 5 year old?

7. Andrei Kolodovski's answer to How do you explain quantitative easing in layman's terms?

8. Joshua Engel's answer to How can the Halting Problem be explained to a layman?

9. Isaac Lewis' answer to In layman's terms, what are the major programming languages, and what are they used for?

10. Andy Cheung's answer to In layman's terms, what is an API?

11. Robert Frost's answer to How should I explain a black hole to a 4-year-old?

  • Layman's Terms – Part 2

12. Robert H. Heath's answer to How would you explain the collapse of Lehman Brothers to a ten year old?

13. Matt Dotson's answer to How would you explain to a five-year-old that higher taxes on the rich don't fix everything?

14. Breno Sakaguti's answer to Carl Friedrich Gauss: How would you explain the Gaussian distribution in layman's terms?

15. Chris Bland's answer to How do you explain evolution to a 10-year-old?

16. Gayle Laakmann McDowell's answer to What's the best way to explain big-O notation in laymen's terms?

17. Pararth Shah's answer to In layman's terms, how does Naive Bayes work?

18. Balaji Viswanathan's answer to What exactly happened to the Indian economy in 1991 in layman's terms?

19. How does BitTorrent work in layman's terms?

20. Edwin Chen's answer to How do random forests work in layman's terms?

21. Game Theory: What is the prisoner's dilemma in layman's terms? What are its applications?

22. What is chaos theory, in layman's terms?

  • What should everyone know about X?

1. What should everyone know about writing?

2. What should everyone know about negotiation?

3. What should everyone know about nutrition?

4.  What should everyone know about coffee?

5. What should everyone know about making good charts and graphs to represent data?

6. What should everyone know about prison?

7. What should everyone know about Earth?

8. What should everyone know about Buddhism?

9. What should everyone know about computer programming?
10.  What should everyone know about economics?

11. What should everyone know about investing?

12.  What should everyone know about Yoga?

13.  What should everyone know about gambling?

14.  What should everyone know about big data?

15.  What should everyone know about journalism?

16. What should everyone know about marketing?

17. What should everyone know about autism?

18.  What should everyone know about accounting?

19. What are some things every Indian should know about Indian history?

20. What should everyone know about the Business Model Canvas?

21.What should everyone know about Quora?

22. What should everyone know about India?

23. What should everyone know about mergers and acquisitions?

24. What should everyone know about Balaji Viswanathan?

25. What should everyone know about IITians?

26. What should everyone know about homeopathy?

27. What should everyone know about the flavor industry?

28. What should everyone know about math?

  • What does it feel like to X? – Part 1

There's so much we can learn from this topic- it is one of my favourites.

1. What does it feel like to be a smart person?

2. What does it feel like to be stupid?

3. What is it like to always be the smartest person in the room?

4. Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder: What does it feel like to have ADHD?

5. What does it feel like to be poor?

6. What does it feel like to be a self-made millionaire under the age of 25?

7. How does Dustin Moskovitz feel about being a billionaire?

8. What does it feel like to suddenly lose all your wealth?

9. James Altucher's answer to What does it feel like to lose a lot of money quickly?

10. What does it feel like to be an introvert?

  • What does it feel like to X? – Part 2

Some stories about the darker side of life and stories of some people who rose above it.

I'll start this one with Hartmann.

C1. Cristina Hartmann's answer to What does it feel like to be lost and adrift in your career?

C2. Cristina Hartmann's answer to What is it like to be deaf from birth?

C3. A Confession of Sorts by Cristina Hartmann on Posts

C4. Cristina Hartmann's answer to What is it like to be blind?

C5. Cristina Hartmann's answer to What is it like to be deafblind?

And now,

1. What is it like to be Marc Srour?

2. What is it like to have synesthesia?

3. What does it feel like to have no friends?

4. What does it feel like to be the CEO of a startup that fails?

5. What does it feel like to have depression?
Since it's going to get a little heavy, I'm throwing in a light one in between-

A. What's it like to hug a penguin?
6. What does it feel like to have a loaded gun pointed at you in anger?

7. What's it like to be a heavy user of marijuana on a regular basis?

8. What does it feel like to have bipolar disorder?

9. What is it like to talk to a serial killer?

10. What does it feel like to have schizophrenia?

There are a LOT of such questions and all of them in one post will just be too much, so I won't post them all. I'll now end with a few which will be comparatively lighter to read-

1. What is it like to be an INTP?

2. What does it feel like to be an average programmer among very talented ones?

3. What does it feel like to be in your 80s?

4. What does it feel like to be in your 40s?

5. What does it feel like to have a very inexpensive wedding?

6. What does it feel like to save someone's life?

7. What does it feel like to be a Quora celebrity?

8. What does it feel like to be at the top 0.1% of Stack Overflow?

9. What does it feel to leave a high paying job and do something that you enjoy?

10. Leonard Kim's answer to What is it like to move away from home and live alone as an eighteen-year-old?

  • Is it informative in here, or is it just them?

1. What do all the controls in an aeroplane cockpit do?

2. What happens when an unstoppable force meets an immovable object?

3. If you were to fling a scoop of cookie dough in space directly toward the sun, how long would it take the dough to turn into a fully baked cookie?

4. Homework Problems & Questions: Joe walked 4 miles north 9 miles east then 8 miles north and 7 miles east, if Joe decides to walk straight back to where he started how far must he walk?

5. Dan Piponi's answer to How does one determine whether a number is evenly divisible by 7?

6. Xu Beixi's answer to Can all insects close their eyes?

7. Jae Won Joh's answer to What is the best way to reset one's sleep cycle?

8. Do GPS devices work just with one satellite? Why or why not?

9. How realistic are the physics in the movie "Gravity"?

10. Is there a way to never lose at Tic Tac Toe?

  • Marcus Geduld on life, psychology and learning

1. What should I do about my early life crisis?

2. What should a person do when everything appears to be going wrong in their life?

3. How can I know what my life purpose(s) is/are?

4. How can I be the best at something?

5. Let's imagine that I'm 26 and I've already finished my degree. I'm employed and I live in my flat by myself. I'm single. Then what? What's life after that?

6. I really want to live before I die. What should I do?

7. What are important things and advice to know that people generally aren't told about?

8. Why do we get frustrated when learning something?

9. What do you do when you are good at something but not good enough?

10. How do atheists find meaning in life?

11. What have you learned from debating religion on Quora?

12. What is the difference between a pseudo-intellectual and an intellectual?

13. I'm interested in too many things, how can I choose a major/career?

14. What do you do when you realise that you are an utter loser?

15. How do you come to terms with the fact that you're just ordinary?

16. What are examples of assumptions that people passionately believe in when they are young, that turn out to be false?

  • Introducing- The Engel Series

Now that we're done with these topics, it's time for one of my favourite Quorans.

Joshua Engel, polymath

The basics:

1. Who is Joshua Engel?

2. Why is Joshua Engel such a polymath?

3. What degrees does Joshua Engel have?

4. What does Joshua Engel do for a living?

Too much info from Murtaza:

Murtaza Aliakbar's answer to: What are some Joshua Engel Facts?

Let's begin!

1. Relative to the smallest and largest objects in the universe, is there a categorically middle-sized object in the universe? (The Universe)

2. I have heard some people claim Einstein was a fraud. Is there any truth to that claim? (Einstein)

3.  Why did not other animals develop intellect like apes did 100,000 years ago? (Evolutionary Biology)

4. Yoda said, "Do or do not, there is no try." How do you do something without trying to do it first? (Philosophy)

5. How can I become better politically educated?(Politics)

6. What if the Big Bang Theory is wrong? (Cosmology)

7. If an atheist doesn't believe in gods of any kind, doesn't that imply that he is following an ideology and thus a religion?(Atheism)

8. Which Shakespeare plays should I watch and why? (Plays)

9.  How and why did you become an actor? (Actors and actresses)

10. Why haven't humans evolved to grow wings yet? (Human evolution)

11. Why do people care about using English properly? (Language)

12. Would Hamlet have been an effective ruler and a good king? (Literature)

13. Which substances help development and evolution of human brain and the neurological system to surpass their own limits? (Neuroscience)

14. Is it easier to learn a programming language than a foreign language? (Programming)

15. Are the features we see in indigenous Africans proof of evolution since apes and homo sapiens originated from the continent? (Human Evoution)

16. What are some odd and unusual canned foods?(Canned Foods) 
17. How do agnostics feel about the religious debate on Quora? (Agnosticism)

18. The question of what an atheist should do at dinner with people offering a prayer has been thoroughly answered. What should religious people do when dining with atheists, and it is clear that there will be no prayer? (Atheism)

19. What are some good ways to respond to a kid who asks "Why does all the stuff that is bad for you taste so good?" (How to respond to a child that says or asks X)

20. What can we learn from Joshua Engel? (specific quora users)

Also, in case you're wondering if he actually looks like the statue of David, he does.

  • The Engel Series – Part 2

21. What is true education? (Education)

22. Which industries will self-driving cars disrupt?(Autonomous Driving)

23. Is the end of Java near? (Programming)

24. Who is more ignorant: the man who can't define lightning, or the one who does not admire its awesome power? (Science and religion)

25.  What are some interesting things that are true in theory but not in practice? (Armchair Philosophy)

26. What makes corn kernels turn into the shape of popcorn?(Food)

27. What books have influenced Joshua Engel's thinking the most? (Books)

28. Is a panini considered a sandwich? (Food and nutrition)

29. Is there a relationship between the arch of a rainbow and the circumference of the Earth? (Mathematics)

30. Am I the only person who sees atoms with the naked eye?(Physics)

31. Is it possible that one day we will discover a new color?(Electromagnetic spectrum)

32. What is the purpose of life to an atheist? (Meaning of life)

33. How close are we to teleportation? (Teleportation)

34. What are some of the amazing things made by animals?(Animals)

35. Are there today any reasonably respectable physicists arguing that we will one day be able to exceed the speed of light, and where can I access their arguments? (Relativity)

36. Are general requirements in college a waste of time?(College and education)

37. Given that it's just a theory, why can't the theory of evolution be wrong? (Science and religion)

38. Is there any gold in the sun? (Physics)

39. You've got 2 parents, 4 grandparents, 8 great-grandparents, 16 great-great-grandparents etc. Where does the exponential growth stop? (Evolutionary biology)

And lastly, Joshua uses his magnificent brain to solve an important problem of the day-

40. Should I buy 48 Pop-Tarts ($8) or 17 Hot Pockets ($12)?(Food and nutrition)

  • The Engel Series – Part 3

41. What are the best ways to overcome the need for sleep while doing intense studying? (The Science Of Sleep)

42. If the wheel is an extremely efficient method of transportation then why is there no evolutionary equivalent in nature? (Evolutionary Biology)

43. Is it meaningless to talk about the purpose of life of human beings? (Philosophy)

44. Why is there sickness in the world? (Health and Wellness)

45. If God does not exist, where does love come from?(Atheism)

46. Why do "new age" people relate Quantum Physics to so many things? (Quantum Mechanics)

47. What are some cool programming tricks or tasks that make a clever use of random numbers? (Computer Programming)

48. This sentence is false. Is the previous sentence true or is it false? (Paradoxes)

49. In multiple universe interpretation, if I toss a fair coin, will exactly half of the branching universes have heads and other half tails? (Quantum Mechanics)

50. How did wings evolve, given that they're not useful unless they're evolved enough to enable flight? (Evoution)

51. What is the worst-case scenario in making a peanut butter and jelly sandwich? (Food)

52. What makes a car explode and burn up when it crashes?(Cars and Automobiles)

53. Why do pizzas have a plastic table in their center? (Pizzas)

54. Why is our periodic table taught in rectangular instead of circular form? (Chemistry)

55. What would be the best place to live if the polar ice caps melt?
(The Environment)

56. Does quantum physics end the free will debate? (Free Will)

57. How physically intense is ballet? (Ballet)

58. What is the process called where people take two different words and make a new one? (Language)

59. As any system/event can be considered as a wave function, can we postulate it never existed before it gets measured/collapsed with respect to a given observer?(Quantum Mechanics)

60. If execution is everything, what terrible ideas have been successful due to great execution? (Ideas) 😛

  • The Engel Series – Part 4

61. Why do honey bees have a defense mechanism that kills them? (Evolutionary Biology)

62. How do I keep my temper when arguing/talking to less intelligent, less informed people? (Interpersonal interaction)

63. I know C and data structures in C. Can I master Java in one month? (Programming Language)

64. What would the world look like if the air was truly transparent? (Hypothetical questions)

65. From an evolutionary standpoint, why are human beings not equipped to naturally deal with cold weather? (Evolution)

66.  Why does salt taste so good if it's bad for you?  (Food and nutrition)

67. Why do people get a better sleep when they use pillows under their head? (Sleep)

68.To what does the word "it" refer in this sentence: "It is dark outside"? (Language)

69. What makes the world go 'round, money or science? (Big philosophical questions)

70. What are the best physics thought experiments? (Physics)

71. Are synonyms an example of a language's inefficiency?(Language)

72. Does a mosquito inside a train travelling at 90 mph also fly at 90 mph, if not how come it doesn't get smashed on the walls of the compartment? (Physics)

73. What is so special about "leg piece" in chicken? (Food)

74. Could a person survive falling from space to earth? (Physics)

75. Why isn't it possible to imagine a new color? (Neuroscience)

76. If God does not exist, how were the Laws of Physics established? How is it that matter and energy behave according to principles that can be described by logical formulas? (Science and religion)

77. Why does a usual fork have 3 tines? (Table manners)

78. Has evolution been proved or should we consider evolution a hypothesis? (Evolution)

79. How do we know that anything has a cause?(Philosophy)

80. How many pints of Ben & Jerry's Cherry Garcia ice cream would it take to achieve the energy equivalent of a typical supernova? (Ice cream and science)

  • The Engel Series – Part 5


This is the last part of "The Engel Series". Joshua has written 6103 answers till now, so I must've missed quite a few good ones since I've chosen only 100 of them. I learnt a lot while making this series and the process was worth the effort. There are enough people doing awesome stuff and writing amazing answers in here- we just need to find them. And I've realized this job is not very cumbersome despite what our feeds make us believe.


81. If the old assumed age of the Earth were disproved, would Darwinian evolution collapse?

82. Why can't healthcare be debated technically instead of politically?

83. How could we have once been apes, and yet we look so different right now? Is it change of climate?

84. What should I do next?

85. Are there any other reasonably valid theories about the start of the universe other than the Big Bang?

86. Is "cuteness" an evolutionarily advantageous trait?

87. What makes you so sure that you are alive?

88. How does honey not spoil for centuries, even at very high temperature?

89. Does Roger Penrose's observation that the probability of the occurrence of a universe in which life can form is 10 to the power of 123 to 1 support the case of those who believe in God?

90. If pi is not equal to 22/7, how do we know its value?

91. This list of notable IQs were shown during the women's final of Wimbledon 2013. I am wondering how they could have measured Leonardo da Vinci's IQ. Is it just an estimate or does it have some proof backing it?

92. Why haven't most animals (including humans) evolved infrared vision to see in the dark?

93. What are some of the best lines from a book?

94. Why is 'abbreviated' such a long word?

95. How do agents for organizations like the CIA learn so many languages so quickly?

96. Why don't we see quantum weirdness in everyday world?

97. Can we believe the solar system is like the atomic model and may be as small as an atom relatively?

98. Questions from theists about atheists or atheism on Quora don't always seem to be on a quest for actual information. What is their goal?

99. Why do humans behave irrationally?

100. Are you a generalist?

  • Universe in a glass of wine

Humans are a curious species. We wonder, seek answers. We worry about how nature is, and why is it the way it is. Most of us do not usually spend our time worrying about these questions, but almost all of us worry about them some of the time.

The result of this curious nature of human beings was that we started the quest for understanding the nature of nature. In the process, we divided nature into parts, and those parts into sub-parts. But as Feynman once said, "If our small minds, for some convenience, divide this glass of wine, this universe, into parts – physics, biology, geology, astronomy, psychology, and so on – remember that nature does not know it! So let us put it all back together, not forgetting ultimately what it is for. Let it give us one more final pleasure: drink it and forget it all!"- in the next series of posts, we'll try to do exactly that. It's obviously not going to portray the complete picture, but let's see how far we can go if we proceed along that path, and try to connect those parts here, on Quora.

Most of the selected answers in any topic will be from Quorans who have established their credibility as a good source of information in that particular field.

The series will start with Cosmology – explaining the multiverse theory, why nature follows a particular set of laws, origin of the universe, space-time and the predicted fate of the universe. It will also include the reasons behind why so many scientists say that a creator isn't a necessity for the universe to be the way it is.

The next topic will be Evolution – it will include the basics of evolution and natural selection, common misconceptions, evolution and creationism – their incompatibility, facts, what we know about the origin of life, whether life could originate without any supernatural interference and the origins of selfless/altruistic behaviour..

Then we'll go to Theism and Ethics, addressing questions such as – do we really need to read a book to realize that murder is wrong? Will we accept slavery if a scripture says it is acceptable; or is it that moral behaviour has become a part of us over the course of human evolution? Why do humans behave ethically; what exactly is ethical? What kind of morality do we strive for? Does scripture represent absolute morality, or should we strive for a morality that is thought out, reasoned, argued, discussed, and based upon what you could almost call….an intelligent design?

After this comes Theism and Psychology, where we'll discuss the benefits of being a believer, why tolerance is a good thing that every atheist and theist should have for each other, the exceptions to the tolerance rule, and why it is usually best to do nothing and simply walk away when the rule is being violated in, say, an internet discussion forum.

Then there'll be Q&A about Life, that'll answer questions like -What is life? What is the purpose of living? Was I better off not knowing the answers? What should I do if I don't like the answers I've found? How can I maximize my happiness, make the best out of my life?

Lastly, we'll dip into the pool of Literature and Art
A wise Quoran once told me that in the end, you have to remember that at your core, you're an emotional organism rather than a reasoning one. Most of what your brain does isn't all that much different from that of a cat, which is actually quite a lot. We have something very special on top, a reasoning skill, but it's not actually all that good: even simple arithmetic is a dicey proposition. The real win is in language, which crosses the boundary, using a purely symbolic mode to affect us at the deepest, intuitive levels. We can extricate all kinds of emotions from those symbols, but they are diminished by it: you've lost a key portion of what they mean. It's good for certain very specific kinds of decisions, but a lot of what makes life enjoyable is in what you lose. Including the very notion of "enjoyment".

We'll look at language as a powerful tool that has the potential to affect us at the deepest, intuitive levels. We'll learn the basics of appreciating art and learn that art and science are just two different ways of portraying nature – branches of the same tree, parts of the same glass of wine. We'll realize that neither is superior, neither is inferior. Both are necessary. And it is then, that we'll be able to mix it all together, not forgetting ultimately what it is for. Let it give us one more final pleasure: drink it and forget it all!

  • Cosmology

Major Sources:

Jay Wacker- Former professor of Physics at of Stanford. His field of research is in theoretical Particle Physics and his research is focused on Large Hadron Collider and Dark Matter. 
Frank Heile- Did his PhD in particle physics at Stanford after doing undergraduate physics at MIT
Robert Frost– Instructor/trainer at NASA. Trains astronauts and flight controllers for a living.
Leo C. Stein: NASA Einstein postdoctoral fellow. Studies Gravity and General Relativity at Cornell. Got his Ph.D. from MIT in Physics and did his undergrad in physics at Caltech

The Multiverse Theory:

Wiki's intro to various theories

The multiverse (or meta-universe) is the hypothetical set of infinite or finite possible universes that together comprise everything that exists and can exist: the entirety of space, time, matter, and energy as well as the physical laws and constants that describe them. The various universes within the multiverse are sometimes called parallel universes.
Multiverse contains universes with every possible set of laws, but only the ones with mutually compatible set of laws can give rise to universes stable enough to cause beings like us to evolve and ask such questions. There is a theory of cosmological natural selection which surmises that a collapsing black hole causes the emergence of a new universe on the "other side", whose fundamental constant parameters may differ slightly from those of the universe where the black hole collapsed. Each universe thus gives rise to as many new universes as it has black holes. Universes reproduce in a way analogous to hydra undergoing budding. The theory contains the evolutionary ideas of "reproduction" and "mutation" of universes, and so is formally analogous to models of population biology. Universes that have mutually compatible set of laws can survive long enough to develop conditions in which beings like us can exist, and therefore, it is no miracle that we find ourselves in such a universe: had it not been this way (or a way similar to it), we would not have been there to see it. Mathematical models of universes that'd have laws different from our own universe (and can still form stable universes) are currently being made.

(What you read in this paragraph are mostly hypothetical theories with little evidence. They were a good way to start and give you the feel of the subject before we turn to the experts and that's way they were chosen.)

Now, we are ready to read proper answers.

Wherever possible, they have been ordered in a way that in some sense, one leads to another. They haven't been arranged according to popularity or number of upvotes though.

1. Is there more than one universe?

2. Which concept is scientifically more accepted: that the universe is infinite or that it is part of a multiverse?

3. Is there any evidence for cosmological natural selection?

4. In the multiverse theory, if there are many universes expanding, what happens if an expanding universe touches another expanding universe?

5. Is it possible that people in another universe can cross over to our universe?

6. Why would one assume we live in a universe, not part of a multiverse?

7. Does quantum many worlds theory allow for universes within the multiverse which each have variations in physical constants?

Big Bang and related questions:

8. Did the Big Bang actually occur?

9. What happened before the Big Bang?

10. How much antimatter exists in the universe? Is it possible that entire antimatter galaxies exist?

11. What are Sakharov's Conditions?

12. What are the most popular or reputable theories that describe pre-Big Bang cosmology or a pre-Big Bang environment?

13. If the Big Bang happened as a quantum fluctuation out of nothing, like Stephen Hawking says, why aren't we seeing any "Big Bangs" inside the universe today?

Expansion of the universe:

14. Is the Universe expanding or are we seeing more of it?

15. What does it mean for the universe to be expanding?  What, exactly is expanding?

16. If the visible universe is expanding, and father galaxies are expanding on faster speed, (also, if on any point of the visible universe, previous statement is true), why would 2 galaxies collide?

17. Has the Universe's expansion per unit length been constant over time?

18.  How can the universe expand faster than light in vacuum if light is the fastest in vacuum according to Einstein?

19. If the universe is "expanding", is my room expanding? Are atoms expanding? Is everything expanding?

The universe:

20. Is the universe finite or infinite?

21. How is the age of the universe determined to be approximately 13.8 billion years?

22. If the Universe is a simulation, can we escape it, Matrix-style?

23. If the universe was composed of anti-matter would it work the same way?

24. Is the total number of particles in the universe stable over long periods of time?

On the origin of space-time and everything else:

25. What is the evidence that time and space was created during Big Bang?

26. What created time?

27. Why should I believe if you say there was no time before The Big Bang?

28. How can you explain the origin or source of the Universe's material?

29. Does time have any meaning early after the Big Bang, before there was any matter – just plasma (Planck time)?

30. Did a supreme being create the universe?

Fate of the universe:

31. What is the state of maximum entropy of the Universe?

32. What would we see if we could watch as the universe is dying?

33. Will the universe end with the Big Freeze?

34. Since we can't know 100% of the knowledge of the universe, what are the grounds for atheism?

Some more questions:

31. Isn't string theory at odds with the Big Bang theory since string theory postulates for the existence of parallel universes?

32. What determines the color of stars?

33. Have all the chemical elements in the universe been discovered?

34. Can black holes devour other black holes?

35. What is the difference between the anthropic principle and fine tuning argument?

36. Why do planets rotate?

 37. Why does almost every body in the Universe (eg. galaxies, stars, planets, satellites) rotate and revolve?

38. What is a black hole?

39. Leo C. Stein's answer to Does time have any meaning early after the Big Bang, before there was any matter – just plasma (Planck time)?

40. Jay Wacker's answer to Does time have any meaning early after the Big Bang, before there was any matter – just plasma (Planck time)?

  • Evolution

Since there are too many questions in this topic, I've changed the format a bit. Please see that the number of upvotes aren't necessarily an indicator of quality here.

Link number___Question___Number of upvotes the top answer has.
Link number___Title___Source.


1. What exactly is evolution? 91
2. How does evolution work? 109
3. Is evolution still a theory? 40
4. Given that it's just a theory, can the theories of evolution be wrong? 777
5. Why haven't "in-between species" been found? 186

6. Why is there so much importance to survival of the species in evolution? 18
7. Has evolution been proved or should we consider evolution a hypothesis? 241
8. Why is it not okay for me to deny evolution because I have not seen anything evolve, but it is okay for an atheist to deny the existence of gods whom he hasn't seen 588
9. How can I convince a Christian that evolution is an undeniable fact? 53
10. Is there evidence against evolution? 21

11. What are the secular, scientific arguments against evolution? 57
12. Has Darwin's original 'Theory of Evolution' actually ever really been scientifically proven? 47
13. What were the major errors in Darwin's original theory of evolution 48
14. What's the best/most compelling way to quickly convince someone who doesn't believe in evolution that it's real? 178
15. What are some very simple facts that support evolution? 62

Natural selection:

16. What's the difference between evolution and natural selection? 7
17. How do the the concepts of natural selection and mutations relate to evolution? 7
 18. What is the evidence for natural selection? 23
19. Evolution depends on natural selection of varying traits. Why is there variation in traits in the first place? 77
20. What's wrong with the theory of evolution by natural selection? 44
21. Is evolution by natural selection a random process? 19

Evolution, creationism, intelligent design, misconceptions and facts:

22. Why can't creationism and theory of evolution co-exist? 202
23. How can intelligent design be considered science? 69
24. Why hasn't anyone ever seen an an animal give birth to an animal of a different species? 23
24.5 What is the scientific evidence to support macro evolution?33
25.  What are common misconceptions about evolution that you see? 223
26. Is evolution widely misunderstood? Who/What is responsible for this? 245
27.  Why do so many people have a poor understanding of evolution? 7
28.  How do atheists explain the super sophistication of the systems that lie deep within the human body? 737


29.  According to evolution, where did DNA come from? 126
30. How does DNA survive for thousands or millions of years in a fossil? 42
31. Why do plants and animals share the same DNA? 92
32. Are the differences between the DNA of humans and animals a proof of our alien genesis? 49

What we know about the origin of life, whether life could originate without any supernatural interference:

33. How did life begin on Earth? 28
34. What are the chemical origins of life? How did non-living chemical compounds generate self-replicating, complex life forms? 56
35. What scientific evidence exists for abiogenesis? 14
36. How was the first animal cell formed? 34
37. Could multicellularity be evolved in a lab in a relatively short time? If yes, has it been done? 36
38. Do biologically immortal organisms exist? 142
39. How did instincts evolve? 42
40. Is absolutely every organism on Earth related, or has life started on Earth more than once? 219

41. Why did life originate on Earth only once? 66
42. With the very first "animation" from the primordial soup occurring some 3-4B years ago, would it not be an ongoing process of not just lineage but of completely new "stuff" appearing in a pond near you? If not, then why not? 40
43. How does one explain the very fine circumstances for the existence of life ? 204
44. How does atheism explain the existence of the world? 50
45. Is new life still originating/emerging on earth today? 15

Human evolution:

46. If humans are the result of the evolutionary process, are we in the middle or at the end of this process? Will we continue to evolve into a different species after, say, another million years?33
47. Have homo sapiens become more intelligent over the years due to genetic evolution? 41
48. It is possible for humanity to evolve into a less intelligent species? 21
49. How are humans evolving right now? 121
50. Why can't the human body develop mutations (resistance) against viruses and micro-organisms like the one bacteria develops against antibiotics? 53

51. Why hasn't human body developed resistance to the common cold? 209
52. How does the finding of a 400,000 year old fossil in Spain alter what we thought we knew about evolution? 116
53. Why are we so much smarter than all the other animals on this planet? 186
54. What is the statistical likelihood that modern man (homo sapiens) would evolve from a single cell life form to what we are today over the last 500M years (from the Cambrian Period)? 351
55. Why do humans die? 190

The origins of selfless/altruistic behaviour:

56. How do atheists explain the evolution of moral altruism in human beings? 14
57. Are there any theories other than the selfish gene theory that explain/try to explain the altruistic behaviour in humans and animals? 10
58. Altruism can be explained by natural selection (Nature)
59. Biological Altruism (Stanford Encyclopedia)
60. How Does Social Behavior Evolve? (Knowledge Project)

Edit suggested by Scott Welch-
61. How do atheists explain how the world was created? 1.4k

  • What is the evolutionary purpose/advantage of X? And related questions.

1. Before evolving a defensive mechanism to attack predators, how do genes of a prey understand the need for evolving a successful and efficient defensive strategy? And how do genes determine the causes of death, reasons out and then develops the best strategy? 17

2. Why didn't we humans develop immunity to mosquitoes if they have been around and biting us for millions of years? 554

3. Is there an evolutionary reason for cancer? 241

4. Why don't birds have teeth? 80

5. From an evolutionary standpoint, why are human beings not equipped to naturally deal with cold weather? 199

6. What is the evolutionary reason why the skin of kiwi fruits is furry? 23

7. Why did dinosaurs look so frightening, and why do living creatures today look so small and nice compared with dinosaurs? 1.5k

8.  Why are moths fatally attracted to light? 930

9. If moths are attracted to light why do they sleep during day time? 109

10. Why do humans have the urge to express and share whatever they feel through language, music and art? 17

11. Why should we feel pain? 8

12. Why do fractals appear in nature? 96

13. How did a rattle snake (deaf) develop 'rattling' as it's primary form of defence? 47

14. Is there an evolutionary explanation for the external symmetry of animal bodies? 83

15. In their 135 million years of existence, how come the dinosaurs didn't develop language, tools, advanced intelligence, and civilization, which humans were able to do in a few hundred thousand years of existence? 37

16. What evolutionary need has made the whales become so huge? 150

17. If the purpose of fruit is to get animals to eat it and spread the seeds, why are some berries poisonous? 182

18. When in evolution did humans start to lose their tail and why? 25

19. What is the evolutionary reason for having consciousness?47
20. In their 135 million years of existence, how come the dinosaurs didn't develop language, tools, advanced intelligence, and civilization, which humans were able to do in a few hundred thousand years of existence? 37

21.What is the evolutionary benefit or purpose of having periods? 8.3k

22. Why didn't most prey evolve to become predators themselves? 152

23. Why didn't natural selection select a taste for healthy food?44

24. If evolution is real then why can't pigs fly? 88

25. Is there an evolutionary basis for aging? 14

26. Why has the human brain evolved so much more than any other animals? 39

27.  Why have most animals evolved to see only in front of their bodies and not all directions simultaneously? 297

28. How did wings evolve, given that they're not useful unless they're evolved enough to enable flight? 268

29. Where and/or how does addiction fit into human evolution?14

30. Why has evolution favored a method of mammalian birth that is so dangerous for the mother, relative to laying eggs? 178

31. If primates, dolphins, birds, octopuses or elephants have been around longer than, or just as long as, Homo Sapiens, why have they not evolved sentient, creative, neo-cortex brains with superior intelligence by now? 192

32. What is the evolutionary advantage of not being an omnivore? 112

33. Why are the foods that taste the best bad for you and the foods that taste the worst good for you? 14

34. Why do our senses fool us? 7

35.  Why did the most intelligent life develop on earth and not under water? 99

36. Why don't snakes have legs? 34

37. Why does Menstrual Synchrony occur? 5

38. Is "cuteness" an evolutionarily advantageous trait? 206

39. Why has human evolution made toothache so debilitating?60

40. Are poisonous creatures usually small? And why? 83

41. Why are poisonous frogs brightly colored? 74

42. Why is two-hemisphere brain favored in evolution? 40

43. What is the evolutionary advantage of Asperger's syndrome?10

44. Why did we humans shed most of our hair while evolving?33

45. Why have plants not changed or evolved much compared to other life forms? 53

46. Why is it that the most common gas in the earth's atmosphere is nitrogen but not so many living organisms developed to consume it? 68

47. What is the original purpose of the appendix and wisdom teeth? 101

48. Why have humans not evolved multiple brains to do parallel processing? 82

49. Why have the most intelligent species on earth such as us (the Homo Sapiens Sapiens) not evolved into a flying species? Is flying counter-evolutionary? 65

50. What is the evolutionary explanation for naturally occurring psychedelic chemicals such as psilocybin? 13

51. Is there an evolutionary explanation for back aches? 14

52. Why didn't Arctic & or Antarctic dinosaurs & or plants develop thick sheets of feathers, fat, heating processes, or some other feature to survive in the frigid land(s)? 94

53. Why do humans like sour foods, from an evolutionary perspective? 28

54. What is the evolutionary role of being a moron? 15

55. Can it be possible that some species will evolve so that they are not dependent on oxygen or water? 12

56. Wouldn't horses benefit from 3D full-color vision? 110

57. Does evolution always result in increase in efficiency? 48

58. Does guilt serve any evolutionary advantage? 4

59. Will humans or other species ever evolve to no longer need to sleep? 6

60. Why hasn't the evolution of humans or any mammal gradually reduced pain during childbirth according to Darwin's theory? 87

61. If evolution of life has no direction is it possible that homo sapiens would evolve into more ape-like specie again? 15

62. How long would it take for a species to evolve an aversion to becoming roadkill? 76

63. Are there any atheists on Quora who routinely pray to God because, from an evolutionary perspective, they think that doing so gives them an edge in survival? 27

64.  How are so many people getting the impression that there is an evolutionary purpose for every quirk of human behaviour?29

  • Ethics, science, theism, atheism and psychology

Science and Ethics:

1.  Are moral and ethical issues enough to stop scientific developments?

2. Is human nature inherently good or evil?

3. What steps does one take to make sure one is being intellectually honest?

4. How accurate is the assertion that humans are hardwired to have faith (in the religious sense) in something?

5. Is Love a result of evolution?

6. Is everything that is legal also ethical?

7. Is it ethical for a scientist to make statements about religious matters?

8. Is there such a thing as a purely altruistic act?

Science, theism, atheism and ethics:

9. Atheists, doesn't it push the limits of your imagination to believe that the staggeringly complex human containing the astoundingly amazing brain was made without a shred of assistance from anything with intelligence?

10.  How can one believe in science and religion at the same time?

11. If we don't have free will, why should anyone be judged with moral accountability?

12. If free will doesn't exist, why should I make an effort to behave ethically?

13. Is it ethical for a scientist to make statements about religious matters?

14. If God does not exist, where does love come from?

15. What is the scientific evidence to disprove the book of Genesis?

16. What are some non-theistic ways to form a code of ethics?

17. Is God the only possible foundation for objective morality?

18. If there is no God, then how can there ever be any sort of objective system of morality?

19. As an atheist how do you deal with an unintentional evil thought?

20. If there is no God, then is everything permitted?

21. Is it acceptable for atheists to mock the religious given that the religious mock atheists?

22. Is morality really tied closely with religion?

23. Why do some atheists see Christianity as dangerous?

24. How can atheists have meaningful moral opinions?

25. At what age or stage of psychological development is it ethical to introduce a child to a religion that will likely discuss the fearful concept of damnation?

26. In a world without religion, how would atheists build a society with mutual respect between people and raise children with patience?

27. Is it fair to judge a religion, as good or bad, by the behavior and character of its adherents?


28.  What is meant by "objective moral standards"?

29. If justice systems didn't exist, would there still be a reason to be moral?

30. When should we stop thinking about the consequences of our actions in utilitarian terms?

31. What is the difference between ethics (and being ethical) and morals (being moral)?

32. Is it ethical for one to euthanize a sick goldfish by microwaving it?

33. Why do people feed ducks?

34. Is using fur ethically different from eating meat?

35.  Is it ethical to kill insects?

36. At what point does dishonesty become immoral?

37. What is the difference between ethics, morals, and values?

38. Is it hypocritical to not report your child to the police if you know they have committed a minor crime? Why or why not?

39. Are some people evil?

40. Someone you don't know is going to die and *only you* have the power to save them, it just requires some of your money. How much would you part with if you knew it would positively save this stranger? How much would be too much?

41. Why do doctors heal murderers and other immoral people? How can they push their values and sense of justice aside?

42. How do I prevent myself from being biased in favor of good looking people?

43. Is it immoral or unethical to kill or maim innocent civilians in a video game?

44. If an emergency department/emergency operating room becomes aware that the patient is an organ donor, does it affect their care?
Should I cancel my organ donor registration?

45. What would happen if we all did whatever we wanted to do, with the exception of just one rule: "Do not hurt others"?

46. Why do humans have a conscience? Is there any evidence to support the idea that other animals also possess a conscience?

47. Are there any moral arguments for eating animals?

Atheism and ethics:

48.  My religion teacher said that there are no atheists because in order to reject God you must first have a concept of God and if you have a concept of God you are not an atheist. In what way is this true, if at all? Why?

49. If you are an atheist or agnostic, what would be your version of The Ten Commandments?

50.  What are examples of defining moments that led a person to adopt atheism?

51. What is the point of living if you are an atheist?

52. Is telling kids that Santa is real morally and ethically okay?

53. What does one tell religious people who say they need religion to enforce good because morality is subjective?

54. How do you make an atheist angry?

55. Why do so many atheists seem so angry at those who believe in God?

56. Why do some atheists and agnostics know more about religion than some believers?

57. Why do some atheists believe that they arrived at atheism through logic or reason?

58. What evidence do atheists have that there is no deity?

59. What is the atheists' perception of the universe in the context of whether or not it is "just"?

60. If an atheist marries a theist, what would they teach their kids?

  • Q&A about Life

1. If we all end up dying, what's the purpose of living?
2. What is the meaning of life?
3. How do atheists find meaning in life?
4. What is it about atheism you find most distasteful?
5. Can a person be excessively rational?

6. What would you advise your (hypothetical) 22-year-old college graduate to do with their life?
7. What are the highest leverage activities that are best for ensuring that you have a good life?
8. When does over-thinking get in the way of thinking?
9. Is there such a thing as being too smart for your own good?
10. I am having an existential crisis. What do I do?

11. How can I make my life simpler?
12. How can I learn as much as possible in my life?
13. Why do so many closed minded people believe they are open minded?
14. How can a dumb person succeed?
15. What are some things and pieces of advice that people should be generally made aware of?

16. What is the biggest misconception people have about life?
17. How do I start reading seriously?How do I start reading seriously?
18. I'm 18, what can I do to be less lazy?
19.  Is it really possible to make your own luck?
20. Why do we get frustrated when learning something?

21. What life lessons are counter-intuitive or go against common sense or wisdom?
22. How can one become a happier person?
23. How can you maximize your happiness in life?
24. Does poverty teach a man more than the riches of life?
25. How can I get what I want?

26. I have everything I thought I wanted and I'm still not happy. Why?
27. How can I figure out what I really want to do with my life?
28. What is the best way to handle negative criticism?
29. How can I make myself more broad-minded?
30. What is the most productive thing I can do when I'm bored?

31. Do grad school students remember everything they were taught in college all the time?
32. What are the top 10 things that we should be informed about in life?
33. What do you regret not doing in your 30s?
34. What does it feel like to be in your 80s?
35. What life lesson did you forget?

36. Why are people so certain about things that there is no way they can be certain about?
37.  I turn 20 today. What's your best advice in one sentence?
38. How should a 22-year-old invest time?
39. What is not important in life?
40. What are common activities people get wrong every day but don't know it?

41. What are good ways to handle rejection in life?
42. How could I thoroughly screw up my life?
43. What mistakes have you avoided making?
44. How can I improve my focus?
45. What is the most important life lesson that you have learned up to this point?

46. How can I become more notable in social interactions?
47. How long does it take for working memory to fill up?
48. To 60+ years experienced people, what is your advice for the youth about life?
49. In your own experience, what activities have you found most conducive to your evolution/growth as a person?
50. I'm employed and I live in my flat by myself. I'm single. Then what? What's life after that?

51. Can love really happen twice?
52. How do you accept failure?
53. I want success similar to that of Steve Jobs. What should I do?
54. Why are some people better negotiators than others?
55. What is a short, useful, and generally applicable piece of wisdom?

56. How can I deal with the fact that my 20's isn't happening enough?
57. What is the stupidest piece of advice someone has given you?
58. What would it be like to live in world without stupidity?
59. How did you learn that no one can emotionally hurt you without your permission and how long did it take you?
60. How do I accept the unexpected?

61. What are the most widespread misconceptions about how the world really works?
62. How do you scale yourself?
63. What are your top ten life hacks?
64. What are the most underrated things in life?
65. What are the most over-rated things in life?

66. How is chess similar to life?
67. What single insight most changed your life?
68. Does anybody actually enjoy life?
69. What are one or two sentences that someone has told you that changed your life (for the better)?
70. What should I do about my early life crisis?

71. What should a person do when everything appears to be going wrong in their life?
72. How can I be the best at something? 
73. How should I go about making a hard life decision?
74. How did you know when you 'found yourself'?
75. As a 23 year old, how do I cope with the anger, pain and frustration of being physically disabled?

76. What do you do when you realize that you are an utter loser?
77. At age 25, would you pursue a good paying corporate job that makes you unhappy or a hobby that makes you happy but has no guarantee to pay the bills?
78. I am in my late 20s and feel I have wasted a lot of time. Is it too late for me to achieve something worthwhile?
79. What are some of your original quotes?
80. What do you regret not doing in your teens?

81. Let's imagine that I'm 26 and I've already finished my degree. I'm employed and I live in my flat by myself. I'm single. Then what? What's life after that?
82. What has life taught you?
83. What is the best advice your father ever gave you?
84. How can you live an interesting life?
85. Who are the villains in our life?

86. How can one make the most of one's youth?
87. What is the biggest waste of time in your life?
88. What is one thing you wish you had known at 21?
89. How do I win an argument with someone who will never admit that he's wrong?
90. Do curses have impact in ruining one's life?

91. What mindset should one possess to be more comfortable when things are miserable?
92. What's it like to have attended an elite school and then be an utter failure afterward?
93. When is lying good?
94. What can I learn right now in just 10 minutes that could be useful for the rest of my life?
95. What advice do you wish you had been given in your twenties?

96. What are some life experiences that everyone 'must have'?
97. What are some life "tips" you've learned from experience? What were those experiences?
98. How did one small decision change your entire life?
99. What are some of the things you should avoid doing in your first 30 years of life?
100. What are some important and generalizable life lessons?

  • Literature and Art


1. Why do writers think they should get paid to write?
2. Are synonyms an example of a language's inefficiency?
3. Do you need to be a good reader in order to become a good writer?
4. Is it plausible to become a writer if you don't read novels or books excessively?
5. What are some ways in which I can reconcile myself to the fact that I need to cut out parts of my writing to make the story better and more accessible?

6. How can I improve writing skills without harming my logical mind?
7. Is it cliche to write a novel where each chapter is in the perspective of a different character?
8. Is it possible for writers to write about an emotion authentically without ever experiencing it directly?
9. Why is "literary fiction" thought of as better than popular fiction and is it really?
10. How can a moderately good writer learn to write compelling prose?

11. As a writer, what has been the subject that posed the biggest challenge to you, and how did you overcome it?
12. What is it like to write a protagonist of a gender other than your own?
13. What are some amazing and mind-blowing passages in literature?
14. What purpose do literary tragedies serve?
15. How does writing fiction affect your reading?

16. How do I get in the habit of writing every day?
17. What are some tips to write better sentences?
18. Why are adverbs considered to be evil?
19. Is writing like you talk a good idea?
20. How do you write a believable female character in a story?

21. What are some tips for editing your own writing?
22. What does sentence flow mean?
23. Philosophically speaking, what approach do you take when writing an answer on Quora?
24. I tend to use a mix of British English and American English in writing. From a very literary point of view, is that an inconsistency I must work upon?
25. To what extent is being young and having less life experience advantageous or disadvantageous for fiction writing?

26. What are the things to consider when creating fictional characters?
27. What is it like to have terrible spelling and grammar skills?
28. Are writers right when they say things like "even if my writing only really connects with a handful of people, it was worth it"?
29. How do you get started writing a novel? How can I learn to write a novel?
30. What are the advantages of writing fiction in the present tense?

31. Why do so many writers use words that might be difficult for some readers?
32. How easy is writing?
33. How does one become a better writer?
34. What's the best way to start writing a great short story?
35. What are the most common cliches in fiction writing?

36. What has improved your writing the most?
37. What are some tips for including an element of humor in a serious literary work?
38. What is the feeling that makes writers write?
39. What is the best writing advice you have received?
40. Would a rose by any other name really smell as sweet?

41. Why do they say writing makes you learn?
42. Is writing overly romanticized as a career?
43. Are there any grammatically sound sentences in English, where every word starts with the same letter?
44. How can I become a Top Writer on Quora?

Famous authors:

45. What are the secrets to understanding the themes and language of Shakespeare?
46. Why did Shakespeare write in the style that he did?
47. If William Shakespeare wrote in broken English grammar, why is he so famous for his literary works?
48. What are some mistakes in Shakespeare?
49. How does modern writing measure qualitatively against the greats like Shakespeare?
50. How does Dan Brown collect so much data about places, symbols and secret religious societies for his novels?
51. What is so great about Jane Austen?


52. Are arts and sciences two different paths to the absolute truth? Is science superior? Or is it art?
53. Why would someone pay $140M for Jackson Pollock's "No. 5"?
54. Why is art boring?
55. How do I start appreciating art that is not beautiful?

And with that, this series comes to an end and I've served you the amateurish version of the universe in a glass of wine. Hopefully, I'll be able to make a much better version of it in the future and share it with you guys.


  • Anders Kaserog on Mathematics

1. Given a slice of pie (of angle theta), what's the shortest cut that can be made that will evenly divide the slice?

2. What are some interesting improper integrals?

3. How do you probabilistically calculate e?

4. What time do ends of wall clock hands approach each other the fastest?

5. What's a way to cut a *Sicilian* pizza into 11 equal slices?

6. How does one determine whether a number is evenly divisible by 7?

7. What is the greatest number of moves on a Rubik's Cube that can be made without returning to a previous state or a transformation of one before it must have been solved?

8. How many different ways could one make change for $100?

9.  What is the sum of all primes?

10. In how many ways can you "prove" 1=2?

  • Children and Parenting

Parenting (Questions asked by parents related to kids):

1. How long can you leave a baby unattended in a car?
2. Why do parents with two children choose not to have a third?
3. Why do children forget their earliest memories?
4. Why is it important to teach children manners?
5. Why is honey so dangerous for babies?
6. What is it that nobody tells you about having children?
7. Is raising children difficult?
8. Is being a spelling bee champ really anything to crow about?
9. My daughter is neither pretty nor intelligent; how should I help her?
10. Would you let your children play football?

11. Why do children love stickers?
12. How did you decide what name to give your child?
13. Which Indian men (living in India) plan on continuing to live with their parents as adults?
14. Why do American children leave their parents?
15. Why don't kids like to talk about their day when their parents get home?
16. Why don't kids like to talk to their parents on the phone?
17. My 7-year old talks a lot about what's "girly" and "boyish." How can I get her to think of everyone as individuals?
18. What are some of the best questions asked by kids?
19. What are some good hacks for dealing with other peoples' loud/crying kids/babies on long flights?
20. What non-English language will be most useful for my child to know in 20-30 years?

21. What is the greatest gift that a parent can give to their children?
22. What is the single most important thing a parent can do for their child?
23. What is the loveliest thing your child has ever said?
24. What are some examples of being raised as a third-culture kid? What are the benefits and disadvantages?
25. What are the best simplest toys for kids?
26. What's the best advice for raising daughters from day one? 
27. What are some good suggestions for an activity or topic beginning with "a" to play with my 18-month-old daughter?
28. What all should I give my kid to read and write until he/she enters his/her teens?
29. What is the wisest/smartest thing you've ever heard a child say?
30.  What is it like to parent a child with autism?

Parenting techniques:

31. My kids (11 and 8) have started learning chess. Is it a good idea to let them beat me sometimes to encourage them?
32. How should I raise a 12-year-old girl to be a successful entrepreneur?
33. My kids love their bedtime stories. How do I make these sessions more interactive and engaging for them?
34. Is "love withdrawal" a good way to raise a kid?
35. Under what circumstances (if any) does it make sense to have your child skip a grade?
36. Do people who have skipped grades find the "head start" in life worth it?
37. Should kids be taught to believe in Santa Claus?
38. How do you teach a child courage?
39. How do you instill confidence in girls as they grow up?
40. How does one cultivate a positive attitude?

41. How can I encourage my son or daughter to develop a Maker mentality?
42. How can I develop my kids' curiosity?
43. Why are many people so against home-schooling?
44. Some parents don't believe in the "cry it out" philosophy of sleep training—what's the thinking here?
45. Is Silicon Valley a good place to raise children? Why?
46. Is telling kids that Santa is real morally and ethically okay?
47. Is it right to expect your college-age kid to tell you their whereabouts?
48. Is there evidence that parents spending more time with their kids is good for the kids?
49. What are some good tips on helping your first child deal with the arrival of a new brother or sister?
50. What are some unique, effective ways to discipline a child?

51. What are good hacks for parents with infants and toddlers?
52. What are the most valuable things everyone should know?
53. What are the best tips for parents dealing with picky eaters?
54. What are the most dangerous trends or practices in parenting?
55. What are good ways to prepare my kids to become billionaires?
56. What are the best ways to help, or resources to use, to motivate a high school student to care more about their grades?
57. What common mistakes do parents make?
58. What names should parents make sure NOT to name their newborn?
59. What do children need to know in order to be street proof?
60. What were the things your parents did right in raising you?

61. What were the things your parents did wrong in raising you?
62. What would be a safe, morally sound, and effective way to activate my child's survival instinct?
63. What is the best study method?
64. What's the best parenting advice?
65. What is the best approach after your child is hit at the playground?
66. What is the best advice your mother ever gave you?

Questions asked by children related to themselves:
67. When I'm older, will I realize my parents were right all along?
68.  How does having children affect the parents' happiness, and how is this affected by number of children?
69. Why do parents with two or more children choose to have multiple children?
70. How can Asian kids living with their parents keep calm when their parents say irrational things that they can't stand?

71. What are some things that you wish your parents would understand?
72. What were some of the incidents where you displayed your intelligence as a kid?
73. What is it like to have to raise your siblings?
74. What is it like to grow up as an orphan?
75. What is it like to survive your parents' murder-suicide?
76. What is it like to have your parents divorce when you are an adult?
77. Are my parents messing up my life?
78. What does it feel like to lose your parents at a young age?
79. What does it feel like to have a parent commit suicide?
80. Why do so many children and young people feel fear, powerlessness, anger and/or disgust towards school?

Questions asked by parents/adults related to themselves:

81. If I am unable to have children, is my existence pointless?
82. How can I convince my wife to leave her job to raise our child?
83. How do I successfully encourage my 5-year old daughter to actively want to call her father?
84. My 18 month old son has a slight preference for his mother. How can I win his favor?
85. Will I ever be happy again after the loss of my only child?
86.  Do you regret having or not having children?
87. When did parents lose control of parenting their children?
88. Do men really need to be in the delivery room during the birth of the children?
89. My wife is infertile. Should I divorce her to marry someone else?
90. Should men and women get equal parental leave?

91. How does one create the house in the neighborhood that all the kids want to hang out at?
92. Why do many Indians abroad relocate to India saying "I want my kids to grow up in India"?
93. Why are some parents oblivious to the disruption their children make in public?
94. Is Amy Chua right when she explains "Why Chinese Mothers Are Superior" in an op/ed in the Wall Street Journal?
95. Is it hypocritical to not report your child to the police if you know they have committed a minor crime? Why or why not?
96. Do you wish you didn't have kids?
97. Are Holocaust survivors generally bad parents?
98. Are we in danger of losing the art of nurturing our children?
99. What is it like to be a parent of a child with Asperger's?
100. What can you do or say to a friend who has just lost their 18 month old child?

101. What is your advice for first time parents?
102. What's the best way to prevent a kid from taking all your Halloween candy when you have to leave it outside your door?
103. What is it like to have a stupid child?
104. What do your parents not know about you?
105. What is it like to be a single father?
106. What is it like to lose a child?
107. Why do some men abandon their child/children?
108. What are some powerful lessons that children have taught parents?
109. What are some things some Asian parents do that are considered strange to others?
110. Why are single mothers generally better parents than single fathers?

Questions asked by children related to parents:

111. Do parents really love all their kids equally?
112. Why do some people not want children?
113. How did it feel when your baby first called out to you?
114. How do parents think about the decision to send their kids to boarding school?
115. Why do people feel the need to procreate when there are so many kids that need to be adopted?

116. What is it like to be an adult and not have kids?
117. Why do parents getting a divorce fight over who has custody of the child instead of share custody?
118. Which is better for the family one child, two children or more?
119.  What's the hardest thing about being a parent?
120. What are the challenges one may face in raising an adopted child and a biological one together?

121. What do parents miss most about when their children were younger?
122. Are older parents better parents?
123. What "rule" taught by your parents do you still follow, even though nobody else seems to?
124. Should I continue to work if my parents are worth hundreds of millions of dollars?
125. What are the joys of parenthood?

And lastly,
Why is parenting taken so seriously on and off Quora?

  • Fruits, Food and Nutrition


1. What are some fruits and vegetables that naturally come in many colors that most people don't know about?
2. What is the best way to eat an avocado?

3. What are the most delicious exotic fruits that most North Americans have never heard of?
4. If a tomato is a fruit, is ketchup a tomato smoothie?

5. Are jalapenos fruits?
6. What fruits or vegetables serve as the best raw natural candy?
What is the tastiest type of apple?

7. If you could create one genetic modification to any one type of fruit, which change and fruit would you choose?
8. What are some of the best desserts involving mangoes?

9. What are the different ways to eat an orange?
10. Is it okay to litter fruit?

11. How Can You Tell If A Pineapple Is Ripe?
12. What is the weirdest looking fruit?

13. Am I supposed to eat the little stickers on my apple?
14. Does a conventional fruit have the same nutrients as an organically grown fruit?


15. Why does Mum's food taste best?
16. What is the truth about the nutrition of avocados?

17. What is the ideal diet for optimal brain function?
18. What is the healthiest meal I can prepare for under $5?

19. What should everyone know about nutrition?
20. What are the highest-impact changes you can make to your diet?

21. Do frozen vegetables lose their nutritional value?
22. What nutrition principles do you follow and live by from day to day?

23. What are the differences in nutrition between yogurt and milk?
24. What nutritional supplements should most people take?

25. What is your favorite nutrition book?
26. Why do people defend cheese as a healthy food?

27. What's the cheapest way to eat a lot of protein?
28. What's the healthiest and yummiest way to eat cheap?


29. Does airline food taste bad? If so, why?
30. What are the most deceptively unhealthy foods/drinks?

31. What deceptive techniques are employed to make food look more appetizing in pictures?
40. How do supermarkets dispose of expired food?

41. Why is saffron so expensive?
42. What is some popular street food from where you live?

43. What is the strangest food you have ever eaten and did you enjoy it?
44. Is organic food better for you?

45. What's a food you like that you don't eat regularly?
46. Is there a "right way" to eat sushi? If so, what is it?

47. Is there any graceful way to eat soup dumplings?
48. Why did you choose to be a vegetarian?

49. What is your favourite unhealthy food?
50. What are your five favorite foods?

51. What is the most delicious food in the world?
52. What is the best kind of coffee?

53. What is the best thing you ever tasted?
54. What is the most overrated and over-praised food?

55. What are the best pictures of food?
56. Does a gyro count as a burrito?

57. What is your favorite food?
58. What is one food you hate?

59. What is your weirdest snack that no one else wants to try?60.How long can food (usually meat) rest after being prepared?

61. What are the best "Foods on a Stick"?
62. What's a cool food trick you know?

63. What is the most sinfully delicious/evil food you have ever actually eaten?
64. Why don't we eat turkey eggs?

65. Which is the best soup?
66. What is the ultimate sandwich?

67. What are the "best" of "ethnic" junk foods?
68. Does frozen food generally last forever as long as it stays frozen?

69. What is your most recent "culinary discovery"?
70. What is one food you want to try?

71. What are biggest misconceptions about food?
72. Is there any naturally occurring blue food?

  • Restaurants, cooking, recipes and cuisines

1. What restaurants in the world have the best views?
2. Why do most famous restaurants have small servings?

3. Who is the wealthiest person who has worked as a fry cook at McDonald's?
4. Why do many people prefer crowded restaurants?

5. What are the most surprising services and/or products and/or actions you've discovered in a fast-food restaurant?
6. Why do most restaurants have more items on the menu rather than less?

7. What are your favorite places and dishes?
8. What is it like to eat at a Brazilian steakhouse?
9. Why does the food at Mcdonald's contain so much fat?


10. If there were ten commandments in cooking what would they be?
11. What are some useful hacks for beginning cooks who work during the day?

12. What are some safety tips for first-time cooks at home?
13. What are the 5 things that every beginner cook needs to know?

14. What kind of bread makes the best grilled cheese sandwich?
15. Is food cooked in a microwave oven bad for your health?

16. Why do some men consider cooking emasculating?
17. What are five easy dishes that a beginner, learning to cook, can practice cooking?

18. What is the most difficult dish to cook and why?
19. What are some cooking myths that, in real life, don't help?

20. What are good ways to evaluate the temperature of frying oil without a thermometer at hand?
21. What's the difference between restaurant cooking and home cooking?

22. What are great cooking and kitchen hacks?
23. What is your basic method of cooking?

24. What is the point of partially cooking meat in a pan and finishing it in the oven?
25. What is so special about "leg piece" in chicken?

26. In the big commercial operations, how do they take the egg shells off the hard boiled eggs?
27. If I overcook hard-boiled eggs by boiling them for around twelve minutes, will they lose some of their nutritional value or will I only lose out on taste?

28. What dishes have the worst effort-to-results ratio?
29. What dishes have the best effort-to-results ratio?

30. What luxury cooking gadgets are actually worth the investment?
31. What are the most common cooking mistakes?
32. How does one crack an egg to obtain the egg whites?

33. How long does cooked rice last in the fridge?
34. What are the major reasons why people don't cook at home more often?

35. Can you over-char vegetables?
36. What are some principles with great food presentation?

Recipes and ingredients

37. What is your favorite go-to secret ingredient?
38. Why is mozzarella so much better on pizza than cheddar?

39. How do you make chocolates at home?
40. What can I do with several packages of premade won ton wrappers?

41. Why does adding olive oil to the water prevent spaghetti or other boiled noodles from sticking together?
42. What is the best way to make eggs benedict?

43. What are some unusual ways of cooking eggs?
44. What are the secrets to cooking awesome pasta?

45. What are some great recipes that feature eggs as the prime ingredient?
46. How do you make totally legit fried rice?

47. What is the secret of making food cooked like a chef?
48. What are the yummiest flavor combinations?

49. What foods are intensely disliked by many people?
50. What is a good recipe to make home-made ice cream?

51. Why is making a soufflé considered difficult?
52. What one spice do you use in most/all of your cooking?

53. Why do so many use butter to cook eggs?
54. What are some herbs or spices that are widely appreciated, but relatively unknown in the United States?


55. If I visit your country, what is that one dish which I should not miss?
56. What are the top U.S. regional foods to taste before you die?

57. What is the most under-appreciated cuisine of the world?
58. What are the best Asian desserts?

59. What's the best of American cuisine?
60. What types of ethnic cuisines are the most accommodating to vegetarians?

61. What is the difference between Chinese food available in India and authentic Chinese food?
62. What cuisine is the healthiest cuisine, and why?

63. What are some of the must-try Marathi cuisines?
64. What is the best Japanese food? Why?

65. What is typical Californian food that I can introduce to my friend who is not from California?
66. What do people eat for breakfast outside of the US?

67. What is the quintessential American food?
68. What is the best Chinese food dish?

69. Which countries have the best street food?
70. What is Korean food like?

71. Does South Korean cuisine differ from North Korean cuisine? How?
72. What is the greatest innovation in the history of French cuisine?

73. What are the different types of regional cuisines in China?
74. Is there a connection between age of a civilisation and the intricacy of its cuisine?

75. What is unique and distinctive about Australian cuisine?
76. What characterizes modern American cuisine?

77. What are the tastiest Thai dishes?
78. What are some iconic dishes of Sub-Saharan African cuisine?


  • Travelling and Tourist Destinations


1. Why is travelling so important in life?
2. Why do people travel?
3. Is backpacking really worth it?
4. Do you have to be rich to travel the world?
5. If you have US $10,000 and only have the option to travel or to spend it for luxury, what would you choose? And why?
6. I'm 27, and I think my life is boring. I want to do exciting stuff while I still can. How?
7. Mahesh's title says that he has traveled 55 countries across 7 continents. How/Why did he do that? What are his experiences?
8. What should every foreigner know about your country? Why?
9. What are some of the most amazing travel facts from around the world?
10. What are the most surreal places to visit?

11. Rs. 1 lac budget. 1 week holiday. Where should I go?
12. What are the most charming small towns in France?
13. What are the most charming small towns in Italy?
14. What real places or buildings look as if they could have been taken out of fairytales?
15. What are some of the exotic tourist destinations which are not commonly known?

16. What is a good country/city to visit abroad for 50-60k INR ($1000) from India in the June-July Period?
17. What are the most beautiful places in the world?
18. What are the most beautiful forests in the world?
19. What are the most beautiful National Parks in the world?
20. What is the best seat on an airplane in economy class?

21. What places are really worth all of the hype?
22. Which cities have the best skylines?
23. Do people grow out of the once intense desire to travel? Why?
24. Which travel site is best and why?
25. What travel hacks have saved you a lot of money?

26. How does one travel the world while working as a programmer?
27. What should I know if I want to quit my job, leave everything behind, and travel for a year?
28. What are some of the less known tourist destination of India?

Travelling experiences, tips and tricks

29. Where is the most amazing place that you've visited, of which most people have probably never heard?
30. What's the one great thing that people would like to see in a hotel room … that little thing, the one we'd ask, "how hard can it be to provide?" … that never seems to be there?
31.  What are the best travel hacks?
32. If I visit your country, what is that one dish which I should not miss?

33.  What should I absolutely not do when visiting your country?
34. What are some funny/interesting things that have happened to you while traveling?
35. For people around the world, what one exotic fruit unique to their country?
36. What is it like to travel solo?

37. What was the best inexpensive travel experience you've ever had?
38. What are your top 10 experiences while travelling?
39. Who is the most interesting person you've ever sat next to on an airplane?
40. What are some of the most interesting roads in the world to travel on?

41. What are common items that savvy travelers bring with them that less-savvy ones don't?
42. How can I earn money while travelling the world?
43. If you're visiting a new city for the first time, how do you decide in advance where to go, what to see and where to eat?
44. If I travel abroad, will everyone peg me as an ugly, cowboy-crass, imperialist American and hate me on sight?

Tourist destinations

45. What should I know before going to Ladakh?
46. What are the best scenic drives in the Bay Area?
47. What should I see and do as a tourist with one week in Taiwan?
48. What should I do if I'm visiting Taipei for a week?
49. What are the most unexpected/shocking/baffling things people encounter when visiting China for the first time?

50. What are some things to do when visiting North Korea?
51. What is the most dangerous country to visit as a tourist from the USA?
52. What is it like to visit North Korea?
53. How does one get into North Korea legally?
54. What are the absolutely must-see tourist destinations in Washington D.C.?

55. What should I make sure to see/do in Hong Kong?
56. What's the best way to spend 4 weekends in Europe?
57. Why is Russia not popular as a holiday destination?
58. Is Peru a good travel destination?
59. What are the best things to see and do in Vancouver, Canada?


60. Is India a good travel destination?
61. What are the most surreal places one can ever visit in India?
62. What is your favorite hill station in India? Why?
63. If I plan to visit every state in India, what is that one dish which I should not miss?

64. What are the best places to visit in India?
65. What are some little known or not so famous but must-see places in Goa?
66. Is it safe for a single American woman to travel in India?
67. What is a good way to spend 10-12 days in West Bengal and Northeast India?

  • General Sports, Football, Cricket and Chess


1. What is the most phenomenal moment in Olympics history?3.1k
2. Which is the most amazing comeback by a sportsperson? 3k
3. What is the funniest moment in any sport? 2.6k
4. What are some of the most iconic sports images? 2.4k
5. What is the most unsportsmanlike conduct you have seen in any sport? 940

6. What are some of the best sports quotes of all time? 777
7. Who is the biggest lying cheater in the history of pro sports?477
8. Which athlete dominated his or her sport for several years?468
9. What are some great examples of dominance by a person or a team in any sport? 413
10. What are some of the craziest/funniest images/videos in sports? 258

11. What is the greatest sporting achievement ever? Why? 161
12. What are some of the greatest sports posters of all-time? 140
13. What have been the most agonizing defeats in sport? 127
14. What are the best retirement speeches by a sportsperson?118
15. What are some best examples of wasted talents in sporting history? 116

16. What are the greatest sporting climaxes of all time? 115
17. What is the greatest "choke" in sports history? 84
18. What has been the best sporting final and why? 77
19. Which single athlete most changed their sport? 68
20. What is the most difficult position to play in any sport? Why? 45

21. What is the greatest issue in sports today? 44
22. Which sport has the most unusual scoring system? 40
23. What are the greatest trades in sports history? 30
24. What are the biggest scandals in Olympic history? 24
25. Which team sports are most or least dependent on luck? 11


26. What are some of the most inspiring football quotes? 3.4k
27. What are some of the best images/moments of the ongoing 2014 FIFA World Cup? 2k
28. What are some of the mind-blowing facts about Cristiano Ronaldo? 1.8k
29. Who's the greatest Indian sportsperson? 1.5k
30. Why can't a country of a billion Indians, one-sixth of Humanity, have 11 quality footballers? 1.5k

31. Why do so many Indians like football (soccer)? 1.2k
32. What are some footballing feats that you think will stand the test of time? 953
33. What are some of the traits unique to football fans only? 676
34. What makes the Spanish national football team so dominant right now? 648
35. Why do many soccer players not make it to the top level? 573

36. What is the best picture of football you have ever seen? 521
37. How long will it take for football to replace cricket as the major sport in India? 336
38. What can one learn about management from Sir Alex Ferguson? 323
39. Why do some people hate Barça? 293
40. The best goal of 2013 was scored by ____? 279

41. What are some must-know football tactics and strategies?264
42. What is the greatest choke in football history? 232
43. Between which two teams was the greatest football match ever played? 207
44. With many players changing clubs frequently, what are the biggest examples of loyalty shown by players? Football (soccer) in particular? 181
45. What are some great Mario Balotelli stories? 166

46. As a football fan, what is that one place you would want to visit before you die? 159
47. What makes Messi Messi? 156
48. What are some of the traits unique to football fans only? 155
49. Why is Barcelona Football Club so good? 147
50. What are some of the best saves in football not made by a goalkeeper? 147

51. What are the best moments in football commentary? 130
52. What is the appeal of football (soccer)? 130
53. What are some of the best football goal-scoring celebrations? 122
54. What has been your favourite match of the 2014 Football World Cup? 122
55. Which pass for goal can be considered the greatest of all time? 116

56. Which is the greatest snapshot in football ever? 112
57. What are the best iconic images from the history of international football? 101
58. Is David Beckham as good as his hype? 101
59. What are some of the mind-blowing facts about Lionel Messi? 98
60. Which team/country has the craziest football (soccer) fans?94

61. How can I get my girlfriend interested in watching football?75
62. Would you let your children play football? 69
63. What is Gegenpressing?54
64. What have been some of the greatest moments in football World Cup history? 53
65. Why is the US not stronger as a global soccer power? 50

66. Why is China not good at football (soccer)? 48
67. What makes a great soccer player? 47
68. How do we defend in a soccer game? 40
69. What is the tl;dr for the storylines of all the teams participating in the 2014 FIFA World Cup? 37
70. Which team/country has the craziest football (soccer) fans?32

71. Why is soccer the most popular sport in the world? 22
72. Is it unethical to be a football fan? 7
73. How do I get my young daughters hooked on watching football? 7
74. Is it immoral to watch football? 5


75. What are some of the most interesting one-liners said by the commentators during a match? 4.1k
76. Why do some people consider Rahul Dravid a better test batsman than Sachin Tendulkar? 4k
77. What are some of the best tactical changes made by a captain of a cricket team? 2.4k
78. What are some of the best Cricket memes? 2.3k
79. In the past 25 years, who is the most respected batsman by bowlers in test cricket? 1.6k
80. Who is the most gentlemanly Cricketer ever? 1.4k

81. What are some of the most iconic images of Rahul Dravid?1.4k
82. What is your favorite cricket moment? 1.3k
83. What are some of the most iconic images from Cricket?1.3k
84. If Mahabharat was to be made using world cricketers whom would you cast and why? 1.2k
85. What is your favourite sight on a cricket field? 1k

86. Who is the most intelligent cricketer ever? And why would you consider him as an intelligent cricketer? 992
87. Will there be any other 'Sourav Ganguly' in the Indian cricket again? 953
88. Who are some former cricketers you would have loved to see in the IPL? 962
89. Why is Dale Steyn not considered one of the best bowlers in the history of cricket despite mind blowing performances?
90. What's the difference between baseball and cricket? 824

91. What are some interesting conversations recorded from stump mike during a cricket match? 791
92. Which is the most memorable cricketing performance of all time? 735
93. What are the most interesting cricket stats ever? 718
94. What is the best write-up on Rahul Dravid? 667
95. Who is the most under rated cricketer of Indian cricket team? 598

96. What are some mind-blowing facts about Cricket? 558
97. What is your favourite moment in cricket? 536
98. What, in your opinion, is the greatest twist in a cricket match?
99. What are some of the wittiest pieces of cricket commentary?522
100. What are some of the most gentlemanly behaviour of Cricketers on field? 485

101. Which photo best describes cricket? 460
102. Who is the most overrated/underrated cricketer of all time?
103. Which is the best sports commentary that you have come across? 415
104. What are some of the crazy things you have done in the name of Cricket? 407
105. Who are the worst cricket commentators, and why? 398

106. What are some of the best jokes on Sir Ravindra Jadeja and Rohit Sharma? 379
107. Who has been the fastest bowler in cricket? 343
108. Who is the most ungentlemanly cricketer ever? 343
109. What is your favorite cricket moment? 329
110. Who is the most aggressive cricketer ever? 313

111. Who is the most corrupt cricketer in the history of cricket?307
112. What are some of the most iconic images from the history of Indian Cricket? 272
113. What is so great about cricket? 262
114. Who is the most badass Cricketer ever? 248
115. What is the most lethal opening bowling attack in the history of cricket? 207

116. If Sachin is God, how will you describe Dravid? 202
117. What are the best one liners you have heard about cricket or cricketers? 197
118. Most embarrassing moment in the history of the sport? 171
119. Why are Indians so crazy about cricket? 166
120. Which is the best opening pair ever in ODI cricket? 161

121. Who is the best captain Indian cricket has ever had? 157
122. What are quintessential Indian cricket team memes? 139
123. Which are some of the greatest catches in cricket? 136
124. What are some of the best umpiring decisions in cricket and why?127
125. What are some of the worst umpiring decisions in cricket and why? 121
126. Who has been the fastest bowler in cricket? 117


127. Is it racist that white gets the chance to make the first move instead of black in a game of chess? 7k
128. What is the best sacrifice in the history of chess? 3.1k
129. How is chess similar to life? 3.1k
130. Which chess piece most resembles your identity? Why?2.6k

131. What are the few rules of chess which are not commonly known? 1.9k
132. My kids (11 and 8) have started learning chess. Is it a good idea to let them beat me sometimes to encourage them? 1.8k
133. What are the most amazing draws in Chess history? 718
134. What does it feel like to play grandmaster level chess? 657
135. If you designed a new chess piece, how would it look and move? 390

136. What are some of the best anecdotes of chess players? 318
137. How exactly does a chess computer work? 237
138. What are some life lessons learned from cricket? 225
139. When will chess be completely solved? 189
140. Does chess really improve thinking skills? 168

141. Is grandmaster level chess better today than 30 years ago?133
142. What should every chess player know about the Ruy Lopez? 127
143. In chess, how significant of an advantage is playing white in grandmaster level games? 125
144. Is Magnus Carlsen the strongest chess player in the world?123
145. What does it feel like to be defeated by a chess prodigy?123

146. Could a computer consistently beat Magnus Carlsen at chess? 117
147. Is it best to think like a Go player, a Chess player or a Poker player? 105
148. In chess, why is playing white so advantageous? 44
149. What are some good methods to be able to read chess notation and play the moves in your mind? 43
150. What is the most important piece in chess beside the King and the Queen? 39

151. How did you start playing chess? 37
152. What is the best opening chess move? 31
153. Is there a point to playing chess anymore? 30
154. What is a great chess puzzle? 28
155. Who is the greatest chess player in terms of pure strength?24

156. Is it permissible to move a pawn to the 8th rank and not promote it to another piece? 22
157. How are the chess engines developed? 21
158. How can chess be improved? 21
159. Can chess masters transition from chess to poker in order to make 30k+ USD/yr? 19
160. What is it like to be a chess tournament director? 19
161. Do you think chess is a sport? 18

162. How can I learn to play chess at a higher level? 16
163. What are the most opportunistic openings in chess given 6 moves apiece? 15
164. Does Magnus Carlsen know more about chess than veterans? 13
165. What benefits do grandmasters of chess provide to the world? 12
166. Can a human win in chess against a computer? 11
167. How do you deal with a chess addiction? 11

168. What do you do if you lose a chess match, then after the game realize that your opponent had set up his board incorrectly? Replay the game, or is it too late since the mistake wasn't caught during the game? 10
169. Which game will make a person smarter more, poker or chess? 9
170. Can a mathematician, with no chess experience, justify the relative value of the pieces? 7
171. How does chess drive you crazy? 8
172. Is Magnus Carlsen stronger than Bobby Fischer? 6


  • Education and Learning

1. What is true education?
2. What are some hallmarks of a truly educated person?
3. What must an educated person know?

4. At age 25, would you pursue a good paying corporate job that makes you unhappy or a hobby that makes you happy but has no guarantee to pay the bills?
5. Why do we get frustrated when learning something?
6. What learning strategies do people who are "quick learners" follow?

7. What do you do when you are good at something but not good enough?
8. Why am I a slow learner and not confident about my intelligence? 
9. How can I learn as much as possible in my life?

10. Is a 100% literacy rate a good thing?
11. How do I retain what I learn?
12. Why don't college students ask questions in class?

13. Why do people pay for college now that learning is free?
14. How bad is it to just memorize a subject without understanding it?
15. How many books does a person need to read to be an expert on a subject?

16. What is a good strategy for absorbing and retaining information from a giant textbook you are self-studying for a test?
17. How do I teach myself to read a 300 pages book in one sitting?
18. What is wrong with the Indian education system in terms of growth?

19. If given $1 billion, what would be the best way to improve education in the U.S.?
20. How is/was the education system in your country?
21. What's the most counter-intuitive thing you've learned?

22. How can I be happy every day?
23. Why is the overall quality of education in India so bad?
24. What are some of the biggest problems with public education in America?

25. Do you think education is going to be business in India?
26. Is it a good or a bad idea for someone with below average ability to understand mathematics to continue learning it?
27. How and why do some people learn from their mistakes faster than others?

28. Descartes, Cantor, Newton, Hobbes, Occam, Franklin, Lincoln. None attended anything we'd call primary or high school. Why should my children?
29. Is it better to learn something in small, frequent chunks of information? Or, is it better to learn it in bigger, less frequent blocks of information?
30. What should we focus on learning in an age where almost all information is at your fingertips?

31. Don't you think that the current engineering syllabus is outdated?
32. How do I find out which engineering branch is suitable for me?
33. Do students need teachers to learn? Why does school revolve around teachers?

34. What should a person do if they feel they are mediocre?
35. Why are people satisfied with being mediocre?
36. How do I prepare myself for a mediocre career?

37. Should everyone learn to code? Or is this narrow mindedness?
38. What are some challenges people face when self-teaching?
39. How can I become better politically educated?

40. Do we learn more from TV or our parents?
41. Why should you study in university when your only goal is to be independent?
42. Why should high school students learn physics?

43. What has been your most embarrassing moment as a teacher?
44. Is there a point in having high school teachers deliver in-person lectures anymore with the advent of online lectures?
45. Should private high schools reduce requirements in some subjects for students who have chosen a particular career/collegiate focus?

46. Does the act of cheating during a test, show that the educational system has failed?
47. Are teachers expected to be more decent individuals than the rest of us?
48. Will online courses ever be more powerful and effective than a classroom course?

49. Should universities require that students in technical majors not be religious?
50. Is higher education the next bubble?
51. What are some free online education resources?

52. What would it take to revolutionize the Indian education system?
53. How should one proceed when his professor teaches outdated/wrong things?
54. What are some of the easy things that anyone can do to keep improving their Creativity?

55. Is going to college a waste of time?
56. Is a college education really a good investment for a student's financial future?
57. What is a good curriculum for people who want to learn about many different areas by themselves?

58. As of 2013, what is broken about education? How can it be improved?
59. What are some potential consequences of learning both American and British English?
60. Do teachers have a responsibility to make education interesting for their students?

61. Did Einstein say "Education is not the learning of facts, but the training of minds to think"?
62. Why is teaching or not teaching evolution/creationism such a big deal in the United States?
63. What was the most difficult thing for you to unlearn?

64. To experience the beauty of mathematics, what sort of (and how much) work should an innumerate adult do?
65. Why do you get tired when you are learning new things?
66. Why can I read a paper book faster and with better retention rather than an electronic display?

67. Should schools move away from giving grades as a way to document academic progress to another system, why or why not?
68. How does accumulation of knowledge/skill work in case of the 10,000 hours rule?
69. How does one learn how to learn?

70. Why are teachers interested in how learners learn?
71. Is it easier to learn a programming language than a foreign language?
72. Does the discipline of learning math or science lead to clearer thinking?

73. Why do I have to learn this if my calculator can do it?
74. What can an artist learn from a scientist?
75. How did you learn that no one can emotionally hurt you without your permission and how long did it take you?

76. What can we learn from PM Manmohan Singh?
77. What can we learn from Oliver Emberton?
78. What can we learn from Robert Frost?

79. What can we learn from Rahul Gandhi?
80. What can we learn from Marc Bodnick?
81. What can we learn from Ellen Vrana?

82. What can we learn from Bill Clinton?
83. What can we learn from Marcus Geduld?
84. What can we learn from Sachin Tendulkar?
85. What can we learn from Christopher Hitchens?


  • Silicon Valley and entrepreneurship

1. What is it like to live in Silicon Valley?
2. What are some things the outside world would be surprised to learn about Silicon Valley?

3. What do people in Silicon Valley plan to do once they are over 35?
4. Why does Silicon Valley have such a cooperative atmosphere?

5. Is Silicon Valley a good place to raise children? Why?
6. Is the Silicon Valley culture as "nice" as it appears?

7. What are the motivations driving people in Silicon Valley to start companies?
8. Which is more crucial to the success of a startup: the idea or the execution?

9. Why are so many people in Silicon Valley arrogant?
10. If Silicon Valley startup engineers consider themselves to be so freaking awesome, why don't they try working on some real-world problems?

11. Is meritocracy in Silicon Valley a myth?
12. Is Silicon Valley still THE place?

13. How can so many people in Silicon Valley spend their lives sitting indoors in front of the computers for most of the day?
14. What are the most promising Silicon Valley startups to watch for in 2014?

15. What are the most common Silicon Valley/Bay Area beliefs and attitudes that are not shared by people outside of this area?
16. Does Silicon Valley overvalue degrees from prestigious universities?

17. Do start ups in Silicon Valley take talent with no experience but lots of motivation and potential?
18. What is it like being a single girl in Silicon Valley?

19. What does Silicon Valley think of the NY Times article "Silicon Valley's Youth Problem"?
20. Why is there such a stunningly short supply of designers in Silicon Valley right now?

21. What inadvertent signs betray that a Silicon Valley person is wealthy?
22. Is it possible to be a top programmer and a good parent at the same time?

23. What are some interesting numbers that indicate the significance of Silicon Valley?
24. What advice would you give to someone with no start-up experience, who is leaving a corporate job and moving to SV to try joining a start-up?

25. Is it me, or is Facebook a semi-fraudulent business?
26. Does Dropbox have any special technology which other companies can't copy easily?

27. What is it like to move from the Midwest to Silicon Valley?
28. What is the capital of Silicon Valley?

29. What are the details of your compensation package?
30. What's the pulse of the Silicon Valley like at the moment? (June 2013)

31. What is the prevailing attitude towards 37signals in the Valley?
32. What was Silicon Valley like after the bubble burst in the early 2000s?

33. What would Tyler Durden say about Silicon Valley?
34. Is Oracle bad for Silicon Valley?

35. Why is so much of Silicon Valley obsessed with small ideas that don't solve a problem?
36. What is the best advice you would give to a new startup CFO?

37. Why can't investors look beyond their own back yard? Why can't I stay in Europe and get investors from Silicon Valley?
38. Is there an oversaturation of software engineers?

39. What are the hottest startups in Silicon Valley in Q1 2010 (stealthy or not)?
40. Why did the Segway fail?

41. What is the night life scene like in Silicon Valley?
42. What was hot in Silicon Valley in March 2013?

43. Which startups in Silicon Valley have the best engineering teams?
44. Who are the best recruiters in Silicon Valley for technology companies?

45. What cultural differences exist between New York and Silicon Valley?
46. How do you get people to respect you and want to work with you, in Silicon Valley?

47. What are some of the biggest rivalries in Silicon Valley?
48. Why are passive personality traits (direct conflict avoidance, boss-worshipping, nice-guy syndrome) so strong amongst Silicon Valley males?

49. What do people in Silicon Valley think of the idea of Alan Mulally as the next CEO of Microsoft?
50. With Snapchat turning down $3B, should Facebook put a knockout punch offer on the table — say, $5B?

51. Why are check-ins dying?
52. What does the Facebook-WhatsApp deal mean for other mobile messaging services?

53. What other company besides Facebook bid on WhatsApp?
54. How does the Facebook-WhatsApp deal impact Snapchat, if at all?

55. Is Silicon Valley, culturally, a part of the Bay Area or is it an extension of Los Angeles?
56. Is it better to work as a technical co-founder for an awesome tech startup or go to graduate school and pursue further studies?

57. Why is it somewhat socially unacceptable for rich people in tech to have fancy cars in Silicon Valley?
58. What cities around the world and in the United States are successfully competing with Silicon Valley in the area of tech?

59. Airbnb just gave me an offer to join the company. Given its $10B valuation, is it a good time to join the company?
60. What are the Silicon Valley gurus currently reading?

61. In Silicon Valley, can the "good guys" really win?
62. Who is the most provocative thinker about future technology trends and business opportunities in the Valley?

63. Why aren't there more shows about Silicon Valley?
64. Do you think Snapchat turning down a $3B offer says something about Silicon Valley?

65. Where should I intern – Coursera or Amazon Web Services?
66. Why don't Silicon Valley venture capitalists invest in dense real estate near public transportation in the East Bay to solve the housing crisis in San Francisco?

67. How hard is it to become a software developer at a major Silicon Valley company?
68. What does it take to not be able to get an engineering job as a computer science major in Silicon Valley?

69. How are some web startups able to get funding without having a revenue model in place?
70. When did the "pay it forward" culture of Silicon Valley die out?

71. Are software engineers such as Nick Floyd sending the right message to ditch work/life balance and work 16 hrs a day?
72. Is Mark Zuckerberg responsible for killing the art of personal (face to face) conversation?

73. What was the trigger for the tech bubble to burst in 2000?
74. Why is there such a large founder to early employee equity drop-off?

75. How high should your hiring standards be in an early stage startup?
76. What does it feel like to be the CEO of a start-up?


  • Neuroscience, Aging, Death and Dying

Paul King, Neuroscience

1. What happens in my brain when I can't recall something I know?
2. What is dreaming?
3. What is consciousness?

4. Why can we not remember everything?
5. What animals are computers now smarter than?
6. Does the human brain really make decisions before we're consciously aware of them (specific studies cited)?

7. What is happening when my eyes get heavy when I am about to sleep?
8. Is recent backlash that Dopamine is not a reward signal justified?
9. Is everyone's experience of color the same?

10. Is there such a thing as the subconscious?
11. Is perception reality?
12. Why does Paul King contribute on Quora?

13. How valuable is Myers-Briggs personality typing?
14. What happens in our brain when we make mistakes and then learn from those mistakes?
15. Is "cosmic consciousness" real?

16. Could you have two independent consciousness(es) if you split a brain in half?
17. Is gratitude the door to expanded consciousness?

Aging, Death and Dying

18. I have one month left to live. What should I do with it?
19. What's the point of reading and learning if it all dies with us when we die?
20. What are some beautiful images of death (as a concept or idea)?

21. What would you like written on your tombstone?
22. What does it feel like to seriously consider the prospect of your own death?
23.What will it feel like to be dead?

24. What do you fear more: death or dying?
25. What is it like to have someone die in your arms?
26. If you were to be executed, what method would you choose?

27. What is it like to lose a child?
28. Have you ever thought you were dying?
29. What do you learn about yourself when someone else dies?

30. Does life really flash before your eyes when you die?
31. What would you do to make your funeral unique?
32. What is the most colorful way to die?

33. What are some of the best quotes about death?
34. How do you think you'll die?
35. What happens to you when you die?

36.  What is the most awesome way to die?
37. If you could stop one unrelated person from dying when he/she did, who would it be?

38. How does it feel to barely escape death?
39. Where do we go when we die?
40. How do doctors feel when a patient unexpectedly comes close to dying?

41. Will we ever know what happens after death?
42. What does it feel like to be old?
43. A reflection on life, death, and the role of the medical student by Jae Won Joh on Posts

44. What can I do to live as long as possible?

And lastly, because if you manage to lead a fine life, it will all be worth it:

45. Leading a better life

  • Humour, Jokes, Memes  and Joke Answers

And now that we're done with a lot of serious stuff, we deserve to laugh a little.

Humour, Jokes

1. How would you define English humour?
2. How would you complete the sentence, "There are two kinds of people; those who …"?
3. What is the geekiest joke?
4. What is the geekiest pick up line?
5. What is the geekiest funny tweet?

6. What is the best one liner "pick-up" line?
7. What is the best math joke you have ever heard?
8. What is the best joke you have recently encountered?
9. Which is the best joke about engineers that very few people have heard?
10. What is the funniest pick-up line you've ever heard?

11. What is the funniest joke you have ever heard?
12. What's the funniest science-based joke you know?
13. What's your favorite stupid joke?
14. What's the most epic pick-up line ever?
15. What's a joke that contains a profound truth?

16. What joke will make one burst into laughter for at least 30 seconds?
17. What are the best "A programmer had a problem…" jokes?
18. What are the best "_______ walked into a bar" jokes?
19. What are the best philosoraptor, or "seizer of knowledge" jokes?
20. What are the best Russian jokes?

21. What are the best Quora pick-up lines?
22. What are the funniest marriage/couple jokes you have come across?
23. What are the most popular computer programming jokes?
24. What are the greatest software misuses?
25. What are some awesome math pick up lines?

26. What are some funny physics jokes?
27. What are some funny pick-up lines?
28. What are some of the most profound jokes ever?
29. What are some of the funniest one-liners?
30. What are some of the wittiest replies to comments on YouTube?

31. What are some of the best anti-jokes?
32. What are some of the best jokes about Google?
33. What are some of the best jokes about Apple?
34. What are some jokes involving elevators?
35. What are some jokes that are funny on many levels?

36. What are some profound atheist jokes?
37. What are some good math jokes?
38. What are some good programming jokes?
39. What are some good Internet Explorer jokes?
40. What are some good jokes about computer networks?

41. What are some good jokes about religion?
42. What are some good jokes on gamers?
43. What are some good jokes on BSNL?
44. What are some good jokes?

Funny/Collapsed/Joke answers

45. What are some characteristics of 'computer science people'?
46. I truly want to become like Romeo (from the Shakespearean play about a great love story). What should I do?
47. What is the scariest book ever written?
48. What do hipsters eat?
49. Why do so many people outside of Manhattan not wear suits and ties to work?
50. Do spirits exist in reality?

51. Can I beat Twitter if I start a micro-blogging service with a 14 character limit?
52. When people lose their keys, where should they look? What are some places where people frequently misplace their keys?
53. How did bacon emerge as part of hipster, SF Mission, and Internet culture?
54. Is it possible to score 99.5+ percentile on the CAT and not get selected for IIM – A?
55. Why are most hipsters so skinny?

56. How do you handle having 10 real boyfriends?
57. How do we know that we're not living in a computer simulation?
58. Should Quora pivot and add some dating site features?
59. How does one describe "nothing"?
60. How do you become a more verbose writer?

61. What are some good things for me to do if I could do anything?
62. Why do so many people on Quora take dating amongst other Quora members so seriously?
63. What happens when a question is deleted?
64. Which Facebook employees will resign in protest of Facebook's approach to privacy?
65. Will Yishan Wong be working at Quora within the calendar year (2010-2011)?

66. Which metrics does the Quora team focus on the most internally?
67. As a software engineer, when have you felt that the lack of a graduate degree held you back, and why?
68. Does what happens in Las Vegas really stay in Las Vegas?
69. How do I find a "culinary cofounder" for an innovative, food-based San Francisco startup?
70. Why is Shawshank Redemption rated the highest on IMDB?
71. What answers on Quora have the largest number of upvotes while being collapsed?


72. What are the best Computer Science memes that you have ever come across?
73. What are the best 2014 memes?
74. What were the best memes of 2013?
75. What are the best memes of 2012?
76. What are the best memes on internships?

77. What are the best memes on selfies?
78. What is the most hilarious meme or cartoon you have come across?
79. What are the funniest 'true story' memes?
80. What are the best "binders full of women" memes?
81. What are the best 'totally worth it' memes
82. What are the best "like a boss" memes?
83. What are the best memes about women?
84. What are the funniest High Expectations Asian Father meme images?

85. What are the funniest grumpy cat memes?
86. What are some good memes about America?
87. What are some good Yoda memes?
88. What are some good "happiness is" memes?
89. What are some quintessential Asian memes?
90. What are some quintessential engineering memes?

91. What are some of the quintessential Hollywood memes?
92. What are some funny Joker memes?
93. What are some funny Engineering memes or quotes?
94. What are some of the best memes on break-ups?
95.What are some of the best Cricket memes?

96. What are some of the best "one does not simply" memes?
97. What are some of the best 'RIP, English' memes?
98. What are some of the best "friendzoned" memes?
99. What are some of the best 'Forever Alone' memes?
100. What are some of the funniest batman memes?
101. What are a few of the best Jennifer Lawrence memes?
102. What memes made you smile today?
103. What is the best meme on exams/finals?
104. What is the best meme on engineering?
105. What are some of the funniest Congress Party memes?
106. What are some funny memes about Mumbai?
107. What are some of the best Alok Nath memes/jokes?
108. What are some funny Rich Delhi Boy memes?
109. What are some quintessential Indian memes?
110. What are some quintessential Bollywood memes?

111.What are some quintessential Chennai memes?
112. What are the best memes on Indian guys?
113. What are the best memes on Indian girls?
114. What are the best memes that troll the Indian parents?
115. What are the best Aam Aadmi Party memes?
116. What are some of the best Arvind Kejriwal jokes and memes?
117. What are some good Virat Kohli memes/jokes?
118. What are some good IIT memes?
119. What are some jokes /memes on Narendra Modi?
120. What are the funniest memes and jokes about Bengaluru?
121. What are the funniest Bollywood memes?


  • Statistics by Stormy Shippy- Real name, really!

1. Which Top Writer has the highest median votes per answer?
2. What Top Writer has the highest number of answers?

3. Would it be interesting if you could see who has given you the most upvotes on Quora? Why or why not?
4. What does the Stormy Shippy upvote flower look like for various Quora users?

5. What is the combined answer length for the most active Quora answerers?
6. What Quora users have the most 40+ upvote answers?

7. What Quora users have the most 20+ upvote answers?
8. Which Quora users upvote the most answers?

9. Voting Patterns by Stormy Shippy on Posts
10. Quora Community Circle by Stormy Shippy on Posts

11. What Top Writer has the lowest number of answers?
12. What Quora users have answered the most 'Ask to Answer' questions?

13. Fun with Gender Stereotypes. by Stormy Shippy on Posts
14. A Connected Quora by Stormy Shippy on Posts

15. Who has the most mentions on Quora?
16. What Quora users have posted the highest number of answers?

I love Quora. Yes, I do!

What are some of the best answers on Quora?


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