Who are some unsung heroes of India?

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Answer by Koushik Venkatasubramanian:

Take a good hard look at this photo.

I am pretty sure even the most educated of Indians wouldn't recognize him. And yet they may owe their life to him. In fact their fathers and mothers may owe their life to his seminal research.

Dr. Surajit Kumar De Datta. In 1968, as a young agronomist at the International Rice Research Institute, Dr. Datta published his findings that a semi-dwarf variety of rice, known as IR-8, could produce 10 times the yield of traditional rice. To put it simply, he is a scientist studying rice-production systems to help solve the problem of world hunger.

He is considered one of the architects of the "Green Revolution in Rice". While most of his work has been outside of India, primarily in the Philippines and later at Virginia Tech in the US, he has had a global reach through projects. He served as the principal investigator and administrator for global projects in 44 countries with an emphasis on promoting economic development, food security, sustainable natural-resource management, and gender equity.

His many national and international awards include a Presidential Citation Award for his advancement of food security.

And know what the worst part is?

Man doesn't have a Wikipedia page. Seriously. If anything, among other things, to me he deserves a Bharat Ratna.


(1) S.K. De Datta announces retirement
(2) OIRED | Virginia Tech

EDIT: A Wikipedia entry has now been added for Dr. Surajit Kumar De Datta by one of the Quorans!

Who are some unsung heroes of India?


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