What are the reasons for not believing in the theory of evolution?

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Answer by Matt Wartell:

In answer to the specific example you gave about birds (which appears to have been drawn from Top Ten Scientific Facts Proving Charles Darwin's Theory of Evolution Is Wrong, False, and Impossible.) it's not just wrong, it is specifically ignorant of how natural selection works and the time-scale involved.

A proto-wing can be a huge advantage over nothing; for example a wing stub allows you to fall from a slightly higher point and survive. Even domestic chickens with their nearly useless (though fully-formed) wings can get a quick defensive mini-flight that is certainly more useful than not.

Similarly, it has been amply demonstrated that any light sensor is vastly more helpful than none at all: Evolution of the Eye and everything from a scallop's "almost no eye at all" to the finely honed eye of the owl confer some advantage. If you had to choose between 5% of your current vision and none at all, which would you pick?

It would be nice if people so keen on finding reasons to dismiss evolution for ideological reasons would spend a small amount of time understanding what they are criticizing instead of repeating the same flawed arguments over and over. Evolution is quite simple and elegant, but that doesn't mean it should be intuitively self-evident.

What are the reasons for not believing in the theory of evolution?


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