What are the reasons for not believing in the theory of evolution?

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Answer by Glenn Anderson:

Your presented argument about wings shows a standard misunderstanding of how evolution works. I agree that your story sounds silly, and a wing would never evolve that way. But you act as if your story is the only possibility. Look at it this way. If a population is in an environment, say arboreal, where distance of leaping has a survival advantage, then any variation that increases lift, will result in a greater benefit. So, wings develop by incremental changes that improve lift. What good is half a wing? Ask this guy:

To address the first part of your question, there are no arguments that present a compelling case against evolution. They are all similar to this one, full of misconceptions about how evolution works.

There is a reason that scientists take for granted that evolution is true. It is because it has withstood 150 years of constant scrutiny and testing. And it is a useful, practical way of making sense of the living world. Evolution is the central, unifying paradigm of biology. Naive arguments like the one presented above do not change this fact.

The motivation behind creationism, in all its forms, is religious. They are never scientific.

What are the reasons for not believing in the theory of evolution?


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