What are the reasons for not believing in the theory of evolution?

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Answer by Jim Ryan:

There are big reasons for not accepting the theory of evolution, but  no scientific ones. 

The most common reason people don't accept the science on evolution is that they are contemporary fundamentalists. Usually this means they're Evangelical  Christians living in the United States but they may also be Muslims living in the Middle East or Jews living in the United States or Israel. Wherever they are and whatever creed they profess, they share one core belief:
That their sect's interpretation of Abrahamic scriptures is more real and authoritative than reality itself.

How does that work? Sort of like this bit of age-old office humor:

Fundamentalists treat scientific challenges to scripture in just this way. Heck, they treat the challenges posed by contemporary biblical scholarship this way too!

This is particularly true of  American Christians who go in for Dispensationalism, a philosophy that assumes traditional English translations of biblical texts are as authoritative as the original texts themselves and argues that these texts can best be understood by using modern interpretations of their meanings, without paying any attention to he historical context in which they were written. Interpreting old scriptures this way is supposed to give the believer a key to predicting the future. To the Dispensationalist, this approach to interpreting scripture in light of the natural world is not only scientific, it's more scientific than science.

That's why arguing science with them never works, but challenging the premise of Dispensationalism makes them sputter and ultimately fall silent.

What are the reasons for not believing in the theory of evolution?


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