What are the reasons for not believing in the theory of evolution?

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Answer by Dorin Lazăr:

The theory of evolution is probably wrong, in the same manner that the theory of relativity is wrong: better than the previous theories, but probably a bit worse than the theory that evolves (see what I did there?) from them.

While the principle of the theory of evolution withstands the test of time, certainly the demonstration used by Darwin is incomplete, and was challenged many times. This is what science does: it challenges existing status-quo to better understand nature and the truth about the world.

When scientists become political, however, they may very well falsify proof – knowingly or unknowingly. Some have done that, and the search for missing link found many false claims and falsified proof, because everyone wanted to be the one in the spotlight for proving the existence of the 'missing link'. This might happen, but solid scientific process will discard that sooner or later. However, I fear that in the case that you describe this didn't happen guiding myself also on Glenn Anderson's answer.

On the other hand, creationism is complete bollocks and is entirely built on scientists falsifying proof or not proving anything whatsoever. Creationism is full of people 'stating' stuff, not proving stuff. Creationism is the equivalent of taking the script from an episode of X-Files and proving (based on that) that aliens exist: the people that wrote that script were some underpaid drunk writers (or maybe sober, but definitely caffeinated).

I can find proof for anything, even for paradoxes. I can prove you that 2+2 equals 10, and indeed it does (base 4 is built like that). So, you know, I can make up anything and prove it too; all I need is some statements to base on and some good old fallacies I would kill for if anyone would tried to prove me wrong. You know, sometimes death threats do fill in the scientific gaps of any theory.

What are the reasons for not believing in the theory of evolution?


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