Has India’s diplomacy boosted up after Modi has become the PM?


Answer by Harshit Ladva:

"We cannot change our neighbours , we can change our friends."

          ~ Rajnath Singh (Minister of Home Affairs) , SAARC meet 2014.

Yes , India's diplomacy and foreign ties have been significantly boosted after Modi bacame the PM of India.

HOW and WHY ? (Modi's new Panchsheel)

  • He reflected people's aspirations by putting domestic economic development at top of India's foreign policy.
  • Revitalizing ties with neighbor's will go a long way if India aims at becoming a superpower. India needs to play the role of Big Brother of South Asia.
  • He connected with political masses of countries like Nepal , Bangladesh and Afghanistan. This helps us in infrastructure outsourcing like hydroelectricity projects. This also creates foreign export market for Indian products.
  • Combining political firmness with economic flexibility helps in dealing with adversaries like China and Pakistan.
  • He understood the importance of engaging with all the superpowers without any inhibitions. Thus India now benefits from Japan, Russia, USA , Germany, Denmark etc.
  • India has now discarded diffidence and made a strong political case for international relations at home and is willing to talk about sensitive issues like Intellectual Property Rights , Climate change and deadlock in global governance.

And when was the last time you saw an Indian rocking the Madison Square ?

Thanks for A2A , anonymous ! Hope I justified !

Has India's diplomacy boosted up after Modi has become the PM?


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