Preparation Guidelines: How to Make Notes?

Preparation Guidelines: How to Make Notes?

How to Become an IAS : A Strategy

Notes are to be made from the perspective that they can reduce the time required to read a subject by considerable amount, they can help put knowledge on paper in a format that makes it easy to recall later, and they can be revised in the last month.

So just as the objective of reading as I had detailed in my earlier post was information extraction; the objective of making notes involves focus on making them revisable and helping one recall.

Thus keep the following points in mind while making notes:

  1. Revisable notes are easy to read thus the focus should be on legibility and use of simple words.
  2. Revisable notes should be time-saving thus they should be concise and as briefly written as possible. Only then will you actually read them again.
  3. Notes should help one recall the stored knowledge in our memory. The recall process should start just as one reads a…

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