Preparation Guidelines: How to Write an Answer?

Preparation Guidelines: How to Write an Answer?

How to Become an IAS : A Strategy

Answer-writing is a very important aspect of scoring in the examination because it is the display of our year-long hard work. Ultimately the judgement of our knowledge and abilities would be based on our answers and they best reflect our thought process.
Our work is to make the work of the examiner easy. It should become easy for the examiner to read our answers and easier to give us marks. I have detailed some points that can be considered while answer-writing which basically show how best to present your knowledge.

Writing an answer should be based on the following points:


Specificity is how precise the answer is in catering to the requirement of the question i.e. did the examiner get what he was looking for in the answer? This can be ensured by focussing on the demand of the question and on writing with brevity.

On reading a question…

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