What are the aids to writing an answer in UPSC Mains?

What-are-the-aids-to-writing-an-answer-in-UPSC-Mains -2

Answer by Priyanka Peeramsetty:

Let's admit it's nothing short of a "writing race".

I have been writing for quite a while, and inherently have a very good speed which is also legible. Thanks to graphology 🙂 So, I thought this would be a cake-walk with enough solid content in my head.

I just tried a mock yesterday. Trust me, realization dawned upon me. Let me share that with you.

  • 7 minutes per question is what you think you have. In reality it's less than 5.5 minutes. Which includes the invigilator making you sign on random attendance sheets, you reading the question, reading it RIGHT, adjusting the sheets, turn the papers, Focus at writing, ignoring the neighbor's snorting remarks.
  • Once you take up a question, your brain remains blank for 30 seconds or so. You have to trust your guts and proceed. This comes only with good preparation. Else, your answer becomes another Quora edit/ Blogpost.
  • Tables, Diagrams, graphs, mind maps are all luxury my dear. You won't realize how the last 10 minutes have passed while you are still quoting the body of 1st question. But nevertheless, they WILL bring you extra marks. I use them, rest upto you.
  • Synonyms while preparing is what I can't endorse somehow. That makes your answer monotonous at the risk of losing relevance to what is being asked. Use your intuition. Write.
  • Be specific. No beating around the bush. Be nothing short of a laser. Go.
  • Rosy introductions to 2-3 questions will cost you attempting atleast 5 questions. Beware.
  • Practice answer writing a lot. I got 1.5 gel pens consumed yesterday. Imagine my thumb-index finger pair. And in the mains exam you have to write twice like that in one day. Face it.
  • Choose your dragon. Like the dragon warrior. Or it might choose you as well. The PEN. Befriend it. Love it. Marry it. That ink keeps me inspired through out the test 🙂

Will append my latest revelations as well. Hope it helped Harshit Ladva !

A2A !

What are the aids to writing an answer in UPSC Mains?


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