What are your views on Modi’s labour reforms like ‘unified labour portal’ and ‘universal account number’?


Answer by Charudutt Rathod:

UAN stands for Universal Account Number. The UAN is issued by Ministry of Labour & Employment, Government of India. This number will act as an identity for multiple member IDs allotted to an employee by different establishments. This would be one more addition to all other numbers one may already have! The idea behind coming up with one more number is to link multiple identification numbers allotted by many employers to an individual under a single Universal Account Number (UAN). To explain it better, let me quote the example of multiple PF account numbers provided by various employers to an individual during the employment tenure. Every time an individual quits the employment with one organization and joins another, a new PF is assigned. With this UAN, an individual can link all the previous EPFO accounts and ensure a smoother transfer/withdrawal of PF amounts as needed. If a member is already allotted UAN, then he/she is required to provide the same on joining new establishment to enable the employer to in-turn mark the new allotted Member Identification Number (Member Id) to the already allotted UAN.

How do I get my UAN? Initially UAN is allocated only to an employee who is in active service with an employer between 01-Jan-2014 and 30-Jun-2014. This newly generated UAN for an employee is communicated to employers alone and will not be directly available/communicated to an individual by the Ministry of Labour & Employment. Employees should contact their respective employer to obtain UAN.

Since this UAN is being put into effect in a phased manner, there will be some delays for sure in getting all the previous accounts linked. To know if you have been assigned with a UAN, follow this link –> uanmembers.epfoservices.in/check_uan_status.php and provide your current PF number.If you have been assigned a UAN, you get the confirmation message of ‘Your UAN is allotted, kindly get your UAN No. from your employer.’ Upon getting the UAN, an individual is required to complete some more verification by submitting an existing photo and address identity proof to have it activated for future use.

While registering for UAN, note of the following:

• Obtain UAN from your employer alongwith your member ID.
• Your mobile number would be required to activate registration.
• Given mobile number can be used for one UAN registration only.
• You can view the passbooks of the EPF accounts tagged with UAN.

What are your views on Modi's labour reforms like 'unified labour portal' and 'universal account number'?


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