How can I study longer and with more focus?

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Answer by Balaji Viswanathan:

Cut out sources of distraction. For me, I have weaned away from smartphones and have gone back to dumb phones. I have realized that between my phone and I, only one of us could be smart ;-). Phones are useful for urgent communication, but smartphones also make us ADHD with constant notifications. The same for Facebook and Twitter. They force us to be on "realtime" and hinder with our thought process that requires careful deliberation & assimilation of new content. So, quit them. Quora is the only social network I actively use now. At Quora there is a strong incentive to go for the long form writing.

Avoid the temptation of opening emails more than twice a day. Also, take a break constantly. Human mind wanders off in about 40 minutes of intense mind work.

Take it in steps. Try to concentrate for 10 minutes at a stretch and keep increasing it.

Focus on interesting topics. If you find too hard concentrating, maybe that is not where your passion and interest lies. Of course, there are times when we have to read things that are not merely interesting.

Find quieter places to study. When we were studying NP-Completeness in gradschool (among the hardest courses I have ever had), my study partner and I would find various nook & corner of the university to study without being disturbed by any of our friends. Allocate specific blocks of time in the day, where you will disconnect from rest of the world.

How can I study longer and with more focus?


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