How can I prepare for interviews in any big software company like Google, Facebook, Amazon, Microsoft, DE Shaw, Salesforce, Flipkart, Exp…

coding how to get into big IT software GIANTS …. facebook google deshaw microsoft

Answer by Ayush Jain:

First of all, thanks for A2A.

Do this Page on This site is very good if you want to prepare for any big company.

Many many good links for interview preparations are given below except the links from GeeksforGeeks.

If you want to practice Coding do this pdf by Ashay Raut religiously (Page on I followed it religiously.

For HR Rounds, they will test your analytical skills and how you approach towards a very unique question. Refer this link for preparing for HR rounds :…#

Now, coming to the hardest part, logical aptitude and puzzles. Refer these links below. Don't waste too much time here. 3-5 questions a day is enough:
What are the standard puzzles asked in programming interviews?
Interview Questions, C, C++, Algorithms, Problem Solving, Logic, Puzzles, Technical Videos
Puzzles Interview Questions And Answers
Analytical Puzzles – Very Difficult

Several other technical question links for interview preparations which I referred. They are very important:
How do you set, clear and toggle a single bit in C/C++?
An important question(asked to me in Amazon-3rd round), so 3 links
What really happens when you navigate to a URL
What exactly happens when you browse a website in your browser?
What happens when you type a URL in browser
How Garbage Collection works in Java
Determine Page Table size for Virtual Memory
Aneesh Dogra's Blog
Heap Sort
How to divide a network into eleven subnets
Calculating Page Table Size
Page on
Online CS Modules: Processes
No Virtual constructors but virtual destructor
Page on
merge n coins with minimum cost to create one single coin
DBMS Normalization
Interview Questions, C, C++, Algorithms, Problem Solving, Logic, Puzzles, Technical Videos

Favourite technical question of interviewers. See the beauty behind O(nlogn) solution. The same question is given on GeeksforGeeks but that is not good compared to the solution provided here:
How to determine the longest increasing subsequence using dynamic programming?

This was asked to me in Amazon and D.E.Shaw both : Find nth highest salary
Why String is immutable or final in Java

Best resource for OS but do this if you want to revise and have read Galvin recently, don't start things directly from these, it is very big but it is the best there is. : Download Advanced Linux Programming
Do read about 'Zombie Processes' and 'Orphan Processes'.
Do the book Operating System Concepts by Galvin.

Best resource for Networks is the book by Kurose Ross.

For SQL, There is an android app named 'SQL Reference'. Install it in your smart phones. You will master in SQL in about 2 hours.


An additional advice: Don't use "don't". Suppose they ask you, "Are you good in C++?". Saying I don't know C++ is bad but saying I am a beginner (or an intermediate) in C++ will provide a positive impact.

The toughest question is "What is your dream company?"
This is a tricky one. Suppose you are giving interview for company X, then don't say that my dream company is X, the interviewer might think that you are being dishonest. Now, also don't say that my dream company is Y, where Y is better than X because in this case the interviewer might think that you will leave his company X if you get a job at company Y.
For example, you are giving interview for Microsoft, then don't say my dream company is Microsoft(Case 1) and don't say that my dream company is Google or Apple(Case 2) as Google/Apple is better than Microsoft. My answer would have been my dream company is 'Rockstar Games' because I love playing 'Grand Theft Auto' and I would really like to work in developing Grand Theft Auto. Now after hearing this, the interviewer will definitely think that you are being honest as you have admitted that you love playing games and it is difficult(nearly impossible) for Indians to get a job at Rockstar Games so there is no chance for you to leave Microsoft if he hires you. Now, start thinking about your dream companies as this question plays a key role in your selection and rejection.

Improving your CV
I read Prasoon Mishra's advice while making my CV. You can see it here ([] Google, Facebook, Amazon, Walmart & PocketGems, All Fighting For Prasoon Mishra – GeeksforGeeks) and if you want to refer his CV, it is available here (Page on

Famous Java Interview Questions (Lost the original link, I had to take the pics of my notes,see the google-drive link below)
Java Interview Questions

Dynamic Programming: GeeksforGeeks is the best and one more link for video lectures of DP is this :…

I was a big StackOverflow fan so I used to spend a lot of my time there and it helped me greatly. I think you should also do so. Roam around the top voted questions and try to read all the answers there, you will learn many new things from each new answer.
This is the link to my StackOverflow profile for your reference : User Jerky

All the best for your preparations.
The path to any big company is difficult but you will feel it very easy at the time of your interviews if you do the above things.
Code Well and Code Smart and again all the best. 🙂

P.S. Keep checking for edits regularly and let me know if any of the above link is not working and you can also recommend some links in the comments if you feel like.

EDIT: I got many messages regarding the number/name of companies in which I sat and number of rejections I faced so I've answered it here in detail: Ayush Jain's answer to What are some of the most memorable interview experiences you have come across?

How can I prepare for interviews in any big software company like Google, Facebook, Amazon, Microsoft, DE Shaw, Salesforce, Flipkart, Exp…


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