What do you think about Modi’s visit to Siachen to meet soldiers on Diwali?


Answer by Kshitij Salgunan:

First, see these two photos of his Siachen vist. Can't you see the confidence, Can't you see the style? I have almost never seen an Indian leader walking with such style and confidence with helicopter and mountains as background. These two photos give me a feeling that we are in safe hands.

Trust me, I am a politically neutral person.

It is the only time I am able to compare the style and confidence of an Indian prime minister with other international leaders. Even the similar photos shown below of Russian president doesn't match the style,power and confidence in the above photo. [This might be just my feeling, I dont know.]

Now, Lets get to the point,

During diwali, Modi was literally at the top of India. See the map below, Siachin is the north most army base of India. (The other regions which are shown as part of india in all maps like 'Northern areas' and 'Aksai Chin' (shown in this map below) are no longer under the control of India. China even made national highway right through the middle of aksai chin)

The conditions there are extreme,

With temperature below -50 degree Celsius and high wind speed. (as mentioned by Shubham Bansal in his wonderful answer). I appreciate the willpower and courage of these soldiers who stay at the base there. I am sure that love for their country is the thing which motivates them to keep their lives at stake to hold the flag of their mother nation high. The visit of our prime minister to such a place will give immense motivation and willpower to each and every soldier in our defense forces.

As the cross-firing at border regions from Pakistan is increasing, He wants to keep up the confidence of our armed border forces high.

I believe that photos says more than words, so some more pics,

 A good leader can make a lot of difference. If a soldier knows that the government will back him during worst scenarios, it gives him a sense of security and confidence. But when a soldier is unsure, then he will be left in a confused state.

His visit also gives a message to neighboring countries that India have got a leader who actually cares. And that matters a lot. It can even lead to complete change of defense strategies of other countries with us. Because their defense strategist will definitely know the meaning of the quote below.

And we now have an army of lions led by a lion!

Disclaimer:- I am a politically neutral person who just love his country. This answer is an opinion, so it may vary from person to person.

What do you think about Modi's visit to Siachen to meet soldiers on Diwali?


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