What exactly has Our Prime Minister Narendra Modi done till now?

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Answer by Jignesh Gavale:

Disclaimer: I am just a neutral novice political analyst. I am neither a NaMo fan nor a NaMo hater.

Well, just to mention about the development in Gujarat by Modi- The Gujarat model described on his website would just be enough .

Now, as a Prime Minister, I would like to mention some of the most prominent developments the GoI undertook in their 100+ Days under NaMo's leadership :

1. Minimum Government, Maximum Governance– The current Indian government has just about 23 Cabinet Ministers and 23 Ministers of State. The previous Government had about 71 ministers. Now, that's 35% less than that of UPA. Now each minister has his share of perks and facilities. Imagine the amount of Tax Payers' money being saved by just reducing the government size.

2. A new ministry for skilled development and Entrepreneurs:
As recently said by Modi, 65% of the population is below 35 i.e. the working population. Now if we want to increase employment or create more job seeking opportunities, we need entrepreneurs. Also for the 65% population to work to their full potential, they need skill- development. We can't say what role will actually the ministry play in this but will just have to wait and watch.

3. Strong Message to Pakistan over Terrorism:
India and Pakistan were to conduct a bilateral foreign Secretary level talks in mid-August. However, the constant interference of the Pakistan High commission in the politics of kashmir forced India to call off the talks. Also, the Army posted at Indo-Pak Borders was given the full authority and power to revert to any attack coming their way.( Ceasefire violations).
Mr.Modi also addressed the issue of Terrorism over an international platform like UN.

4. Foreign Investments:
Mr.Modi's recent visit to Japan brought in 35 Billion $ as investment in India over a period of Five years. Also, Japan promised to contribute towards bullet trains in India. The "Make In India" pitch by Modi too gained Momentum in Japan with Japanese manufacturers interested in investing in India.

5. India's Uranium deal with Australia:
Australia is set to sign a Nuclear Power deal with India soon to supply around 500 tonnes of Uranium to India. India's power worries will be eliminated once the deal is signed and implemented with safer nuclear plants providing safer nuclear power.

6. A line of Top executives visiting India over investment.
Many executives like,
1.Satya Nadella (Microsoft)
2. Indra Nooyi( Pepsico)
3.Sheryl Sandberg (Facebook)
4.Jeff Bezos ( Amazon )
5. Mark Zuckerberg ( Facebook )

have visited India and met Modi to discuss further developments about their respective firms and how could they contribute to the development of India in technology as well as other sectors.

7. Modi's " Clean India initiative":
Mr. Modi announced to build toilets for girls in his Independence Day Speech and promote cleanliness in India. Soon, TCS and Bharti pledged Rs. 100 crore each to develop toilets for girls throughout the nation.

8. Make in India campaign:

Mr. Modi's new campaign to encourage International companies to make in India. It will boost the employment scenario and may also make India a pioneer in the manufacturing sector. Also not to forget the amount of International currency it will add to India's economy.

9. Amended Labour Laws:
Mr. Modi recently announced about amendments in the present laws which require at least a month or a two to set up a business. Now , a  particular business can be set up just in a day online. No harassment by the government as of like in the license Raj.

10.Jan Dhan Yojana:  Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojana is an ambitious scheme for comprehensive financial inclusion launched by the Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi on 28 August 2014. He had announced this scheme on his first Independence Day speech on 15 August 2014.

Run by Department of Financial Services, Ministry of Finance, on the inauguration day, 1.5 Crore (15 million) bank accounts were opened under this Page on scheme.by September 2014, 3.02 crore accounts were opened, with around 1500 crore (US$240 million) were deposited under the scheme, which also has an option for opening new bank accounts with zero balance.
Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojana

What exactly has Our Prime Minister Narendra Modi done till now?


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