What exactly has Our Prime Minister Narendra Modi done till now?

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Answer by Arpit Shukla:

I have been living in Gujarat right from my birth. So, I will tell you what he has done as CM. I don't know what he will do as PM so I won't comment on that.
Security: the most effective aspect of his tenure as CM was security. He made the state as safe as bucket. He gave full freedom to cops to deal with law breakers. Others have said it I will say it again, "women in Gujarat roam freely 2 am at night without fear." He made it possible. Gujarat police has the latest "insas" pistol at their disposal while some of the other states are offering desi tamanchaas to their policemen.
Electricity: Gujarat was the first state to have 100% 3-phase electricity in the country. (It is really 100%. Even the farthest village gets 24 hrs electricity there. While our capital  Delhi gets a few hours of power shortages once in a while.)
Roads: I have travelled in Delhi, Mumbai, UP and other 7 states. I can tell you very few roads have the quality of the highways in Gujarat. Leaving apart a few areas of Mumbai and Delhi, the conditions of the roads is very average.
Manufacturing freedom: It is very easy to start manufacturing in Gujarat. Companies have lined up to start their manufacturing units. It has created jobs, infrastructure, economic revenue etc. Very few people know that Japanese PM has been personal friend of Modi for last 6 years. (He follows only 3 people on twitter, one of them is Modi). Ratan Tata got all the clearances for Nano project in one week, which might take about 6 months in some other state.
108 ambulance service: I know it is central government project and it has very little to do with state governments. But, he has applied that scheme so strictly that he made this sceme his own. He pays personal attention to this service and it has benifitted everyone in the state.
Spreading "Gujarati asmeeta": The most important thing, Gujarat was a rich state a long time before Modi came into picture. But, no one used to take gujjus seriously and there was no political representation of Gujaratis in central politics after the demise of Mahatma Gandhi, Sardar Patel and Morarji Desai. He made Gujaratis proud of themselves and their culture and he spread Gujarati asmeeta (Gujarati pride) all over India.

What exactly has Our Prime Minister Narendra Modi done till now?


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