What if China breaks India’s chicken’s neck (Siliguri Corridor) with the help of Bangladesh?


Answer by Shreyas Banthalpad:

This will not happen for multiple reasons:

  • There is no comparison between the armies of India and Bangladesh. Any political/military leader, worth his/her salt, in Bangladesh will understand and respect this fact.
  • Bangladesh is also surrounded on all sides by India (land and the Bay of Bengal). Such military adventurism would cost them dearly.
  • China will never pursue such an aggressive operation, despite what many Indians think. China may aggressively pursue border disputes and what it perceives as border disputes, but this is an entirely different matter. This is not disputed land. It belongs to India and is recognised by China as part of India.
  • The 21st Century is not one where aggressive military expansion can just happen unchecked. China surely understands this. Not only will such military adventurism result in just short term gains (it will be impossible to hold the North East permanently) but these small gains will come with huge consequences internationally.
  • Also such an act cannot be contained locally. There will be a war that will spread all across the Indo-Chinese border and may even become much more widespread. Why would China, it self a developing economy, risk something like this?

Therefore I don't see any possibility of this happening so suddenly and also for no good reason.

But, what if there was a good reason for this to happen? Like a war in which India and China found themselves on opposite sides of the conflict. Breaking of the Siliguri corridor will be one of the very first things that China will attempt. This must of course be stopped at all costs.

The entire North East will be cut off from the mainland. But as mentioned before, I believe this will be temporary. The Indian Army has a massive presence in that region and it will be very difficult for China to hold that thin neck for too long.

It is furthermore very important, during a war, to guard against such a thing even happening. This is because all major trade and supply (both civilian and military) routes from Mainland India to the North East exist via this corridor. Losing that region, however temporarily, must not even be an option.

What if China breaks India's chicken's neck (Siliguri Corridor) with the help of Bangladesh?


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