Why did the US choose Japan and not Germany to nuke?

history : Why-did-the-US-choose-Japan-and-not-Germany-to-nuke -2

Answer by Chris Exnicios:

After the war with Germany was over and they surrendered, the other main enemy of the Untied States, Japan, refused to accept the allies conditions of surrender. As such the war continued to rage on in the Pacific. In an effort to end the war quickly and save both money and lives, they decided to show their power by dropping atomic bombs on Japan until they surrendered. There are 2 main reasons that they chose Japan over Germany, and a 3rd reason can be persumed:

1. The atomic bomb didn't have it's first successful detonation until July 16, 1945. About 3 weeks before they bombed 2 Japanese cities.

2. The war with Germany had already been won on May 8, 1945, before the first successful detonation of the atomic bomb. It wouldn't had made sense to bomb a country that you already have defeated and your troops are now occupying.

3. It can easily be seen that Japan is a more isolated country surrounded by water and islands. As such you likely only have to worry about nuclear fallout affecting other Japanese citizens who you are currently at war with. With Germany, they are near France, Poland, Belgium, and other countries who you are allied with. You would not want to risk harming people who are on your side by dropping an atomic bomb if you would've had one during that time. Also it's safe to say that Germany was completely taken over by the Nazi party. In my opinion I feel as though most German citizens weren't as supportive and were mainly compliant out of fear. As such you have more people who aren't officially on the side of your enemy and supporting their country, so you would likely want to try and prevent any innocent people coming to harm if possible.

Why did the US choose Japan and not Germany to nuke?


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