What are the chances that Ramayan and Mahabharat are just works of fiction?

oooh ramayana n mahabharta fiction ?

Answer by Amit Banerjee:

Ramayana in Real Life

I will share a small analogy and try to connect Ramayana with modern lifestyle.

Ram is taken to the jungle by Vishwamitra, so he can fight and kill the demons in the jungle. Dashratha offers the sage his army but he insists on Ram.

Rama is ordered to kill the female demon, Taraka. Rama denies saying that it is unethical on his part to kill a female. Vishwamitra tells Rama that a criminal is a criminal, do not look at the gender. Kill her.

Next, Rama is ordered to step on a stone and Free Ahalya. She has been given a "Shrap" by her husband for cheating on him and it is Rama who can free this adulteress. Rama says that he cannot do it since he must not get in between a husband and wife.

To this Vishwamitra says that forgiveness is the duty of a king and the king must rescue the woman who has been abandoned by his man and give her another chance.

So you see, the same sage teaches the doer the act of forgiveness ("Udhaar") and the act of offence ("Karma").

Here, Rama is the "Karta", the doer, while Vishwamitra is the Advisor.

Now let us fall back to real example.

Punit is not happy of a junior employee Shyam and orders the HR, Arpita to fire him. Arpita finds it extremely unethical to fire an employee since it is not the correct HR practice. She keeps arguing with him on this but Puneet says that a reluctant employee cannot be part of the enterprise and the HR must fire him to save the enterprise in the long run.

Here Punit is the Vishwamitra, Shyam is the Taraka and Arpita is the Rama. Arpita has to take the call, she is the "Karta"

Later, Punit tells Arpita to groom Raghav, another employee who had recently joined. Arpita finds it extremely difficult to train Raghav, since he has poor communication skills ("Shrap") and  comes from a different industry altogether (someone else's property).

Punit tells Arpita that although Raghav is from a different industry and has poor communication skills, she can overlook it since he is a useful resource. He is serious and has a good track record of delivering solutions. If you train him well, he will be a valuable resource to the enterprise going forward. Arpita goes the extra mile, keeps her calm and trains Raghav.

So see, the same CEO teaches the HR an act of offence (Taraka) and an act of Liberation (Ahalya).

This is Punit's (Vishwamitra) way of training Arpita (Rama), since he knows that Arpita is the Rama, a future king of his organisation.

So as you see, this example is pretty valid and this occurs in our day to day live. Hence, Ramayana and Mahabharata is happening everywhere, if you keep your eyes open and believe.

Everything cannot be measured or "Seen" under an Objective Lens. Change your "Gaze"

Child – Did Rama and Krishna exist?
Mother – Yes

Child – Did Ramayana and Mahabharata really take place?
Mother – Yes

Child – Where? When?
Mother – Everywhere. Always.

Child – I don't believe this. Prove it.
Mother – Look into your mind.

Child – This can't be real.
Mother – Oh really?

Child – How can you be so sure?
Mother – How can be you so unsure?

Child – I am unsure because the events and narratives are unreal in nature.
Mother – What is reality, according to you?

Child – Reality is what I see and believe and what fits into my logic.
Mother – And what doesn't fit into your logic is not reality?

Child – No it is still a reality. For example, I haven't seen the milky way but since scientists have proven that such a thing exists, I believe it.

Mother – Oh, so your belief is driven by someone else's work, theories and observations. My child, listen. There is an acute difference between belief and unconditional submission. Yours is not belief, it is a submission that your mind has been subjected to. You have submitted your mind to science and logic alone and cannot see any far. Your gaze is limited in perspective.

Child – But I still don't believe it. How can someone remain awake for 14 years (Lakhsman)? How can someone give birth to 100 children (Gandhari)? I just cannot believe it, this is all fake.

Mother – What is this I? Who are you? You are a no one. It doesn't matter if you choose to believe it or not, since your belief is just a choice you make. Your choice is driven by your personal emotional state, reality has nothing to do with the choice you are making.

Child – I will prove that all of this is fake.

Mother – You can't.

Child – Can you prove all of this is real?

Mother – No. Its pointless. I am not challenging its existence. You are challenging its existence and hence you have to prove that its fake. And you cannot prove it. Your time is too limited to understand the epic in the first place, let alone question its existence. By the time you read, understand, research and question the existence of these epics…you will start believing in it.

So my child, read the epic first. Realize it. Understand the subjective truth first. You won't question its existence then since you will not worry about whether it was real or fake.

Child – That looks like a lot of work. I don't have the time to read and understand the epic. I will simply choose not to believe it.

Mother – Okay. So be it.

What are the chances that Ramayan and Mahabharat are just works of fiction?


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