Why do so many Indians support Vladimir Putin?

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Answer by Aditya Gore:

Most Indians support Russia because they know how it feels to be bullied by the US.

  1. Indias Nuclear test(pokhranII):
  • When India became a nuclear power(Pokhran-II), the US imposed sanctions on India, though they fizzled out because most countries did not impose them and India's economy wasn't dependent on the US anyway.
  • when Pakistan acquired nuclear weapons sanctions were imposed, but they were a joke.

 2.  Indian Liberation of Goa:

  • It was an action by India's armed forces that ended the rule of Portugal in its exclaves in India in 1961. The armed action, codenamed Operation Vijay by the Indian government, involved air, sea and land strikes for over 36 hours, and was a decisive victory for India, ending 451 years of Portuguese colonial rule in Goa. Surprisingly the US, which now claims to "support the independence of Ukrainians", condemned the liberation of Goa. The US chose to support colonialism over the freedom of the Goans.
  • The head of state of the Soviet Union, Leonid Brezhnev, who was touring India at the time of the war, made several speeches applauding the Indian action. In a farewell message, he urged Indians to ignore Western indignation as it came

"from those who are accustomed to strangle the peoples striving for independence… and from those who enrich themselves from colonialist plunder".

Nikita Khrushchev, the de facto Soviet leader, telegraphed Nehru stating that there was "unanimous acclaim" from every Soviet citizen for "Friendly India". The USSR had earlier vetoed a UN security council resolution condemning the Indian invasion of Goa. The USSR continued to veto anti Indian resolutions passed by the US.

1971 Bangladesh Libration War:

  • When India was in the process of liberating Bangladesh from Pakistan and protecting Bangladeshis from unspeakable atrocities(1971 Bangladesh Genocide), the US asked China and Iran (I wonder where USA's values of freedom and democracy went at that time) to mobilise their army and intimidate India. The US sent an aircraft carrier into the Bay of Bengal and tried to scare India. Russia was the only country that supported us when we were constantly facing US aggression.They sent submarines of their own to deter US. They supplied us with weapons etc.The US did Not intervene in Bangladesh even when Massive attrocities were being committed.

On 16 December 2002, the George Washington University’s National Security Archives published a collection of declassified documents, mostly consisting of communications between US officials working in embassies and USIS centres in Dhaka and in India, and officials in Washington DC. These documents show that US officials working in diplomatic institutions within Bangladesh used the terms 'selective genocide'and 'genocide' (Blood telegram) to describe events they had knowledge of at the time. They also show that President Nixon, advised by Henry Kissinger, decided to downplay this secret internal advice, because he wanted to protect the interests of Pakistan as he was apprehensive of India's friendship with the USSR, and he was seeking a closer relationship with China, who supported Pakistan.
In his book The Trial of Henry Kissinger, Christopher Hitchens elaborates on what he saw as the efforts of Kissinger to subvert the aspirations of independence on the part of the Bengalis. Hitchens not only claims that the term genocide is appropriate to describe the results of the struggle, but also points to the efforts of Henry Kissinger in undermining others who condemned the then ongoing atrocities as being a genocide

How could any country that claims to uphold Human rights support this?


  • The US has supported Pakistan in every conflict its had with us , Russia has always been our strongest Ally.
  • The US has always chosen (and still chooses) Pakistan over India. How can the US even expect to get India to support it over Russia.
  • The US is Unknowingly(or Knowingly) Helping Pakistani sponsored Terrorism on Indian soil, Many Pakistani militants crossing into India from Pakistan have been caught with American weapons. Indian soldiers continue to die at the hands of militants supported financially and militarily by Pakistan, Despite this The US continues to support Pakistan . Does the United States have any moral standing left?

A country that's invaded dozens of countries since its independence has absolutely no right to preach to others . As  Surya Sankar said, its laughable when a country with military bases in every nook and cranny of the world accuses another country of being expansionist.

EDIT: my answer does not suggest that there is an overwhelming support for Russia, many people do not care about what happens outside their country, Also Indians support Russia not necessarily Vladimir Putin.

Why do so many Indians support Vladimir Putin?


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