What are some things that make Indians happy?

lol ho gya ye to ….. :p

Answer by Shashank Mudgal:

9/24/2014: India becomes the first Asian nation to reach Mars, and the first in the world to do so on its first attempt.

9/29/2014: New York Times, publishes a comic by Heng, titled "India's budget mission to Mars". 

The comic depicts a poor Indian farmer in traditional garb, accompanied by a bored-looking cow, eagerly knocking on the door of "Elite Space Club". The two people in the elite space club drinking wine and reading about India's mission in the papers look perturbed and hesitant to open the door. It is also worth noting that the members of the elite space club are male, white, elderly and look wealthy. Whether meant to be funny or ironic, the racial, national and classist stereotyping is apparent.


10/28/2014: An unmanned NASA-contracted rocket explodes in mid-air, only six seconds after its launch. The estimated worth of the project was approximately 200 million dollars.

10/30/2014: Hindustan Times publishes an article describing about the accident with the following picture –


What are some things that make Indians happy?


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