Why doesn’t India have a full scale war with Pakistan and capture it?

IR : Why-doesnt-India-have-a-full-scale-war-with-Pakistan-and-capture-it

Answer by Divya Malika:

1. Soft Power: India always wants to be a soft power. Never forget that both the countries are well equipped with Nuclear weapons. Pakistan is our lovely neighbor with random terrorist attacks, so India wouldn't put her legs into shit unless until someone dragged her forcibly into war. India is in search of Peace and growth. India is an elephant.

2. Growing Economy: India's first priority is that the economy should not be affected in this growing arena. And yes, India is on raise. It cannot afford a war, because the civilians will be the ultimate sufferers. It cannot lose its existing infra. We are not that much jobless to capture pakistan. We have lots of things to think about and to work for.

3. International Relationships: Here we should see the relations with other countries as well. Who is going to kick our ass if we come up with a war to capture pakistan? Definitely US may take a chance to aid pakistan covertly. Though China is in love with India now, it may condemn this. China will not drag himself into a war for silly street fights, this may affect our global oil flows as well in an indirect way.

4. Stabilization and Aid: India has good relationships with most of the global powers. Right now India has not involved in autonomous regions and of course maintaining neutrality in most of the global fights. Few other neighbors received massive help from India to prevail over. Hence no one will directly involve, but everyone will covertly provide aid to India. I'm not going to declare the winner or loser, but definitely about the ultimate sufferers.

5. History: Go through our history. If we really want to capture pakistan, we might not have had partition in 1947. All we wanted to have is Peace and of course we wanted to get rid of religious conflicts in future. We cannot mix well even after capturing it, so it will be a waste of time and money.

6. Geography: Our border states with pakistan will be rotten, India cannot bear this. India is a highly heterogeneous country, this could embolden other separatist (religious) groups all over the nation. So it will become a bigger headache for the whole region.

We can resolve all the disputes with pakistan by innovative and genuine talks. Then why do we need wars?

Thanks for the A2A Siva Kumar!

Why doesn't India have a full scale war with Pakistan and capture it?


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