Why doesn’t India want to ‘internationalise’ the Kashmir issue?

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Answer by Rajeev Ranjan:

It was India who was after UN to settle the issue till 1960's.

Maharaja Hari Singh, the head of Kashmir wanted to be a separate country and India agreed to it. But then Pakistan attacked it, and Maharaja Hari Singh sought India's help. Vallabhbhai Patel, the then Home Minister told Hari Singh how can India fight one neighbour for another.

Maharaja then said that he wants Kashmir to be a part of India, and he signed the accession documents. So Indian Army stepped in and checked the further march of Pakistani Army and tribals, and was to push them back. But by then, Pakistan asked UN to step in and ceasefire was declared which remains the Line of Control till date.

India, initially wanted the Pakistani Army to pull back from PoK and then talk about plebiscite so it kept on bringing up the issue in international forum. But by virtue of importance of its geographical location, and cold war it had USA's tacit support, so it never happened.

And then in 1971 war between India and Pakistan, 90,000 of Pakistani army men had surrendered to India. And Shimla agreement to secure the release of Pakistani army men, whereby Pakistan wanted that "Both countries will 'settle their differences by peaceful means through bilateral negotiations', and since then India has stopped making it an international issue. While a befitting thing would have been to keep the recaptured part which originally and rightfully belonged to India.

As of now going back to 1947 scenario of Kashmir is not possible, which Pakistanis fail to see. China wouldn't return the part of Kashmir which Pakistan gifted to it. Hindu population has been driven away from both sides of PoK. So Pakistan is just playing around while it knows not much can be done. A nation found on theocratic values has outlived its utility.

So much for the statesmanship of Indira Gandhi that few years later onwards, Pakistan started singing a different tune!

Why doesn't India want to 'internationalise' the Kashmir issue?


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